Off With Their Pants!

So, you know all the long tops, shirts and t-shirts that are fashionable these days? And you know how people have been wearing them with leggings, which is okay for a lot of women, but not so okay for some women? And you know how people say, “hey those are tops, not dresses, wear some real pants!” to those women who just can’t pull off leggings?”

Well, it seems that now that the warm weather is here, girls and women are wearing these long tops without any bottoms at all!  I live close to a high school, so when I first started seeing girls walking around in nothing but a t-shirt or tank top the last couple of weeks, I just thought maybe they had on really short, shorts.

But no. They only have panties on under there. I know because I’ve seen them. I’ve seen their panties and their thongs. You can’t help but see them. Because they’re not wearing any pants over their underwear. They’re only wearing shirts. And shoes. And that’s all. No pants or shorts. None. And I’m seeing them everywhere now.

I thought I was going crazy or I’d missed some sort of designated Summer-of-No-Pants memo, but then I Leah McLaren wrote about this in her column on the weekend, so apparently it’s “the style” for this season.

Look, I even found some photos of celebs and other people walking around in public without pants:

 Okay, I know if you’re at the beach you’re wearing less than this in public. And maybe this isn’t much different than a mini-skirt or mini-dress, but it somehow seems different, doesn’t it? And, as I was saying to Zoom the other day, I know we’re sometimes surprised at how much young women like to thrust their firm, newly developed body parts in everyone’s faces. And I figure since they really only have a few years of this physical perfection to enjoy before the steady decline into saggy middle age begins, I figure – go for it, right? But, gee — not wearing pants??? I don’t know. It just seems a little over the top or under the top or something to me.

How is this appropriate for school or shopping at the mall? Do their parents not notice a shortage of pants in the laundry?

This past weekend, XUP Jr. begged me to take her shopping for some new summer shorts and skirts and stuff.

Thank goodness.

41 responses to “Off With Their Pants!

  1. So gross. I hope the schools enforce dress codes on this. I have noticed that all shapes an sizes opt out of this pants thing. So gross on the Loser Cruiser (OC Transpo). If these girls are wearing thongs, they are rubbing all kinds of personal stuff on the seats, and also picking up a few germs to boot! And alot of them look so self-conscious wearing this stuff – constantly tugging their shresses (get it? shirt/dress) down over their bums. That is not fun fashion. I’m all for expressing yourself, but sexy/cool dressing is not giving your body away for public consumption – it’s dressing to leave a bit to the imagination and showing you have imagination by the outfit you put together.

  2. I’m all for self expression but this “trend” is beyond idiotic! If we can see your underwear-be it through very baggy pants or by only wearing a frickin’ shirt in public-then you need to change or put on some pants!

    I shudder to think what kids will be wearing in the future!

  3. Meanie – I don’t think the school can do anything unless the school board makes some sort of across-the-board rule…which would be open to all sorts of arguments and issues because lord knows we can’t curtail kids’ self-expression. I don’t even understand why someone would want to walk around without pants. I guess the guys think it’s sexy judging from the responses below. And THAT is enough reason for a lot of young women (and old women).

    Friar – I guess that’s why the girlies dress like that. The boys and men think it’s hot. Naked is even hotter, isn’t it? Should we tell them? I think it would be fun if the boys went out in just their t-shirts, too. But they’d have to wear thongs with them (or nothing) but no boxers allowed.

    Dr. Monkey – Not a fan of La Spears?

    Pauline – Ask your husband if he thinks this is a hot look. Unless he lies to you, I’m guessing he’ll think it’s sexy. He may not agree on an intellectual level that young girls should be walking around like this, but he’ll still think it’s hot. And that’s usually enough to drive females to do the crazy stuff they do.

  4. @XUP-There’s a fine line between “hot” and “skanky” and this one crosses into skanky.
    You can look sexy yet still maintain some class. 🙂

  5. Wow! Really, the black one is about the length of my tank top…

    I’m with meanie… it’s not stylist… it just looks like you forgot your pants.

  6. LOL my daughter is fully into her modest preteen phase and her very modest Nana sent her several of these long tops for her birthday.

    I can’t convince her that they’ll look cute with her thick cotton leggings! You know those striped and polka dotted leggings that look so adorable on spindly long 10 year old legs? Well she wil not wear them with those – only with baggy chinos!

    Why? Because the teenagers and college aged girls in town are wearing those tops with NO pants and they wear those leggings with way too tight short shirts and she needs to rebel against it!

    I hope she’s like this at 16.

    Yesterday her brother said “I’ll make sure you NEVER date, you have 4 brothers we’re going to form a posse to protect you.”

    His girlfriend looked at him and said “Metrosexual boy and the adorable raggamuffins? I don’t think so, I’M going to beat those boys and and use you as the stick.”

    I like her role/fashion models

  7. I find it revolting/disgusting.

    As for your comment on school rules, I only graduated from high school in 2003 and unless the rules changed, this kind of dress-up would not be allowed.

    The rules at my public high school were:
    -no tops spaghetti straps
    -to shorts, pants, skirts higher than an inch above the knee (which this shress would qualify under)
    -no transparent shirts/dresses/pants
    -no showing of the bellybutton

    I wish these were common rules in schools… and I thought they were, but I guess not!

  8. This whole coincept clothing thing is ridiculous, when you think of it.

    If it werent’ for cold weather, we’d be running with basically nothing, like the natives do in the Amazon or Africa.

    I mean, what other animal on the planet, besides Humans, feels the need to cover up?

    We’re basically hairless monkeys. Not that much different from gorillas or chimps.

    You dont’ see them putting bits of vine or leaves on their bodies to conceal their naughty bits.

    I say go NAKED when you nature intended.

  9. Silly Friar, naked is for monkeys, clothes is for making money. Every new fashion trend is for the younguns to shock and appall the oldies as XUP well knows considering what she wore at that age.
    As for school dress rules when I started to hs girls were not allowed to wear pants of any kind,only dresses or skirts and bluejeans were banned as inappropriate.

  10. One factor that redeems Ottawa winters to a certain extent is how young women tend to dress as soon as it gets warm.

  11. Pauline – I’m not sure men make that distinction unless it’s about their mothers/sisters/wives. I’ll be interested to see what the hubby says.

    Nat – The black on is actually closer to what the girls are wearing than some of the others that could actually pass as short dresses. It’s an odd look for sure.

    Mudmama – The long tops with the leggings can actually be quite cute as long as the top is covering your camel toe and the leggings are actually opaque…which some of them are not. Your girl isn’t interested in cute girly things at all? I think mine went through a tomboy phase for a while, too. Then when she started sprouting she wanted to show off a bit and her clothes got tighter. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being proud of your new body but there are ways to do it that are beautiful and other ways that don’t show pride so much as a desperate need to be noticed and thought “sexy” – which isn’t coming from a good place.

    Stephanie – Well, I reckon the rule have changed a lot or no one is bothering to enforce them because kids are wearing all this stuff all the time – spaghetti straps (winter and summer), very low cut tops, short shorts, mini mini skirts and shresses, transparent clothes, bellybuttons, strategic rips and tears – you name it.

    Grouchy – I have no idea what they’re doing with their cell phones, keys and spare change. And I hope they’re not riding bikes.

    Friar – It’s because we’re hairless that we need the clothes. The hair protects them from harsh sun, cold, dirt, sharp things, bugs, dribbling hot coffee on their naked skin and frying bacon. I have a lot of relatives back in the Old Country who are into nudism in a big way and as much as they enjoy their nudie vacations and weekends away and being naked around the house, there are times when it’s just uncomfortable to be nude. We’re just too delicate and do too many dangerous things, I’m afraid, to be naked all the time. Take playing hockey for instance. There would be a lot less huddle fights in the corners probably.

    Dave – What did I wear at 17 that was so shocking? We didn’t wear bras, I guess that was shocking, but we pretty much always wore pants of some sort.

    Milan – I don’t know. I’ve seen them in the winter in really short skirts, boots, naked legs and flimsy jackets (not done up so you can still see their substantial cleavage) blue and shivering at bus stops.

  12. I noticed this trend too, and I totally had an old fogey moment. Kids these days! No shame! PUT SOME PANTS ON, GIRL!

    Seriously, I hope this isn’t just because I’m on the wrong side of 25 but this trend seems just horribly exploitative. Where has all the modesty gone?

  13. A long time ago some dork did a study and he came to the conclusion that as hems got longer the economy got worse and if hemlines got shorter the economy was booming…..since this study was done some time in the 1920’s he did not account for what if women stopped wearing hemlines at all…but…I got to think it can’t be good…for anyone..well except for Victoria Secrets and dirty old men…

  14. oh dear god, I still haven’t gotten over seeing girls wearing pyjamas in public.
    then again, these look like the kind of long tees I like to wear instead of pyjamas…

  15. Ugh, I hope this style doesn’t enter the workplace anytime soon. Also, here I will reveal that I lead a sheltered life, but just a warning to others, don’t google “camel toe” at work. Woops.

  16. Lynn – Actually, I was sort of thinking that a lot of the current teen/young folk fashions are coming out of the popularity of SYTYCD and Glee type shows where dancers often wear just tops and those dance panties. A lot of other current fashion trends seem to have come out of those shows as well.

    Cedar – Good point. No hemlines means what? Our economy is fucked and so will we be so we might as well get ready? (Sorry for the potty mouth)

    Violetsky – Ya, these are pajamas, I think. They can just roll out of bed and go straight to school. Bed hair is in. Sleepwear is in. Slippers in place of boots is in. Sure simplifies life and slashes the wardrobe budget. They may be on to something.

    Finola – I don’t know about your workplace, but most of the women at mine have undergarments that cover them from head to foot, so it doesn’t really matter if they show up without pants. Sorry about the camel toe surprise.

    Milan – I heard about this. But at least this was a stunt not a fashion statement.

  17. Wow – one of those pictures is really old because I actually had that dress at least 15 years ago (the one just above Britney in pink shoes) or that kid found it in her mother’s old stuff. My husband bought it for me – it wasn’t the kind of thing I’d choose for myself! I think I ended up wearing it as a top…

    I’m terrified as my daughter enters the tween stage. Buying shorts last week was horrifying as they were so short and even she balked. We left Garage with a few pairs and I told her if she’s ever going to wear really short shorts, now’s the time.

    The short dress thing. I don’t know. I prefer it when people keep their clothes on in public. Myself, I bought a skirt recently, but it’s actually a skort (thanks Chlorophylle) and I feel comfortable.

  18. As much as I ‘m in favour of female nudity and scanty clothing the one thing that has been mentioned by a couple of people here comes to mind. If you aren’t comfortable with how much you are exposing it sort of ruins the effect.
    Wear the skirt 3 inches longer and be comfortable instead of tugging at it all the time because you’re not.
    Do up one more button on the blouse so you feel confident in what your showing instead of constantly adjusting and worrying that you show too much.
    All that aside though I’d like to take this opportunity to point out once again that it is legal for women to go topless in Ontario and if that caught on it would pretty much eliminate the no pants trend.

  19. My 14-yr old step daughter came to our house wearing wee little jean shorts that her mom had bought her. Another half-inch less of fabric and there’d be cheek hanging out all over the place. I told her they were inappropriate clothing for a child, which caused no end of grief… She hates me, of course (still? again?) and the first MAJOR fight hubby and I have ever had was over those fracking shorts. Because, to him, the issue was “Well, if we don’t like the clothes her mom buys her, we’ll have to buy her clothes ourselves.”

    Because it’s far more important to save a few bucks then to stop your child-minded yet woman-bodied daughter from being pedophile bait or simply getting all the wrong idea about sexuality and modesty, or the lack thereof. (Who is this stranger I married??!)

    Who knows, next week she may try the “no shorts” thing. I wonder if that will please DH even more… less laundry to do?

  20. Lebowski – Have you been binging on milk and cookies again? That was the most benign comment from you ever.

    Jamine – No, it’s a new picture as you can tell by the cars in the background and the giant bag she’s carrying. But everything is retro now since no one can think of anything new. It makes a damn fine top.

    Dave – The funny thing is that while they’re wearing the teensiest little panties and no pants they all have industrial bras to lift, push and squeeze. But thank you for pointing out the topless thing. I wonder why no one takes advantage of that?

    Susan – She probably takes the shorts off when she gets to school! Ack. You’re in a tough position there, that’s for sure. I’ve said that before, I know, but I don’t envy you having to be in the middle of this all the time. My daughter wears pretty short shorts, too and if they’re a little bit longer, she just rolls them up a couple of times. As long as the important bits are well-covered from all angles and she doesn’t wear them to inappropriate places, I reckon it’s okay. But she’s not 14 either which makes a difference. Also, I’ve had many discussions with her about the difference between looking sexy and looking like your desperate for attention – any kind of attention. Sometimes you have to make your point in a different way than just putting your foot down and saying no. Parenting is a minefield. I don’t even have an analogy for step-parenting.

  21. I never thought I’d say that I’m glad Texas does its own thing fashionwise. I haven’t seen the tunic/leggings thing (except on one blogging pic) since the late 80’s early 90’s and I certainly have not seen the bottomless tunic look. Here it’s jeans and a cute top in the winter and shorts (often denim) and a cute top in the summer. I guess Texas keeps the denim trade going strong.

  22. I used to wear mini skirts but I sure hope I never showed my underwear when doing so. I don’t think they were as short as those photos. I’m sure men love it. I saw a girl the other day with what looked like a shear nightgown on but it was her dress-cut very low too.

  23. Well…I’m for it, of course.

    If only this trend was restricted to young women and their firm, newly developed body parts! But noooo…

    We definitely need the Fashion Police.

    What bothers me more than this fashion quirk is the one that has boys wear their pants below their bottoms (not halfway down… not riding low… but the “waistband” slung BELOW the tush, just above the middle of the back of the thigh) exposing ghastly underwear (eg satin plum-colored boxers). And I spotted this particular fashion tort in a courtroom!

    Luckily for the young man, the Court did not witness his exit through the back doors. Teenagers usually receive stern and well-chosen words from the Bench at for a lot less than a “plum-bum”. Compared to this hammerhead, I’ll take girls wearing tshirts any day of the week.

  24. Geewits – Texas just isn’t on the cutting edge of fashion, I guess. We’re only a few months behind Europe who’ve been doing the no-pants thing for a while. Of course it’s also been a little cold to go without pants. You’d think in Texas though they’d jump on anything that relieves them of clothing when it gets up over 100? I think I’d go without pants if it hovered around 100 here all summer. (OK, not really)

    Linda – Even the guys commenting here love it! And, if I remember correctly under those mini-skirts we had opaque mini-skirt panties which had a tiny bit of leg to them and covered us up pretty well. We weren’t wearing thongs under them, right?

    Sean – Well now that’s a bit of a provocative statement to make because now we’re getting into the whole “men can’t control themselves and turn into animals if women show some skin” territory. That road leads to hijabs and justifiable rape. And I’m sure you didn’t mean that. Intelligent, sensible men will realize that these young women are just confused about their womanhood and think they can only be attractive by laying it all out there. Of course young men might not be that clever and will assume these girls are up for “it” which could lead to a little wrangling and a disappointed guy (or not) but shouldn’t lead to anything else. But yes, they may also attract the attentions of some creepo…but they don’t need no-pants to do that.

    Daniel – Yes, I’m sure you would. It’s interesting that since forever the focus of bodily exploitation has been on the boobs. Now with Brazilians and vajazzling and re-virgining and these fashions, the focus is on the cootchie. That pants-on-the-ground thing the guys have been sporting for way too many seasons now I don’t understand at all. There is nothing remotely attractive about that and if it’s supposed to look tough and gangsta, it’s certainly missing the mark there, too. How gangsta can you be when you’re hobbled by your own pants? You can’t run, you can’t even walk properly. You can’t even fight or stab or shoot anyone because your hands are busy holding up your pants.

  25. This so crosses the line of decency. Besides being just plain skanky it’s disgustingly unsanitary. Not to mention totally classless. What does this teach our young women about carrying themselves with dignity? I would have thought that once one saw Britney Spears wearing they would know it’s just not cool!
    Please, please, please tell me this is not permitted in the schools.

  26. @Sean, maybe this new fashion is in protest for the rape case that was dismissed by a judge who determined that a rapist could not have possibly removed the victim’s tight jeans without her consent?

    Damned no matter what we wear, or don’t wear.

  27. I’ve been seeing this all the time in London since the weather has gotten warmer and it has me freaked right the hell out. I’m totally not fashionable or young but this just seems so strange and like people actually forgot to get fully dressed, I just don’t know why you’d want to do it. It’s skanky and gross, and then there’s the whole hygiene issue of riding the tube or sitting down in a restaurant. Ugh…

    Check out this link about what Venus Williams wore at the French Open for more inappropriate butt-showing fashion:

  28. Mudmama – It’s funny that what Sean said has been the first reaction of a lot of people. I think perhaps it’s just not a very well thought out comment and not actually meant to sound the way it does. Or maybe not?? This would make an interesting discussion topic for another post maybe, eh?

    Sam – Thanks for visiting and for the link. Hmmm. She does seem like a very stylish woman, but it still looks to me like she’s not fully dressed. Perhaps if that shirt weren’t quite so huge??

    Kimberly – Good grief. What, if anything, is she wearing under that negligee? Also when you say “riding the tube” it makes it sound even grosser. lol

  29. ROFLMAO Okay, you’re right, ‘riding the tube’does give it a whole new twist! But that gave me a good laugh!

    Allegedly there are flesh colored shorts under there, but honestly, in another pic I saw it looked like her ass was hanging out with nothing covering it.