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One of my blogger friends (and real life friend) Bandobras, aka Dave, has recently been dealt the Cancer Hand by that shifty croupier, Fate. Dave starts his treatments this week and will be blogging all about his journey back to good health in his brand new blog, Dave1949 . He will also continue to showcase his fine photography and has threatened to throw in some crotchety political ramblings as well. So, why not head over to Dave 1949   and give him a howdy-do and argue with his crazy lefty rhetoric.


One of the most “money-where-his-mouth-is” people I know is environmentalist blogger, Milan. He’s recently come back from a return trip to Vancouver – by Greyhound bus!  Because flying, would of course, generate too many carbon emissions. Gahhh! That’s over 9200 kilometers or almost 6,000 miles there and back.  He recounts his adventures here.  There’s even a video. It made me kind of tired and itchy just to read about it. Milan is very, very serious and passionate about this climate change stuff. Very.


And speaking of environmentally friendly people, there’s a relatively new blogger on the Ottawa blog scene – Mindful Merchant.  Laura’s only been blogging since November and, as the blog name suggests, she blogs about living a more mindful lifestyle. She’s also a mommy, a bit of a foodie, loves coffee (are you paying attention, Maven?) and is both fun and educational to read. And not at all scary or didactic like some eco-types.


A couple of weekends ago, I managed to coerce XUP Jr, into going with me to Open Stage afternoon at Irene’s . Zoom and some of her talented relatives  were there, too. So, because Zoom always has a camera with her (and isn’t afraid to use it) she snapped a few shots of me and the kid. XUP Jr. was thrilled with how the photos turned out. She said, “I liked that picture Zoom took of me and you so much I’m even using it as my Facebook profile photo!” All touched and teary-eyed, I said, “Awwww, that’s really sweet.” To which she replied, “Of course I had to crop you out of the photo first.”


10 responses to “Blogger Snippets

  1. So many great blogs, so little time. I’ve been to Milan’s before (and definitely admire his passionate environmentalism) but I’ll give those other ones a look-see!

  2. Thanks for the intro although I’m astonished you had time to do it. I hope no one was injured in the rush.
    As for XUP jr you only have to wait about 8 more years and she will once again love to be seen with you.

  3. Thanks for the recommendations – I’m off to look.
    I had two of those kids – I heard ‘Moh-om!’ a lot. And ‘You aren’t wearing THAT are you?’.
    Thank goodness, they grew up.

  4. MM – You write good stuff. People should read it!

    Meanie – Me either.

    Ellie – Yes, she’s a darling.

    Hannah – I think he should get some sort of medal for enduring 180 hours of Greyhound buses.

    Dave – Okay, okay. You’ve already chided me once for not taking time to smell the roses.

    Mary – I know. I had a moment there where I thought she’d actually post me with her on her FB. I must have been on crack