Weigh Cool

So we’ve discussed the clothes and the hair and the underwear, but what about the “you” under all that glitz and glamour?

We’ve all just spent several months filling our summer selves with summertime goodness like barbeques and ice creamy treats and patio food and festival food and vacation food and beer and other cool refreshing beverages. And, all the while we’ve been lounging around because it’s summer and it’s too hot to do anything too strenuous, right?

Now, maybe the shorts are starting to feel a bit snug and we’re dusting off the fall gear which also seems to have shrunk a bit. We have about 3 months to get back in shape before the winter glut-fest begins. What to do? What to do?

For me it’s always tough to keep the pounds from creeping on in the summer. When it’s cold and the snow is up to my goo-gaw, I burn a million calories just walking to work. But in summer — there’s so much good stuff to eat (and drink) and not enough time or inclination in between to work it off.

Unless you’re like Zoom and manage to find yourself a brand new honey to keep you fit with that first bloom of lust thing and consequently have your pants falling off you by now. (Notice how she hasn’t mentioned any foolishness about getting up at 5:00 to go to the gym lately??)

Those of us with more sporadic bedtime adventures need to find other ways to maintain our optimum fitness levels. Especially, as we sink deeper and deeper into middle age when one good meal puts on five pounds that will take two months to work off.

Fortunately, the Urban Animal’s running discussions lately are so filled with the essence of runner’s high, that they made me long to get back out there and run myself.  I’ve always loved to run, especially in the early morning when the sun’s just coming up and it’s only you, the newspaper guys and a few dog walkers out there. I stopped a while back, though because it was starting to affect my knees.

Then, a month or so ago, I was passing by a sports shop and they had my favorite runners on for half price, so I figured it was kismet. So, I’ve been out there fairly regularly loping along. The knees are okay so far.

As an added bonus Ottawa has suddenly been overwhelmed with fresh-from-the-orchard/field local produce. So I’m all about the fruit and the salad vegetables lately.

If I can keep it up I think I’m going to be okay while still enjoying the last of the waning barbeque/patio/festival/beer-and-other-cool-refreshing-beverages season.

What do you do to stay fit? How do you keep the middle-age spread from spreading too far?