War Resisters

I was watching a show called 16:9 the other day (yet another Canadian “news” program because we can’t get enough of hard-hitting in-depth news reportage)

Anyhoooo, this program was all about American “war-resisters”.  They featured guys who were in the American armed forces who decided they didn’t  like going the whole Iraq/Afghanistan war thing, so they took off and came to Canada.

They lived here, found off-the-radar jobs, found women, had kids. Then they tried to claim refugee status and apply for Canadian citizenship.

Two motions have been passed in Parliament in support of the war resisters’ efforts to stay in Canada. Polls show that 64% of Canadians support these motions. The motions were, however, non-binding and the minority Conservative government has been ignoring these motions and sending the war resisters back to the US.

Liberal and all-around nice guy,  Gerard Kennedy has recently introduced a private members’ Bill C-440, — a binding form of the aforementioned motions.   

Meanwhile, some of the war-resisters have been sent back to the US, court marshaled, spent time in prison, etc…

I can totally understand them not wanting to go to war. Who wants to go fight wars? Especially pointless wars.

I would have been completely behind the 40,000 draft dodgers that made their way to Canada between  1965 and 1973 since they were civilians being forced to go to war.

But the war resisters today have voluntarily joined the armed forces. They were happy to take everything the forces offered them. Then, when they were asked to do something in return – something that could not have been unexpected – they desert.

These guys are now crying about how unfair it is to their Canadian-born children, who are now without a daddy. They’re complaining that their entire lives have been messed up.

If you join the armed forces, do you get to choose which battles you will fight and which ones you disagree with? Or is it understood that once you sign up you go where they send you and do what they tell you to do? I mean, yes, of course, that’s the understanding and the agreement, but is it right? Should Canada be supporting deserters and be granting them citizenship?

How can you have an army or a navy or an air force if you let troops just opt out when things don’t go the way they think they should?? Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t understand why Parliament supported the motions to allow these “war-resisters” to stay in this country or why so many Canadians agree with them.

I really, really hate to side with the Conservatives on anything — particularly when they are once again ignoring the wishes of the majority, but in this case….?