Happy Christmas, Hanukah,  Sharaf, Ashura, Tohji-taisai, Yule, Gahambar Maidyarem,  Kwanzaa and Happy Birthday, Mum. And if you’re not commemorating any of these, then there’s no reason why you still can’t have a pleasant day.

Wherever you are, the world has probably pretty much come to a standstill. Everything is shut down. It’s quiet. A lot of people are with friends and family because they want to be or against their will and/or better judgment. If you’re not, you might be imagining everyone else engaged in Rockwellian scenes of love and joy, but that ain’t necessarily so.

I’ve spent Christmases alone. I assembled a pile of movies or a really good book, a few of my favourite edibles and/or drinkables and had a lovely time luxuriating in the opportunity of having nothing to do but indulge myself.

It’s only one day among hundreds of others. Enjoy it for whatever it brings.


13 responses to “Peace

  1. Merry Whatever to you as well… hope it’s all you need it to be…

    Rockwell always reminds me of scenes from hell. So maybe something truer all around. 🙂

  2. Merry Christmas. True, it is just another day but it sure can pack a big emotional punch. I have family here today so it will be hetic with lots of cooking and children running around.

  3. DD and I will be hanging out together, as usual, then we’ll head over to my mom’s for our turkey dinner. One of my favourite aunts and cousins is visiting for Christmas, so they’ll be there too, and PG will join us after dinner. So, not too busy, but not alone either. Have a good one, XUP and XUP Jr!

  4. Enjoy your day, XUP.
    This is the one day (night) of the year I don’t have to work – thank you Toronto Star – and slept the whole night through, 10hours straight. Lovely.

  5. Season’s Greeting to you too!
    In my family’s household the christmas season equals alot of yelling in booze theft.
    This year is no different

  6. This year, it seems as though I’m hearing from a lot more people who hate celebrating Christmas, and it pretty much has nothing to do with how bad things are in the economy or that they may not have a job, etc. It’s more to do with a built up resentment of being forced into a mold of what Christmas should be, and yet it never quite fits that mold. Maybe it’s time for people to draw a line in the sand and say from here on out, I won’t be participating, or I’ll be doing it a different way, or whatever it is you want to say. Lie if you have to 🙂

  7. Nat- I’m pretty sure Rockwell once said he was the demon spawn of Lucifer.

    Linda – It certainly can be very emotionally charged no matter what you’re doing or not doing. Sounds like yours is well in hand. Enjoy.

    Pinklea – Sounds perfect.

    Geewits – I’ll head right over and see what your Christmas Eve was all about.

    Violetsky – How wonderful! I hope Christmas Day was equally splendid.

    Dr. Monkey – And to you, kind sir.

    Julie – Thank you.

    Lebowski – We also have the lots of yelling tradition. The “booze theft” is new, but I might want to incorporate it next year.

    Skye – We were talking about that over the festive feast. People are just exhausted from all the pressure and expectation around Christmas. But you know, no one is holding a gun to anyone’s head here. If you don’t like the way Christmas is going, change it. Who’s put all these expectations and pressure on you anyway? You! (I don’t mean you you – just the universal you). The fascinating part of this holiday season is that almost every nation and culture is celebrating something at this time of year, (as the post implied), so it’s kind of interesting to participate in this international commemoration of the season. So people should celebrate it in whatever way is most meaningful to them

  8. i’m very happy that you got to enjoy two full weeks off from work and that you took advantage of the opportunity to be lazy 🙂