To Wed or To Bed?

Okay, speaking of rich people, I’m reading a novel that takes place in Florence, Italy. There are a lot of rich people in it and they all have mistresses and whatever the male equivalent of that is. (Manstress? Kept Man? Bimboy?)

I’m making it sound like a hokey book, but it’s really not – the mistress part is very incidental – just local colour/background to the main story.

Nevertheless, as I’m reading, I’m wondering if it would be better to be the… let’s call it “consort” to cover both male and female sexual partners who are not one’s spouse but who are financially indulged…..

So, would it be better to be the consort of a rich person or the spouse of a rich person? Let’s say for the sake of argument that you have no money of your own in either case.

The following table will outline the pros and cons of each as I see it.




  Has legitimacy (social & legal) Looks/feels like a fool for constantly being betrayed
  Full access to the cash Totally dependant on spouse
  A real home, family & extended family Has no control over his/her own life
  Number one choice to attend all the important functions Always in the public eye
  Gets the insurance if spouse dies May end up with nothing if there’s a pre-nup and spouse decides to divorce



  Freedom -no commitment Risk of falling in love with rich scumbag who will never leave their spouse
  Tidy little income Out in the cold if something happens to the lover or if lover decides to move on
  Only needs to deal with sugar daddy/mamma on an occasional basis Can’t conduct real relationship with anyone else
  Knows exactly what the score is Lots of lonely holidays
  Free to conduct personal life, have a career, when not with lover At someone’s beck and call all the time in exchange for a nice condo, cash, exotic trips & fabulous gifts

***** Some of you who might have experience on any one of the sides of this quadrangle, might have some other important insights to share. They would be much appreciated.

Which do you think would be best and why? (Note: Rich Person is not one of the options).

Have a great weekend!