A Letter to ELW

Dear Extra Long Weekend,

You can’t possibly know how excited I am for your arrival tomorrow. I’ve been looking forward to this for so very long. You just don’t come around often enough, my love. Once every month or so just makes me crazy with desire for you. It’s not enough to  satisfy the insatiable hunger I have for you. I need you – crave you – constantly.

Oh, ELW! I love you so. I love you so much it’s almost unbearable.

When I sit at work anticipating you, I tingle. Literally, tingle with excitement. I can’t focus on my very important government job because I think only of you and the things we will do to each other – the things we will do together. I think of lazing in bed with you in the mornings. I think of your extra long, glorious days stretching out before me. I think of indulging in things with you that I would never think about doing with ordinary weekends.

Ordinary weekends bore me. They are so pedestrian; so dull; so lacklustre.  I can never relax and enjoy them the way I always enjoy you, ELW.

You complete me.

How I long to be with you all the time. How I wish there were no other days but you in my life, my gorgeous, beautiful extra-long lover. How I hate those horrid, brutal workdays;  those insipid regular weekends. My god! How I yearn for the time when my life will consist of nothing but you, ELW. And then — and then we will be inseparable. Together forever; free to explore each other with wild abandon.

But for now– my darling, my heart-and-soul– for now we will have to make do with the stolen moments.  Those sweet, but all too infrequent intervals. We will make the most of them though, won’t we, ELW? Oh yes, we will. We always do.

Already I can feel you beckoning me into your soft caresses; enveloping me in your extra-long, languid hours. I love your extra-longness so, so much. It fills me up with its smoldering passion. It leaves me weak and spent and weepy when it’s over. Oh yes!

Oh ELW! Soon — I will be with you soon, my extra-long, extra-precious love. With excruciating longing, I remain —

Yours always,


PS: A VERY HAPPY CANADA DAY TO ONE AND ALL. I hope you all get to enjoy an Extra- Long Weekend of your very own! Seriously, is anyone going to work on Friday? OC Transpo is going on “special reduced service” like they did the weeks before Christmas because they figure no one needs to get around on days that are sort of close to a holiday.