The Agony & the Ecstasy of Re-sealable Bags

Do you know what the worst, good idea that makes a ton of money is? This:


The re-sealable bag. They have those little plastic tracks along the top of bags that are supposed to close by squeezing them together with your fingers and they’re supposed to open by simply pulling the two sides apart.

An excellent invention, really. No twist ties, no fold over bags that don’t seal in freshness – just a simple, self-contained, disposable air-tight container perfect for sandwiches, frozen vegetables, fresh vegetables, kitty litter, coffee — anything.

Brilliant, except — and maybe this is just me — they don’t work. Such a neat, simple concept that ought to work really well. But it doesn’t. But that doesn’t seem to stop everybody from using it; which I find really strange. So maybe I AM the only one in the world who is resealably-challenged.

I think Glad or some sandwich bag company invented them way back in the 1960s and now the patent has run out and everyone is free to put stuff in resealable bags. I wish they’d stop.

First of all,  I never know where to cut the top of the bag off. If I cut too far from the resealble part, the whole bag is still sealed with the glue part.  If I cut too close to the resealable part, then I have nothing to hang on to when I try to pry the resealable thing apart. Sometimes I even cut right through the resealable part.

If I do manage to make an okay cut, then I can’t open the resealable thing.  It won’t pull apart. I pull on one side, I pull on the other side, I pull in the middle. It doesn’t open. I usually end up ripping the bag.

Some of them are already open. But then I can’t close them. I push. I squeeze. I yell. I take a deep breath and then run my fingers gently, lovingly across the top of the bag feeling the plastic tracks connect and then…then… voila! It’s still open.

I hate these things. They’re horrible. They are the bane of my existence. Yes, I said “bane”.  And absolutely everything seems to come in resealable bags.  Everything that comes in a bag, comes in a resealable bag. I’d gotten to the point where I was seriously thinking of never buying anything in a bag again. That would have cut my grocery bill in half. 

But then I discovered …


Chip clips! They’re not just for chips anymore. No sirree. I use them for everything now — especially resealable bags. See?


This is my freezer full of stuff in resealable bags, sealed with chip clips.

I can get a big bag full of chip clips in a variety of sizes and colours at the dollar store for only a dollar! Sometimes I can even find them at the 99 cent store for 99 cents! What a bargain. They’re a snap to open and close; they do a jim-dandy job of sealing in freshness; and, they are quite decorative, as you can see.

So, screw you resealable bags!



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