I’m really ticked off that I could only stay for half of the BOLO (Blog Out Loud Ottawa) last night; but it was the middle of the week and I have to get up mighty early in the morning for my important government job.

It was a mad[1], mad, mad event – even madder than last year. Irene’s back room was packed to the rafters with mad, mad, mad Ottawa bloggers. Some of us social-convening type Ottawa bloggers have spent a couple of years compiling a mailing list of local bloggers so that when there’s something interesting going on – like our bi-monthly brunches or the BOLO – we can let everyone know. Our list is about 100 strong and still, whenever there’s an event, new bloggers we’ve never heard of before appear.

It’s astonishing how many bloggers there are in Ottawa and even more astonishing how many of them are willing to “out” themselves. We think of blogging as something of a private activity. We think of bloggers as reclusive, anonymous types who sit in darkened rooms and use the internet to express themselves and connect with others.

But we’d be wrong.

The crowd at Irene’s last night was as social as magpies and twice as loud. There was eating and drinking and mingling and more drinking and more mingling. And if you still don’t believe bloggers are social creatures – exhibitionists, even — you should have seen the line-up of bloggers willing to read in front of this raucous room of virtual strangers and the lovely photos the photo-bloggers exhibited.

And what was even more heart-warming was the support, encouragement, respect and appreciation the bloggers all showed to each others’ work. It was so great to see everybody and to meet so many bloggers I’d never met before.  I particularly enjoyed finally meeting Julie from Coffee With Julie,  however briefly – and not just because she brought me a gift. And it was good to meet Sean, who came all the way from Korea.

There was such a huge range of blogs represented. It’s mind-boggling. And so many people! I suspect Lynn  (BOLO Queen and master-organizer and, holy shit how does she pull this together every year, anyway??) will be looking for an even bigger venue next year. (And one whose air-conditioning can handle a steamy throng of excited, hot and sweaty bloggers). And she may even expand the time slot since, thanks to people like me, who rambled on and on and on, we were way behind before we even got half-way through the evening.

Anyway, I’m sure lots of other local bloggers will be featuring posts over the next couple of days about BOLO, along with photos, reviews, comments, etc. etc. Browse around and enjoy. And please visit Lynn on the BOLO website  and tell her what a fabulous job she did.

[1] “Mad” in the sense that it was crazy, raucous, surprising and fun


19 responses to “BOLOing

  1. Yup – t’was a hoot fer sure… and yeah, I had to get up early for my Very Important Government Job too, so left half way through…

    Man, the Ottawa blogging community would be a scary force to deal with if we ever unified behind a common purpose… from what I saw last night, there are many, many intelligent, informed and creative individuals who would be formidable foes if they were ever collectively pissed off about something!

    Congrats to my fellow bloggers for the great attendance last night – you rock! And thanks to Lynn for pulling this together… I look forward to next year!

  2. BOLO was truely fantastic this year! Better than last!!

    @XUP-I got a great picture of you last night. I’ll email it to you later today!:)

  3. I also really enjoyed having dinner with you and two others whom I forgot names already (my achilles heal – I can never remember names). It was a really great event and I also wish I could have stayed but lack of sleep over four days had me almost passing out at the table.

    Looking forward to next year – I’ll be back and participating.

  4. Next year I’ll have to try for a Friday night so hopefully people can stay later — you definitely weren’t the only one who had to sneak out. The last few readers were an absolute scream. Maybe next year I’ll have to tape the whole thing and sell DVDs :).

  5. I was there too!
    Hiding in the back wearing a wig and a cheesy 70’s pornstar moustache.
    No thats a lie.
    Glad to hear that it was a good time!
    I always thought that Blogging was something that you should do really late at night, with the lights out when there is no chance of getting seen.
    Nice to see that you are all willing to “out” yourselves!

  6. Given my absence at this year’s BOLO, I refuse to believe that it could have been any more enjoyable, stimulating, entertaining–or mad–than last year.

    A pox on you all (until next year’s BOLO. Then I’ll be the only one who doesn’t read about the having the Ottawa blog plague)

    – RG>

  7. Trashee – That’s a good point. Of course, we’d all have to agree on a particular issue, which I’m not sure is going to be that easy, but we really should think about using our formidableness for good!

    Dave1949 – It’s the months that are bi, not the people.

    Pauline – I highly doubt that any picture of me is “great” but email away. You were a big hit last night and it was so cute that hubby gave you a big hug when you were done!

    Smothermother – I didn’t notice you were tongue tied, but it was difficult to have a conversation in that hot, noisy mob. It was great to meet you, too.

    Sean – David and Woodsy – how could you forget them? My goodness.

    Lynn – That’s a great idea about the DVDs! I know your choice of times is limited by when venues are available, but I’m thinking Irene’s made a bundle on us last night so really, venues should be lining up to host the BOLO every year! We need sponsorships or something. Maybe have it during the day on a Saturday – late afternoon, early evening or something? I imagine it was way past 10:00 before everyone had finally read??

    Lebowski – There were a lot of sketchy-looking characters lurking in the background that more or less match your description. You’ll have to be more specific.

    Dr. Monkey – All it takes is someone with some initiative to organize something. If you build it, they will come. They really will. And how!

    Grouchy – I see your pox and double hex them right back on you! So there. Bwah-ha-ha. We’ll have to get Bluesfest to schedule things so they don’t conflict with BOLO from now on. Just who do they think they are, anyway?

  8. I can’t believe I missed Sean from Korea! (And so many others it seems by the comments!)

    I’ve just posted a recap: “BOLO: faces behind blogs” for anyone who is interested. (You know … in case you want to see what XUP really looks like! *just kidding XUP, don’t panic*)

    I loved getting to meet you, however briefly. I didn’t think you would ever be able to top your post from last year about steamy teenager angst, but somehow you did — you are such a talented writer. Really amazing.

  9. a steamy throng of excited, hot and sweaty bloggers

    Well, yeah, that DOES sound exciting… maybe I should move to Ottawa.

  10. Linsey – It WAS fun. Hot, sweaty, loud fun. And there was beer!

    Julie – Thanks. Halfway through my story I started thinking that maybe I’d made a mistake in choosing that to read. I should have stuck to a regular post of some sort. It was too long for one thing, but thanks for saying you enjoyed it.

    Jazz – Maybe you should. Maybe you should…

    Violetsky – Ya, we try to have a lot of fun things to do and great weather when no out of town guests are around. Wouldn’t want them to get the wrong idea about Ottawa.

  11. I loved your story XUP – great reading. (made me want to use Qtips after my shower the next day!) I thought it was a wonderful night – so much talent and good energy. Hey bloggers – I think Health Can has a vaccine for Real Grouchy’s plague. See you in the line-up 🙂