5 Questions

This “cooperative blogging thingy”[1] comes via Nat. It’s kind of a fun interview exercise because fellow bloggers can email you asking to join in and then you have to email them back 5 interview questions – things you’d like to know specifically about them. Then they answer the questions on their blog and invite other bloggers to join in which means they have to come up with 5 questions for those bloggers. Get it? (Complete instructions are at the end of this post).

So anyway, Nat emailed me the following 5 questions to answer.

Q1: You did something that completely baffles me. You left Halifax and moved to Ottawa. All my life, I’ve been trying to leave Ottawa to move to Halifax. Aren’t you going in the wrong direction?

A1: No! I’m originally from southern Ontario and just lived in Halifax for 9 years. Halifax is a great place to visit. Halifax is even a great place to live for a few years. But, unless you’re from there and have generations of roots there, I would advise against trying to live there permanently. But that’s just my opinion. This is really a question that deserves a long conversation over wine, not something I can explain in a few sentences.

Q2: What’s the single oddest thing about Ottawa?

A2: Oh boy. This is tough because there are a few odd things about Ottawa.  Number One would be how Larry O’Brien ever got elected mayor. I find this baffling. Also, I’m always surprised at how spread out this city is. It’s all over the place.  Not just a collection of communities – which is what one would expect – but just everything.  With a collection of communities you would expect to be able to conduct your day-to-day business within your community. But in Ottawa you can’t do that in most communities because the communities aren’t complete.  You might have a grocery store, but you have to go to another community for a post office and another one yet for a good restaurant and somewhere else completely for a natural food store. The entertainment/sports/arts venues, which you would expect to be centrally located are all over the place, too.  This city demands that all its citizens own vehicles. This has really been brought home to me during this transit strike. I don’t think this is a good thing for any city.

Q3: Why aren’t you an urban pedestrian anymore?

A3: A full explanation for this can be found on my “About” page (see tab above)

Q4: What is the single best?

A4: Nat’s a little scattered, so she didn’t quite finish this question. I will assume she wanted to ask about what I find best about Ottawa. I don’t really know where to start. The bloggers, of course, are the best anywhere. I love skating on the canal. After Halifax, the weather in Ottawa is great. The Centretown/Glebe area is a really nice community with lots of stuff going on, great independent shops, restaurants, pubs, music, art. I want to live there. It’s the most complete community I’ve found in Ottawa.

Q5: I was told as constructive criticism that I’m not as nice as I could be. You strike me as someone who knows how to soften the blows. Do you think nice is over-rated?

A5: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!! Nat’s not only scattered, but also a tad deluded. (You’re so funny, Nat. I have no idea where you got the notion that I would be able to answer a question about niceness. But thanks.) No one has ever called me nice before. I’m on the floor laughing. I can only say that you have to be yourself. Any attempt to fake niceness will only come out as fake niceness and that’s kind of nauseating.


Here are the rules if you want to participate in 5 Questions.

  1. Send me an email saying:  “Interview Me” to urbanpedestrian@gmail.com
  2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
  3. You can then answer the questions on your blog.
  4. You should also post these rules along with an offer to interview anyone else who emails you wanting to be interviewed.
  5. Anyone who asks to be interviewed should be sent 5 questions to answer on their blog. I would be nice if the questions were individualized for each blogger.

[1] NO! It’s not a meme. I don’t do memes.