Leave it to Eddie

One kind of fun thing that happened recently is that XUP Jr. fell madly and passionately in love – the kind of mad, passionate, all-consuming love generally only experienced by teenagers.

Do you remember your teenage love? The one you were so sure you were going to grow old with? The one with whom you planned your future together — a future where anything was possible. The one you shared all your hopes and dreams with. The one you felt so secure with and so sure of? The one who (and I quote XUP Jr.) “makes the whole world seem like such a much better place.”

I was beginning to wonder if she ever would experience this. She’s 18 now and so far, the boyfriends she’s had were all very casual. Here today, gone tomorrow. No big deal.

 But not this one. This one is “it” apparently. The one. No doubts whatsoever. She’s completely besotted with him and he with her. They are going to spend the rest of their lives together, they tell me.

I call him Eddie because he reminds me of Eddie Haskell from Leave it to Beaver– but in a good way. He doesn’t look like Eddie Haskell and as far as I know he isn’t a little creep when adults aren’t around. But he is always very chatty and polite and tries really, really hard to please. Really hard. He desperately wants me to like him. Although, before the election, he did throw caution to the winds and tell me very ernestly:

“I don’t know what your politics are, but I just wanted you to know that I will never vote Conservative. I don’t know if that changes your opinion of me or not, but I thought I should put it out there.”

Then he looked really worried.

Do I  look like a Harperite or something? Sheesh. I was torn between slapping him for thinking I might be a Tory and adopting him on the spot.

Because Eddie would make a good son. When he eats here, not only does he clear his dishes, he clears the whole table, washes the dishes, dries them and puts them away AND tidies up the entire kitchen. Once he even cleaned XUP Jr.’s room while she was in the bathroom having a shower.

I’m sure he would vacuum for me every week if I asked him to — or maybe even if I didn’t ask and the place just  looked like it could do with a bit of a hoovering.

I had to find a YouTube clip of Leave it to Beaver to show the both of them since neither of them knew who Eddie Haskell was. Eddie’s not quite sure if the comparison is meant to be a compliment or not. I told him to stop worrying and that as long as XUP Jr. likes him and he was good to her, he could relax and just be himself.

He said he was being himself. (I’m going to make damn sure he knows where the vacuum cleaner is kept). He also very solemnly assured me that he would always treat my daughter well and that he thinks she is the most amazing person he has ever known.

Coincidentally, he’s going to university in Toronto in the fall, too. I don’t know what would have happened if they had to separate. They’ll be apart for most of the summer as it it, except for occasional weekend visits. I expect there will be a lot of pining (and skyping) going on.

I like Eddie. He’s very nice and smart and very genuine with just the right amount of old-fashioned ingenuousness.

And I kind of hope they do stay together forever (and not just for the excellent house-keeping benefits).

I think there’s a lot to be said for finding your true love when you’re young. It’s got to be better than serial dating for 20 years and becoming all bitter and jaded and finally just settling for someone with as much or more baggage as you because you’re freaking out about the possibility of dying alone, right?


16 responses to “Leave it to Eddie

  1. I’m glad she found a decent kid who treats her and oyu with respect. The whole not voting conservative thing is a bonus.

  2. gawd, when I look back at who I was in love with when I was 18, well *shiver* I am so glad it didn’t it didn’t work out. but I never kidded myself that he was THE one – too flawed. I love that she has found someone so great, nice for you too.
    i wish my parents had been as cool/open minded as you to encourage an education in something a little less traditional. good on you.

  3. Hey – you can’t be surprised when you raise your kids right and they bring home the guy with the spectacular qualities you describe. If it was rural America in the late 1980s, I’d be worried he was gay and closeted, what with all the cleaning and being adorable and progressive, but in Canada today, who needs a closet? So good for Jr., you did good.

  4. Good for XUP Jr and Eddie! Long may they run! My DD is also – as she so eloquently put it – “in a relationship where we use the L word”. Like you, I’m quite pleased about the whole thing – but if he ever hurts her, I’m sure I’ll want to injure him severely. Or at least scratch his Corvette …

  5. That’s lovely.
    I agree, true love at a young age is a wonderful thing. And if you live too long, at least you still have that warm memory to return to when you start regressing to your childhood.

  6. Aw, they’re so cute. Now, next time he comes, make sure the vacuum cleaner is in the middle of the living room. Maybe he’ll get the hint. Then you can send him on over to my place.

  7. The test of time will be the Darwin Years (Age 16-25). The time our life when we all do our stupidest things.

    If they survive together for that long…they’ll be together for life.

  8. Eddie sounds very ‘unHaskellish’ which is a good thing. May the course of her love run smoothly. But, falling rapturously in love isn’t confined to the young. It’s just that sometimes when it happens later it can cause complications.
    So nice that you are back.

  9. Dr. Monkey – Me too. I’m not sure what I would have done if he’d announced he was voting for Harper, though.

    Author – Thanks

    Meanie – I think for kids coming up now the way to go is self-employment. The business world, including the public service, seems to be moving more toward contracting out work and if you start when you’re young, working for yourself has to be preferable to working for someone else.

    Hallie – She’s “dated” a couple of guys who were gay but didn’t quite know it yet. I’m pretty sure this one isn’t. I mean, you can never know for sure, but I’m as sure as I can be. He’s just a good guy because he was raised right.

    Pinklea – Oh ya. It pays to let them know that, too. Keeps ’em on their toes.

    Violetsky – Absolutely. The whole Miss Haversham thing. Exactly what I want for my kid..ha ha. At least if it doesn’t last she’ll know what a good relationship is anyhow.

    Jazz – Excellent idea. I’m not sure I could persuade him to clean other people’s homes though.

    Friar – If they can stay in love long enough, I reckon sooner or later they’ll want to move in together, which means I might have some hope of having a place to myself for a few years before they cart me off to the old folks home.

    LGS – Yes, it IS rather sweet.

    Mr. Writeon – Are you speaking from personal experience vis a vis the complicated love?? That’s exactly what I mean though about teenage love being so all-consuming. You don’t have to even think about problems with the exes, the kids, careers, immigration, etc., etc. Your biggest concerns are finding a relatively private place to make out and not getting grounded so you’ll be able to get to the private place to make out.

  10. Don’t forget the “Food tastes better when I’m with you!” line. 🙂

    Best of luck to them. She’s a great girl. He’s lucky to be with him. 🙂

  11. i can only hope that the jellybean turns out as nice as this eddie. sounds like he’s a keeper. i have several friends who are still with their high school sweetheart. if i was, i’d be living a kept woman’s life in south africa.

    hears to hoping xup jr doesn’t have to go through the heart break.

  12. Daniel – They’re just incredibly cute.

    Smothermother – Kept woman in South Africa? Have you ever blogged this intriguing tale? If not, please do!! And yes — no heart breaking. That would be awful.

    Trashy – Thanks dude. I should point out it was the first time he met me and I may have been wearing a blue sweatervest.

  13. If it helps at all, tell him we have a Dyson, which totally SUCKS…every parcel of dust it encounters.