Sometimes I Want to Hurt People

Sometimes when I read the paper, I come across an article that makes me look around to see if I’m living in some kind of surrealist nightmare.

Like the story about James Westcott. I had to re-read this story 3 times and then went to look it up on the internet because it just seemed way too absurd to be real. Also, I was getting very ticked off.

See, this Westcott person, 66 years of age, former elementary school teacher, was arrested in 1999  and charged with 24 counts of sexually abusing 11 girls at the west-end Ottawa school where he taught. The girls were between the ages of 6 and 10 and the wise judge, Ontario Superior Court Justice Roydon Kealey, dismissed all the charges because he reckoned the girls had made it all up in the throes of some sort of mass hysteria.

At the time, Westcott admitted that he did have a “very tactile” approach to teaching which was probably misinterpreted by those silly school girls and their parents.

So, I hope old Judge Kealey had a twinge of conscience when Westcott got caught a couple of years ago molesting a 3-year old girl.

This time he pled guilty this time – sort of.

Actually, what Westcott pled guilty to was “not thinking clearly”. See, the little girl poked him in the chest, so he figured that meant she wanted to see his penis, so he let her touch his fly. And then to make it even easier for her, he took his penis out and “let her touch it and squeeze it.”

Just to be absolutely clear, Westcott wants us to know that he ““did not initiate anything” and that “he didn’t get an erection and has no sexual interest in children.”

Westcott is being sentenced for that crime finally, which is why he’s in the papers again. His lawyer thinks he’s suffered enough and should be released since he’s already spent 31 days in jail awaiting sentencing. That this whole ordeal has been very tough on poor old Westcott and his wife, especially now that everybody is now going to think he’s also guilty of those crimes back in 2008.

Also, his psychiatrist says he’s at a “very low risk to re-offend” and that he’s learned his lesson; and that he’s really sorry because he’s lost the valuable reputation he’s built up over a lifetime and that even his wife is unable to get a teaching job anymore.

Boo hoo.

Westcott will be sentenced on Friday. He could face up to an entire year in jail.

Are we insane? “Up to a year”????

I don’t know how they treat pedophiles in other countries, but they’re pretty damn soft on them in Canada. For some time now, this country has been reknown internationally as a safe haven for pedophiles. We finally raised our age of consent to 16, but pedophiles still get very light sentences or probation most of the time.

I don’t understand why the criminal justice system doesn’t realize that these people are the most unique offenders out there and that we need to devise some unique way of stopping them. A few years in jail isn’t going to change their sexual deviances. Because, pedophiles don’t believe that what they’re doing is wrong. They are never going to be rehabilitated.

In general, I’m pretty liberal about the whole crime and punishment thing because I think a lot of criminals are victims themselves and could have been steered in a better direction when they were young and/or could still be steered in a better direction with a little or a lot of education and other rehabilitative measures.

I worked in a parole office when I began my federal public service career. I worked with murders and rapists and armed robbers and drug dealers and all manner of crazy, stupid and nasty criminals and saw how the system, — damaged though it might be – is successful in a lot of ways and can help people.

Pedophiles, however, are not helpable. They are the scariest people I ever encountered in that job. They are angry because they were caught; they are angry at their victims for turning them in; and they’re angry because they actually believe that there was nothing wrong with what they did and that the rest of us have a problem of intolerance.

And it doesn’t help that they are often supported and even enabled by spouses, friends and other family members.

The victim impact statements were heartbreaking to read.

Kids whose mothers would rather give up their kids than the freak who’d abused them. Kids who no longer have a home or family because everyone blames them for getting dad arrested. Kids who are thoroughly messed up for life because some guy just will not understand that children are completely out-of-bounds whatever bizarre sexual urges, ideas, thoughts, notions or proclivities he might have.

Dang! I feel all red-neck, string-em-up, irrational about stuff like this. I don’t like feeling like that because I think there must be a real solution somewhere, but I don’t for the life of me know what it might be.

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  1. I’m the same way, I hate anyone who touches or abuses a child and the only time I want to see the death penalty used is in cases where kids were abused sexually, hurt, or murdered.

  2. I’m with you. It’s horrible that these people think they are normal and that they can get away with destroying the lives of children.

  3. I did not know this about Canada. Thanks to Oprah Winfrey who gets things done over here, we have really cracked down on these perves. “60 Minutes” did a whole story about an island somewhere where a bunch of hard core perves have to live after they’ve served their sentences. It’s hardly even legal, but it is happening. And I think an island lock-up is a great idea.
    Oh but I was trying to find it and I found this from 5/17/10:
    The Supreme Court ruled Monday that federal officials can indefinitely hold inmates considered “sexually dangerous” after their prison terms are complete.
    The case is U.S. v. Comstock, 08-1224
    Seriously, they really have to be permanently kept away from all children.

  4. I agree with you, even if it does make us both red-neckish! Pervy people that abuse kids never get better and never change and will always reoffend. And this really is the crime that keeps on giving because that abuse is with those kids every single day of their lives. So, why should the criminals get off easier than the victims? They should lock them up for life, I think. Not that that changes things for the victims, but at least there won’t be additional victims after they are released after the absurdly short sentences.

  5. Off with their nuts! So says the squirrel.

    Seriously though, I have no solution either. But we must always protect the weak and helpless and children are right at the top of that list. Hence, I tend to favor erring on the side of the children and having harsher sentences for pedophiles. While I have had no direct experience with pedophiles, I still hope that some of them can be rehabilitated.

  6. Pedophiles should have tougher sentences – absolutely. An acquaintance (police officer) once told me that in Canada you can steal a car and do more time than if you hurt a child. That our justice system values children less than most crimes. Is this true?! Ridiculous sentences like that sure prove him right. I’ve noticed when a person is convicted of owning/distributing/making child porn the sentences are a joke. This makes me furious! Call me a red-neck but for sexually assaulting a child I would lock them away and throw away the key.

  7. That is a disgusting story. I’m completely against the death penalty except in the case of these sick bastards.

    Seriously, the judge in the 2008 case should face some kind of sanctions as well. The pervert does have an illness but presumably, the judge was able to act “rationally.”

  8. Dr. Monkey – I’m not quite red-neck enough yet to advocate the death penalty for anything. Pedophiles are like weeds – they’re just going to keep popping up over and over and over. We can kill them off, but they’re going to keep coming back. I’d much rather we find a way to create a climate where they won’t be able to sprout in the first place – if that isn’t wringing the last bit of sense out of an analogy.

    Linda – But what to do about them? We’ve really been doing not much of anything so far.

    Geewits – Do we have enough islands? Because from the news where they’re uncovering huge pedophile rings on a daily basis we’re going to need some really big islands to house them all. Maybe we create one in the middle of the ocean somewhere out of all our garbage. That would solve two problems at once!!

    Kimberly – True. Any sentence that isn’t forever is no good. And there really is no forever in Canada except in very exceptional “dangerous offender” cases. And messing with a child, does not make someone dangerous, according to our system.

    LGS – I really don’t think they can be rehabilitated squirrel. This is their “sexual orientation”, if you will. Could you be re-oriented to prefer children over adult women? Or men? Is there anything they could do to you that would make you never be tempted by an adult woman again? Some countries (and I believe some US states and I think even in Canada at some point) use forcible chemical castration for hard-core pedophiles. I don’t know how well it works, but it makes the human rights people crazy.

    MM – I saw a guy sentenced to 14 years for robbing a bank. This guy had a shitload of mitigating circumstances which should have lessened his sentence – he was very young, had mental health issues, was living on the streets, etc., etc. At the same time I saw a 30-something year-old sentenced to 5 years for beating and raping his girlfriend’s 5 year old daughter. He served less than 3 years of that sentence. How long did that child “serve” I wonder?

    LesterBee – Like I said to Dr. Monkey, that sounds like a satisfyingly revengeful fix, but it’s not going to solve the problem in the long run….unfortunately.

  9. i don’t think i can leave a coherant comment. too angry, disgusted, disappointed, scared, angry. i’ve been following this story as well. i just can’t get over it.

  10. The world can be a sick, sick place.

    Stories like these hit close to home for me. My Grade 6 teacher was found guilty of abusing 10 kids 30 years ago. My brother and I weren’t involved… the teacher (name is Ken Bull) knew that my Father would tear his arms off if he ever tried anything with us!

    But one two of my bro’s best friends were victims… and I supect there are more who have never come forward.

    And what did this guy get after pleading guilty in January? 2 years less a day.

    So that works out to 73 days per kid.

    Justice definetly was not served!

    We think our kids are safe at places like schools… but sometimes they are not.

  11. I think that sentences reflect how ‘valuable’ we feel the victim. When a toddler I cared very much about was murdered (charged with manslaughter) by a licensed caregiver in 1985 I did a little research. At the time, the age at which you were most likely to be a victim of homocide in Canada was 1 (one) year of age. The sentences were luducrous. I believe the caregiver spent a very short time at the Royal Ottawa and was released to the care of her spouse. A couple of years later there were charges of abusing her own children. None of us who loved that child have ever been the same.

  12. Pedophiles disgust me. I’m usually of the mind that reformation is always the goal with any crime but this just goes above and beyond for me.

    I truly believe that all pedophiles should undergo chemical castration upon conviction (which I understand is not permanent in case of false conviction) and have very intense therapy.

  13. My Parents come from a town in Scotland and the town motto is “The Bairns of Falkirk. Touch ane touch all. THe translation is touch one touch all. The lesson is you will be hunted down and disposed of if you harm the children. Although I too don’t want the death penalty I have no problem with forcible chemical castration. If you harm children you have surrendered any claim to your own civil rights. The question is when will the “leaders” of our society actually take these things as seriously as they do photo ops with the “leaders” of other countries. I suppose if they did there might be a billion dollars available to find the best solution to this problem. AS for me I have no problem whatsoever in taking a baseball bat to anyone who harmed my sisters or nieces. I’d be proud to do the jail time afterwords.

  14. I like the idea of an “Alcatraz” for sexual offenders. Not just child molesters ALL sexual offenders. What a happier world this would be knowing that somewhere in the frozen wasteland of the north. I recommend Brock Island:
    While it would be great to have an island dedicated to a prison we are then starting to talk about a gulag system like Stalinist U.S.S.R.
    Mind you if you get all the murderers, rapists, child molesters, and politicians there I suspect it would become difficult to keep it populated after word went out on how horrible jail could be. And how quick you could die there.
    Seems to me that some criminals view jail time as vacation time. Its maybe time to restore some inhumanity and brutality to the system and make the punishment so horrific that the criminal will think twice about it.
    But then we would probably end up only spending more money on lawyers who are going to try to twist and turn every legal loophole to keep their clients out.

  15. Makes me wonder how educated judges are in the psychology of pedos.

    Getting offenders to admit there’s a problem is made harder when shunning or firebombing and dehumanizing is the community response. How to reconcile sense of self with hatred pointed at [generic pronoun use] you?

    Are there throwaways for society? works with safe circles for pedos so they can have someone to come to if they feel they’re at risk of reoffending.

  16. Chemical castration seems primarily effective on men. Is that correct?

    Of the 7 people with “wiring issues” who became sexual offenders against minors in my communities, 2 have been female.

  17. Smothermother – I know. How can they say he’s at a low risk to reoffend? How could that first judge dismiss the word of all those girls? And the stupid stuff this offender is coming up with?

    Trashy – Two years less a day keeps it a provincial offence rather than a federal offence. We don’t want to give the poor guy a federal record. And why are so many of them teachers anyway? They deliberately choose a profession that keeps them around kids all day long. That’s really creepy.

    Grace – The legal system places incredibly little value on a child’s life. And the younger the child the less value it seems to have. I’m so sorry that something so horrible happened to this child you loved.

    Tiana – Like I said to someone earlier, I don’t believe therapy will work to re-orient a pedophiles proclivities anymore than any other sexual reorientation therapy would work on anyone else. There is a lot of controversy around forced chemical castration. The human rights people worry about long term effects of the drug; the fact that it’s administered against the will of the offenders. Others are unsure that the drug is even effective enough to stop them abusing children. I reckon it’s worth a shot.

    Dave1949 – The only problem with allowing human rights violations in forcing convicted pedophiles into chemical castration is, of course, that it sets a precedence that can be misused in other cases. I think it IS allowed in Canada, isn’t it? It just never seems to get used as far as I can tell.

    Lebowski – Yup, there are problems that come with every solution. Other sex offenders, I think can actually be rehabilitated in a lot of cases, so just for pedophiles, I think we should create a whole new process where all the usual legal circus acts are bypassed. Evidence is collected, analysed and evaluated by an independent body. If they find the guy guilty, he’s off to Siberia – no defence or appeals, no trial.

    Pearl – There are some very creepy websites out there written by pedophiles explaining why it’s not bad and why we should stop trying to control our children and allow them to explore their sexuality freely. And ya, I’ve noticed the advent of female pedophiles. I don’t know if it’s the same thing or not. Usually when you hear of women convicted it’s high school teachers with a teenaged boy or something. It would be interesting to make a comparison.

  18. You mentioned “creating a climate” in which such behaviour is not tolerated. I think this is key. Drunk driving used to be socially acceptable until we created a climate in which is was not. It only took about 10 years before there was real change. There are people who allow themselves to fall in with others who exhibit bad behaviour (like those pedophile rings) but if there was a different climate, one which included public shaming, only the hard core pervs would be left to deal with. Of course, some sexual behaviour is a result of innate programming, but much of it is not and it is that soft group of social pervs who made a choice that we need to target to change the climate. The soft core group pushes boundaries to see what they can get away with but when given clear rules and limitations, they revert to being normal. It’s a very broad continuum.

    But it starts with talking about it and getting our disapproval out in the open more and more often.

  19. Holy crap. It isn’t any better in the USA. They’re put on a list and you can look them up on the internet, but B.F.D. They still live regular lives and re-offend.

    I don’t have a lot of sympathy for criminals. Mostly because I was raised in a totally shit situation by drug-addicted parents and I have grown up to educated myself, have a good marriage, be a good parent, and living a great life. Two of my siblings are in jail off and on & have drug problems. Two of us are productive citizens and have never taken any kind of drugs.

    No matter what you grow up in, at some point it becomes your OWN choice what you do.

  20. Yeah…I have a lot more to say, but as you know there is a publication ban.

    @Wendy, it is better in the States though. We have the same list, but it isn’t made public at all. The only ones who see it are the police. A pedophile can live right across the street from a preschool and the preschool will never be informed.

  21. Julia – I don’t think you can compare drunk driving to pedophilia. Drunk driving is just a behaviour that needs changing, pedophilia is an innate condition that can’t be altered with education of societal disapproval or any of that stuff. It would be easy if it were. They have a tremendous support network on top of everything else to validate them. All the education and disapproval in the world isn’t going to touch that.

    Wendy – Congratulations. Digging yourself out of a background like that could not have been easy. You’re very strong. And you’re very right about criminal behaviour being a choice. Even though pedophiles are wired to be attracted to children, a moral person would make the choice not to give in to that and see to it that he never does.

    Mudmama – It’s scary how this is all somehow tolerated by giving offenders a slap on the wrist or taking their word over the word of 11 children or given them second and third and fourth chances or not publishing that list. I’ll be checking the papers tomorrow to see what sort of sentence this guy gets.

  22. If I had a child and I witnessed that child being molested or someone came to me that I trusted and said they had seen my child being hurt by soeone I would not hesitate to strangle the molestor with my own hands. Anyone that would harm a child and end that child’s innocents and give that moment for them to live with for the rest of their lives is the lowest form of scum. They don’t even last in prison. When even the hardest of criminals know how disgusting hurting children is, yet our own justice system lets them back on the street we’ve gone down the rabbit hole.

  23. The website I point to isn’t a men loving boys naturally or some such apologist. It’s comparable to an AA support group. People recognize chemistry/wiring is off. Practical intervention solutions of prevention rather than demonizing into silence for perp and victim.

    I don’t see female creeps as new on the scene. The construction of male as violent by nature and female as protector by nature makes blinders against seeing females doing the same thing and being interpreted the same. Male or female can be gropey, leering, manipulating, dominance and fear-card threatening. I’d say its underreported and differently interpreted so females get away with more.

    It’s comparable to a male being emotionally and physically abused by a woman. I’ve seen anecdotes of a male going to police and being rebuffed about being weak. The whole psychological element is overlooked, overshadowed by notions of gender possibility.

  24. And about the teenage boy and teacher, that’s a different chemistry than pedophile. Culture used to not distinguish between gay and pedophile and mostly has shifted. It doesn’t distinguish now between pedophile, also or only attracted to teenagers and pedophile attracted primarily to toddlers and pre-pubescent. That’s a distinction that needs a new word. I think psychologically, it’s a different thing not just further on a continuum.

  25. Pearl – You think so? I DO see it as a continuum of sorts. Pedophiles are very specific in the ages they prefer and sometimes even in the type of child. So perhaps only blond 6-year old girls will do for some guys or only dark 12-year old boys for others. I would very much NOT like to put those who sexually abuse teenagers into a different category.

  26. I feel very “red neck” when it comes to pedophiles as well. It’s impossible not to when you see how common (is “always” too strong?) pedophiles reoffend and just how many victims they accumulate in a lifetime. Rehabilitation simply does not work. I’m for serious jail time and mandatory chemical castration before any release into the public. I guess I can answer Pearl’s question that “yes” there are throwaways for society (even though it’s not the politically correct thing to say). I’d throw serial killers and pedophiles in that group. You could argue that both have “wiring” issues.

  27. Thank you for a very interesting post. What was the age of consent in Canada before it was raised to 16 and when was it raised to that?

    I have very differing views on this. I have two girlfriends in their mid 40’s who were abused by their father/stepfather and it is still causing them problems to this day and I can never forgive the abusers but am I being hypocritical? When I was 17 I had a 15 year old boyfriend who legally was underage for a sexual relationship in the UK. I have never thought of myself as a pedophile but to anyone else hearing the facts would I be classed as one?

  28. Catherine – I think it’s legal to date a 15-year-old if you’re under 18 or under 21 or something, so I don’t consider your example anything pedo at all. That would be ridiculous. The age of consent used to be 14 in Canada until it was changed in 2008. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for visiting.

  29. The problem here isn’t so much the age of the person supposedly being abused as I see it, particularly where it’s the situation of the teenager getting involved with someone over the age of 18. In that situation, though it may not end up happening *all* the time, you find neither party ends up being abused, or doing the abusing. Think of it like this. If a 15-year-old was to hook up with a 20-year-old, at the very least the 20-year-old gets slapped with sexual abuse of a minor. If it’s a 17-year-old and a 22-year-old, though? Most you’d get is maybe some strange looks–and that only until you yourself are probably in your 20’s. We throw that whole abuse thing around way too much, in my honest opinion. No, again, I’m not saying it doesn’t happen. I’m just saying not every situation someone else happens to walk in on is actually abuse. But, certain conditions we’re automatically trained to just generally assume it’s abuse by default, whether it is or isn’t.

    Touching on the article’s original point, yeah, anyone who’d go after a kid that young definitely has a problem, and I’d be willing to bet it’s got very little to do with anything beyond your basic wiring. You may be brought into this world with a preference for one gender or another, but you make your own preferences beyond that yourself. That’s why some girls have a thing for going after older guys–and some guys with older girls. You’re not wired with that particular preference built into you and I find it difficult to believe it’s completely environmental either. The only difference between these people and your more typical rapist? The rapist has a better chance of meeting resistance. They probably do it mostly for the resistance–the need to prove they’re in control. Pedophiles don’t need that proof–they prefer the innocense of it all; the fact that at that age, the kid’s just flexible enough to be taught that kind of thing’s perfectly okay–it’s the rest of society that’s broken. That’s why it usually goes on for quite a while before anyone else picks up on it.

    If people are going to kick up a fuss about the extra cost of more prisons in which to throw people who do this kind of thing, then I have a very simple–if not original–solution. Bring back the death penalty. Pedophiles, rapists and murderers get a special place on that list. Because, seriously. Anyone who would dare to destroy or end someone else’s life like that has absolutely no right to one of their own, and if the girlfriend or my nephew were to have an encounter with one of these types, I’d be more than happy to be the one holding the needle. Or the shotgun, preferably.

    @Xup and others, I don’t think that makes you/us redneckish at all. In fact, I’d argue if that kind of attitude is considered redneckish, this country’s gotten way too liberal lately. The mentality that every criminal can be rehabbilitated is what gave us these softer sentences, and two-for-one credit on time served pre-trial, and the fifty million other loopholes lawyers can and do use to get people out of jail. Personally, any party that offers to reverse most if not all of that gets my vote. Unfortunately, right now it’s Harper and the conservatives. Equally unfortunately, the rest of parliament would rather keep things broken.

  30. Also: I think it’s under 18 that’s the legal limit, Xup. Although if sex was involved and the whole age of consent thing was in play, a parent who wanted to be a prick about it could possibly still try for statutory rape.

  31. I think it’s important to remember that not all pedophiles act on their urges. Some people go through their entire lives being sexually attracted to children but never using or abusing a child. Not just because it’s illegal, but because it’s wrong. I have respect for them. It’s quite possible that the majority of pedophiles never sexually abuse children.

  32. James – Yes, I know teenagers often look very mature and hook up with older people and it seems that that shouldn’t be illegal. But it is. And for very good reason. Because a young person, no matter how well developed they might be physically is not psychologically or emotionally mature enough for an adult relationship. There is a vast, vast difference between 15 and 17 and 19 and 21. There are so many, many changes that go on in a child’s psyche at that time. A 17-year-old is living with his/her parents, they can’t go to bars, they can’t buy booze, they can’t go to certain movies, they can’t buy lottery tickets, they’re barely allowed to drive on their own, they’re still in high school, they’re just finding their way in the world – figuring out who they are. A 22-year-old is in a whole different world. Sure the lines are somewhat arbitrary, and I would certainly not like my 17-year old dating a 22-year old. Even with her 19 year old boyfriend there’s a noticeable gap. The law has to assign some sort of cutting off age of consent and 16 seems more than reasonable to me. No one over 18 should be messing around with high school kids – generally speaking, they just don’t have the equipment to deal with adult situations. As for the preference thing, I don’t think it’s a preference as in someone liking blonds or older guys – I think it’s a hard-wired preference like being homosexual. You can’t change that. And much as I abhor pedophiles and the fact that we can’t seem to find a solution to keeping children safe from them, I would certainly never advocate bringing back the death penalty. The argument “if the did that to my child or sister or niece” is always used when advocating the death penalty and yes, if someone harmed my child I, personally, would want to torture them to death – but that’s revenge and pretty ugly. The legal system is supposed to be better than that – it’s not about revenge. It’s about justice. That’s why we don’t just have everyone running around avenging wrongs done to them; that’s why we have a legal system, to (theoretically) deal with these things logically and justly instead of emotionally. Thanks for the very thoughtful comment.

    Zoom – You think so? You really think there are a lot of pedophiles out there who just never give in to their sexual urges? The sex drive is a pretty strong force in a person’s life. It would take an exceptionally strong person to ignore or suppress that their entire life. And what would that do to them, I wonder? Something has to give somewhere. One of my theories is that a lot of pedophiles who feel as you described become priests as a way of getting support and validation for their celibacy. Which I think explains why there seem to be so many pedophiles in the priesthood. Perhaps others who keep trying to suppress their urges and stay away from children are the ones who are online on pedo websites and satisfy their urges that way – but they’re still exploiting children even if they’re not doing it physically. I have heard that some pedophiles will voluntarily go and have themselves chemically castrated to suppress their urges. So ya, you have to have some respect and even sympathy for that. They can’t help that they were born with their wiring messed up like that. Medical research should work on trying to figure out a way to rewire them maybe.

  33. Even worse, they can’t seek psychological help for it, even though they might desperately want to change, because in many jurisdictions the reporting laws require that psychologists, etc. report them to the police.

    As for turning to the priesthood, I agree. Many thought they could suppress their undesirable sexual urges by being celibate. (In older times, this likely included homosexual urges.) Obviously it didn’t work.

    (BTW, I’m pretty sure most pedophiles can still engage in sex with adults, supplemented by their imaginations…so they wouldn’t need to completely suppress their entire sex drive in order to avoid abusing kids.)

  34. One more thing, relevant to what James is saying. Many young girls do look older than they are, especially these days. I do volunteer work with at-risk teenagers, and there are quite a few girls who look MUCH older. I’ve seen twelve-year-olds who look like 17 and act like 10. It scares me to think how vulnerable these kids are.

  35. @Xup: The problem arises though in the sense that whether or not they have a 19 or 20 year old boyfriend, they’ve probably got 19 or 20 year old friends–my brother and I sure did. So really, beyond the sex and what have you, what’s the boyfriend/girlfriend going to do that anyone else in that age bracket they hang out with isn’t? And, just because the 17 year old *shouldn’t* be going to bars/buying booze/what have you doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t. Up here, the big thing is to load into a car and duck over to Quebec to get drunk, due to the lower drinking age. If they can’t do that, then as said they probably hang out with someone old enough to provide the booze, or the smokes, or what have you. You’ve been through highschool–you’ve probably seen the kids that get a hold of a pack of smokes and sell them off for a dollar or two each. Nevermind the kids who can get a hold of the *other* kind of smokes.

    @Zoom: I’d submit you’ve got girls–and guys, for that matter–that age who sometimes act older than that as well, for one reason or another. But I don’t think a person’s maturity should really play that big a priority–I know at least one 27 year old who still acts 16, for instance. If that was really much of a deciding factor, we wouldn’t have the kinds of laws we have now and I suspect the issue would probably be a lot harder to pin down.

  36. I had no idea Canada was so lax with molesters. That’s terrible XUP and it makes me want to spit nails IN THEIR FACES. Here, molesters are often killed or tortured in prison b/c so many male inmates were sexually abused.

    This dude you spotlighted is nothing short of retarded. No three year old I’ve ever known would have any fucking idea about seducing an adult. This is really horrible and I’m feeling stabby. I agree with you in that these people cannot be fixed. I have heard there’s a medication(s) that will remove their sex drives.

    Lastly, I love that you were a parole officer. I wouldn’t last very long as one b/c I would lose my mind over the injustices that go on day in and day out.

  37. Leah – Pedophiles or anyone that messes with kids are usually kept in segregation here because even the craziest, nastiest criminal hates pedos. And, actually it wasn’t as mind-losing of a job as you might think. It was really just these guys that made it mind-losing.