Keepers, Weepers & Creepers

Yet another one of the perks of being a pedestrian is finding stuff. I’ve found money and purses, wallets, MP3 players, backpacks, jewelry, pets. Once, when I lived in Toronto I found then-Mayor (later Cabinet Minister and current Senator) Art Eggleton’s  passport, ID and completed passport application/fee all in a nice envelope.

I’ve also mentioned before how I have a knack for finding engagement rings. Here’s my collection so far.rings

I don’t often lose things, but once I lost my ID between flights. You know how you have your hands full with your carry-on and your bag of food/reading material/iPod/etc. and your purse and your boarding pass and your photo ID? Well, I very cleverly wore pants with really big pockets, so I could stash stuff in them ready to be whipped out at a moment’s notice. Leg one of the journey it worked like a charm and I moved through the boarding ritual like that (I’m snapping my fingers – see photo above for visual aid). Leg two of the journey, my ID (driver’s license) was nowhere to be found. They felt sorry for me and let me board anyway – probably because I’d just gotten off another plane seconds before and it was just a domestic flight.

Anyway I ordered a new license. The day it arrived (like 6 weeks later) I got a call from the airline saying they’d found my license. Now I’m less clever and do like the old folks and wait until I get right to the front of the line and only then take out my bag and start rummaging through it for my boarding pass and ID. Then I put everything back very carefully before moving on. Those old folks know everything.

So, in last week’s MetroNews  the “In Transit” column talked about OC Transpo’s Lost & Found. This is absolutely the coolest thing (actually, the only cool thing) about OC Transpo. Because, the lost and found is run by volunteers from a 15-member charitable community called Heartwood House.

Heartwood House processes the approximately 200 items lost every day on buses and O-trains. The items never claimed (65%) are sold off twice a year at bargain prices. The next sale is October 31st, 12:00 – 2:00 at Heartwood House. A silent auction is held for the more valuable items. You should go!

That’s the feel-good part of the story.

The not so feel-good part of this column tells the sad tale of a tourist from Vancouver who lost his camera on the bus on his way in from the airport. He was devastated because the camera contained months’ worth of photos of his travels and grandkids. So he put an ad online hoping someone had found it. Someone had! Finder Dude gets in touch with Vancouver Tourist and tells him he’ll be happy to send him back the memory card that contains his valuable photos, but he’s keeping the camera.

Who does that?