Ethereal Light Emanation

In response to yesterday’s post, a couple of people said (more or less jokingly) that maybe the dogs are seeing my aura and that maybe I have an odd aura or something. Which started me thinking about this whole business of auras and pets being “in tune” with stuff like that.

First, let’s see if we actually believe that such a thing as auras exist. Do people walk around with some sort of energy field around them or is that just a bunch of new-age hooey?

Well, if you’ve ever walked into a room where 2 people have been fighting or having a very serious conversation, the second you walk through the door and without even looking at the people in the room, I think you can feel the tension or heaviness. What’s that if not you sensing these people’s energy?

When you meet people, part of what attracts you to or repels you from a particular person is the unexplainable “vibe” you get from them. True?

And, if you’ve ever watched a person die, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that between that moment of life and death, something vital disappears. 

But it’s not just people that have this energy field – all living things are surrounded by some sort of energy field. The expert aura people believe that children under 5 and animals are naturally able to see auras. (Adults can teach themselves to become more sensitive to auras and learn to see them.)

I guess it would explain why children often seem to dislike people for no particular reason or seem to “know” when things aren’t right. There have been lots of stories, too, about pets being able to sense illness in their people.

  • says that dogs can often predict when their person is about to have an epileptic seizure.
  • Studies have shown that dogs are able to warn their diabetic people when their blood sugar is too high.
  • 60 Minutes did a thing on dogs being able to sniff out cancer in humans.
  •  And there are other stories of pets being particularly snuggly or unusually calm and gentle when their person is sick or very sad or upset.

I don’t know; maybe this is all more about scents than sense. Maybeillness giving off smells that trigger a response in pets. Or maybe part of it is that pets are able to see or sense when their people have something some sort of energy/chemical alteration.

What do you believe? Is there such a thing as auras? Can you sense auras if even you can’t see them? Have your pets or children ever exhibited any aura-sensing abilities?

I’ve noticed my cat, Bazel won’t leave my side whenever the pizza stone comes out of the cupboard because he knows there will soon be cheese flying around. He sure loves cheese. Yup.


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  1. When my husband was having his heart attack (he thought he was having terrible heartburn- it made sense at the time, really), our cat Ginger would not leave him alone! Todd kept asking me to take her away because she was howling and crawling all around him frantically. We should have taken a cue from her and called 911.

  2. another great post, i’m so glad i found your blog i really do enjoy it.

    i believe there are such things as auras, although i am not perceptive enough to see any…heck, i don’t even sense when people have been arguing! i often dislike people from the start but become close friends with them later.

    btw, our dog defnitely knows when one of us is sick or even stressed/sad and behaves differently with us. he also senses situations that are dangerous/alarming before we do and gets anxious. dogs are amazing.

  3. Our smarter dog (though smarts in a dog is probably more about them being in tune with humans anyway, right?) totally zeroes in on any wound. My bf is a contractor and comes home with cuts or bandages many days, and Walter immediately sniffs and licks those spots.

    Not all my pets, but many of them seem sensitive to when I am sad. I have made the closest connections with these pets over the years and we seemed to understand each other so well.

    I’ve seen other animals (I do rescue) that don’t ‘get’ people very well but thrive with another of their own species. My ten yr old rabbit Arliss is a total b!tch to me and has been her whole life, but we have an understanding, and she’s outlived two bunny friends with whom she groomed and cuddled all day.

    I have a definite connection to animals, much more so than to people. I’m not sure if it’s just because I am patient and observe them in whatever they want to do w/o interfering, or if it’s because I don’t belive they have an agenda so they are worth listening to, but my life is largely defined by the connections I make with the animals I live with/meet/help/watch. It’s rather bizarre but also rewarding when you can help a creature no one else could help, like a very shy dog who just can’t function until you give her time to learn she’s safe. I have never assumed an animal had to be/act a certain way to ‘serve’ me as a pet, and I just don’t understand the human behavior of wanting to ‘own’ a creature but only if it behaves in a manner convenient to them.

  4. The first seven letters in EEG and EKG are “electro” and these are recordings of human beings, so obviously we have electrical current flowing through us. I once saw myself on an infrared camera and there was all sorts of stuff going on and I stood and watched as different people were recorded and everyone looked different! Maybe dogs can see in a sort of infrared way.
    I’m very in tune to people and can sense things in total strangers such as goodness and evil. I’ve been on an elevator with a total stranger and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up all “Danger Will Robinson!” I’ve also been able to tell when two people are “feeling it” for each other even if it’s just two strangers (to me) working at a bank or something. On dogs though: The truth is we will never really know what a dog can see until one of them can tell us.

  5. Yes, I agree, one can sense “energy”.

    But I think that’s just being very attuned to someone else’s emotions and attitudes, by being able to read their subtle differences in body language.

    Works for animals too. Maybe even more so than humans, because they communicate entirely non-verbally.

    So maybe that “evil” guy in the elevator comes across as a dink, not because of an “energy field”, but because of the subtle way he might step away from us, dilated pupils, or or his somewhat shifty eye contact.

    As for auras and energy field themselves, Meh. I rank that right up there with astrology, psychics, Bigfoot sightings and Elvis.

    If auras are so real, then why aren’t they common knowledge and published in established peer-reviewed journals like Scientific American or Nature?

    Funny how these things are always hearsay….and they’re never reproduced under controlled conditions.

  6. PS. You wanna talk about animal sixth-sense?

    When my dad suddenly died, my sister’s dog Tipper was too excited with all the people coming and going. She thought it was play time.

    So we took her into the bedroom, where my Dad still lay in bed, so she could see for herself that he was gone.

    Tipper was clueless. The obsessive retriever jumped on the bed, licked his face like she always does, and then ran out of the room to go find a ball to play with.


    Totally clueless.

    (Of course, I was really sad at the time…but now that I think about it years later, it makes me laugh).

    Stupid dog! 🙂

  7. Gotta remember that we really aren’t that far removed from our cave-dwelling, savanna-prowling ancestors. To survive and thrive, early humans needed to be able to attune themselves to their surroundings. They had to be able to “sense” danger – e.g., know when there was a predator close by or a rival tribe member behind the tree. Like ancestral memories, we have lost most of this over the eons but most of can still sense, as you point out, when there is a tense situation in a room.

    Dogs and other higher order animals still have this ability – it hasn’t been bred out of them – yet.

    So what is it? I suppose it is a form of energy. We are after all, little more than a series of firing neurons wrapped in a package of blood, tissue and bones designed to keep those very same neurons firing the way they should.

    When one of us dies, that energy is gone. Where to? Well, as an atheist, I don’t buy any of the stuff about this energy going to a place (heaven or hell) based on what we did in life. But I do think that it has to go somewhere. The Laws of thermodynamics state that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

  8. I’ve been present for several deaths, both human and animal, and it’s struck me each time that there isn’t an instant change between life and death. It’s almost a continuum. I’ve stayed by their side as they were dying, and then for an hour or two after they’d been pronounced dead, until I felt certain they were finished dying. I don’t know what that in-between place is, but I sense it’s important.

  9. Missy – That’s exactly what all the other heart-attack and similar sudden illness stories say — the animals are all over their people, frantically trying to get someone’s attention. Next time (if there is a next time and let’s hope not) pay attention to the kitty!!!

    Betsy – Why thank you ma’am! Cats can be amazing too sometimes. Then they’re just annoying other times. Did you click that link — it will tell you how to learn to read auras. You really can’t sense anything about people or situations? I sometimes dislike people at first, then become friendly with them and get to know them and we’re okay, but then eventually something always happens that confirms my first impression.

    Amy – You have a very special calling. Not everyone is that in tuned with their animal friends. And, I guess it’s better if someone is going to get a pet that they get one that suits their lifestyle rather than getting one they’re going to hate or are not able to accommodate. I try never to use the word pet “owner”…mainly because if you live with a pet it’s totally debatable on who owns who anyway.

    Geewits – That’s cool that you’re that sensitive. It probably has a lot to do with why you have some of the issues you have, too. Sometimes all that sensory information can be overwhelming and you just need to be somewhere quiet and alone. How do they know animals only see in black and white? I’m not even sure that’s true, because then how would they be able to see auras, right? Anyway, if they can figure that out that animals don’t see colours they should be able to figure out what else they can and cannot see dontcha think?

    Friar – I think a physicist could explain the presence of energy fields in and around living things. Something about molecular vibration – the aura theory then being that these vibrations are hit by light sources a certain way which causes an “aura” around the person. And, the vibrations might increase or decrease depending on the person’s emotional state which might change the nature of the aura’s colours??? Anecdotal evidence of the presence of auras have been circulating since the beginning of time — the whole biblical halo thing for instance. People who have migranes often see auras before a migrane. And, personally, I can get a vibe off a person without even looking at them or like I said, go into a room and be able to tell if happy stuff or angry stuff has been going on in there — even if the people in there just before me have already left. How would you explain that? (Love the Tipper story. Maybe some animals are more sensitive than others.)

  10. Trashee – Ah, that’s interesting about the energy not being created or destroyed. Where does it go indeed? Does it just hover around? Join another energy source?

    Zoom – I’ve only been around for one person dying and he took a really long time about it. The last 10 days we were expecting death at any moment. He wasn’t even breathing on his own anymore, the brain pretty much shut down, only the heart kept going. When that finally stopped – to me – it seemed very apparant that life was finally over. And that happened within minutes. Maybe it depends on how the death occurs? So, if Trashee is right (and he usually is) and energy can’t be destroyed, maybe that in between time is when the life energy is moving off to wherever it needs to be next?

  11. @XUP

    Sure, molecules vibrate, and they can emit energy off in the form of photons. Dependign on the frequency, this can be detected as radio waves, infrared, visible light…to UV to X-rays).

    Our laws of physics are able to explain these phenomena to quite a high degree of accuracy.

    Now, if an “aura” is something totally different, well, that would mean a whole different set of rules, and we’d have to revise our whole way of thinking about how the universe works.

    Not saying that’s impossible….just that based on our current models, it’s unlikely.

    We humans see things in visible light. But who knows? Mabye those who see “auras” have a few cells in their retina that can detect a slightly broader wavelegnth spectrum. (Bees, for example, can see in UV, which we can’t).

    That would make an interesting set of experiments, I reckon.

    (*Okay…science-geek rant over*).

    Who knows? Maybe some people can see a wider range of

  12. I would just like to say I think Friar is right.
    Unless something has been demonstrated using the scientific method it doesn’t even exist. There is no knowledge in the world without the scientific method and in fact until that method was created, codified and then peer reviewed there was in fact no knowledge of anything in the the entire world. Luckily now everything we will ever know is already known because all matters have been fully investigated and sorted into either actual true real knowledge, or just a bunch of hooey.

  13. @bandobras

    (Sigh). That’s not what the scientific method is about. And I suspect you know that.

    Science never claims to know everything. And it never says just because something hasn’t been proven, that it doesn’t exist.

    Science is just a model of how the universe works. It’s not a perfect model. It’s a work in progress, and it keeps self-correcting itself, to get closer to the truth.

    If a phenomena is tested, and it matches our model, then that means there’s a pretty good chance we’re correct.

    If it dosen’t match (even once!), that means the model is wrong, and we need to re-examine why. And possibly update the model.

    I suspect that in the past ~ 300 years, the fact that we HAVEN”T been able to scientifically prove all these paranormal phenomena exist, there’s a high probabitliy that they DON’T.

    But it dosen’t mean it’s impossible.

    If there is something to all of this, I’m waiting to for someone to come up with a revolutionary new theory to link everything together. (Just like quantum physics revolutionized classical physics 100 years ago)

    Any takers? 😉

  14. I believe that science has no idea what animals or humans are capable of. They’ve recently determined that dogs do have cognitive reasoning. Having dogs my whole life, I already knew this. I also think there’s definitely a connection that goes beyond what we currently understand.

  15. Friar- the evidence to support paranormal phenomena is overwhelming. Many vidoes and pictures have been analyzed by experts and they either come up with. “that’s fake” or “unexplained.” Of course, unexplained gets tossed aside. I saw a story about a little boy who remembered being in World War II. He remembered where his plane was shot down and he remembered his soldier buddies. He remembered crashing, who he lost, the details of it all. They took him to the scene of the crash to say goodbye and it was heartwrenching. This was a nationally publicized story and it’s aamazing. So how does science take that and either prove or disprove the theory of reincarnation? It can’t. So you either believe it, or you believe it was all a hoax or an unbelievable coincidence. Believers only see reasons to believe, while non-believers only see reasons not to.

  16. 1) i grew up with a ghost in my house (insert i don’t believe you comment here) and yes the dog would go CRAZY whenever she made an appearance.

    2) my last post about hitchhiking alludes to some bad behaviour on my part. whenever my mom was stressed about me, the animals (2 cats and a dog) would flock to her (they normally kinda ignored her) and nuzzle and comfort her.

  17. I thought auras were a bunch of hooey when I thought they were coloured light around a person. I still think that. But I totally believe in this energy concept. Now that I am fine-tuned to the energy that people give off, I can instantly tell what kind of mood someone is in and I can often guess quite accurately what happened to get them that way. Of course, it has to be someone I know fairly well and I have to be paying attention. But with strangers, if their energy is being projected strongly enough, it is easy to tell if something is going on, either positive or negative. Some people also and naturally have a really strong energy. When it is positive, it is bearable although it can get tiresome. But when it is negative, it is unbearable.

    I wonder whether we can choose our own energy.  The Dog Whisperer says anyone can be a pack leader but I think it takes more effort on the part of some people than others.  Is being negative easier than being positive?  Are there more positives than negatives around or… are they in equal numbers and so do they balance each other out!?  Now there’s a thought that coordinates with the yin and yang type theories of the world, that everything is in balance.  But I am not fond of the thought that there “has” to be negative energy to balance the positive.  Maybe there could be neutral energy to balance the positive?

    What would it be like if there was no negative energy?  Would we all explode in a ball of light?  Maybe we’d become like those entities on Star Trek who didn’t have bodies any more and just floated around the universe.  How boring would that be.  Maybe it wouldn’t be boring but I’m not in a rush to find out.

    Maybe the struggle is within each of us, to balance the positive and the negative and at the very least, to project a neutral image to the world.  I don’t know – that sounds like a cop-out to me.  Positive energy is so nice, so good, so life-affirming, so warm and fuzzy that we all want it.  And when we can get some from someone else and bask in their reflected glow, we feel better about ourselves too.  But if we DO get it from someone else, it isn’t the same as generating it ourselves.  It’s like the difference between renting and owning.  If you own something, you look after it more.  I’m coming to the conclusion that you have to work at generating your own positive energy, and that while you can be inspired and buoyed by the positive energy of someone else, you cannot rely on an external source of positive energy for your own well-being.

  18. Friar – Uh oh…science talk… I don’t think an aura is something totally different from the photon thing. Why does it have to be? I think all the psychic stuff has a great deal of basis in science, but it’s diluted/polluted by “people”. Much like religion – there’s a lot about all the bible stories that’s historical fact – a lot about the biblical laws – Jewish dietary laws, for instance, that have scientific relevance. It’s just over the years humans with their own agendas get their hands on this stuff and twist it into something mystical and unknowable.

    Bandobras – I’ll let Friar answer this for himself.

    Mayopie – Like I said previously, I find science dismisses anecdotal evidence too readily – in the field of paranormal and for other stuff, like medicine, for instance. If 10,000 people independantly describe a similar experience I would tend to believe that over a bunch of scientists who say they have no way of testing or proving this experience is real therefore there’s a high probability that they’re not real. That’s kind of why they’re “para” normal — because they don’t subscribe to anything that’s “normal”

    Meanie – I would never disbelieve something like that outright. Why don’t you do a post about your ghost some time? A ghost post – ha ha wOOOoooooOOOOo.

    Julia – Like I said to Friar, I think a lot of this stuff has a scientific and measurable basis. It’s just that science can’t explain all of it — some of this stuff goes beyond what’s measurable and provable. Just like science has tried a zillion different ways to measure, prove and explain “love” – but it can never come close. It can talk about hormones and pheromones and chemical reactions and that’s all very interesting, but it certainly doesn’t explain love. So, love is still unexplainable, but that doesn’t mean it’s not real. People who have never loved or been loved might disagree no matter how much anecdotal evidence there is or how much science can contribute.

  19. @mayopie

    Overwhelming evidence? Where? Show me, where such a thing has been documented under reproducible conditions.

    Notice how it’s almost always a “story” that people hear 2nd/3rd hand. (Like that one about the boy).

    Or notice…how it NEVER seems to happen when it’s being examined under rigorous scrutiny.

    (That’s when the experimenters are typically blamed for “ruining” the conditions by misbelieving or having “bad” energy…How convenient.)

    Have you heard about the Templeton Prize? It’s a $1 million award, to anyone who can prove paranormal phenomena.

    For decades, countless people (clairvoyants, pyschics, people who have lived past lives) have tried to prove their powers, and win that prize.

    And not ONCE, has it ever been claimed.

    That tells me something.

    I hightly recommend James Randi’s book, “Flim Flam!”!_Psychics,_ESP,_Unicorns,_and_Other_Delusions

  20. By the way, didnt’ mean to sound to harsh there, on my last comment.

    Just that these type of discussions get me all passionate and stuff…

    (I’m a science geek, I admit it). 🙂

  21. Friar – Aren’t scientists supposed to be DISpassionate? Ha! I wouldn’t worry about gettiing harsh around here. I think most of the readers can take it. And dish it.

  22. So, you’ve come to the conclusion that you probably just smell a bit funny, then? (I can always be trusted to bring the discussion down to a suitable level.)

  23. Hi, I didn’t read all the comments, so maybe someone has already commented on this. Diabetics, when they miss their insulin, hence, high blood sugar, give off a fruity ordor which I’m sure dog’s can be trained to react too. Or maybe just react to the smell since they smell so well.

    I suspect there may be something like that for epilepsy and heart attacks too, but I don’t know.

  24. Loth – Ya, that’s about it. Too much garlic in the diet I reckon.

    Susan – I did mention the scent aspect in the post. And I’m sure animals can smell that. But how do they automatically equate that with danger to their human?

  25. it’s the height of arrogance to assume that something we can’t see doesn’t exist, isn’t it? i mean, our eyesight is superior to most other living creatures in many regards, but that in no way suggests we can see everything. the infra-red goggles are a good example; we can’t see that without technology, so.

    the scientific method is a process for producing more questions. if you do it honestly. if you’re paid of by Pfizer or something, maybe you only come up with one solid answer (“yes, people with this disease will without a doubt need to buy this product.”)

    i definitely find that most kids gravitate towards a particular color scheme in their clothing choices. this is non-scientific of course – in terms of how randomized a study it is – but in the sense that it is observation, it is science. color has vibrations, auras have vibrations, sound is vibrations. children gravitate towards harmony in general.

    when the adults are having a tense conversation, for instance, the kids like to jump around and squawk and try to break it up. and when things are harmonious they spread out and sing happy noises among themselves and so on. they gravitate towards laughter.

    i noticed that when my (male) friend wanted kids, kids would naturally gravitate towards him. it’s funny because he’d just be talking to his brother or something, and he would totally ignore them. at family things kids would just find themselves in his sphere of influence and climb all over him, and he would go on doing exactly what he was doing. but clearly he was putting out that energy, you know?

    people are interesting creatures. people-watching is one of my very favorite things to do.

  26. Hallie – People AND animals are interesting creatures and I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more we don’t know about how stuff works or why stuff happens than we know about everything. I remember a lot of strange things my own child did before the age of 5 — she seemed to intuitively know things she should have had no way of knowing. I always blame school for supressing that whole wild and primal thing she seemed to have, but maybe it naturally disappears after a certain age. It’s a shame either way. I miss that about her a lot.

  27. I dated a guy who had a near death accident. if you touched his arm, I swear, I could just feel energy radiate from him.
    My husband, cannot wear a watch, they stop. When I touch his arm, no jokes here, he’s a good guy, but I swear he drains energy.

    I too can walk by a certain person and feel hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Somehow, I just know they are evil. I know there is no way to prove it but I bet I’m right.

    Finally, I was by my brothers side when he died and had my hand on his shoulder. I was crying very hard and stopped cold when he died. It was instant. My husband thought I had passed out or something. I felt his energy depart through me and, without words, say “I’m okay.” I am not religious at all and do not believe in him going to heaven or hell, as such. But, I sure believe in the energy of mankind living on.

  28. Sheryl – I could never wear watches either until they went battery operated. I don’t think I drain energy though. I’ve met people like that however. You just get tired being around them. It’s interesting. The sotry of your brother is really, really interesting.

  29. I think there are auras in the sense that you said – you can feel the energy or tension without a word being said. However I’m far from a believer in the “oh, your aura is so pretty today, it’s all pink and bubbly” school of thought.

  30. i shoudl probably write a post for this too b/c i don’t rule out aura’s, energy, or intuitions. i agree with the experts about children under 5 and animals.

    i only just realized that going to places like malls, concerts, or anything that has lots and lots of humans in one place makes me WIGGY. i get tired, irritable, and overwhelmed when i’m in a public place. i attribute it to some part of me picking up on their energy, like all rolled into one big punch.

    i’m trying to figure out how to minimize my reaction to it and wearing an ipod works wonders for me, it’s like having an invisible shield and i can block stuff out.

    have you ever read the celestine prophecy? it goes into more detail about energy given off by all things in the world. they made it into a movie, i wasn’t sure they would bring it over well from the book but i enjoyed it.

  31. Jazz – Ya, I think your energy can change depending on if you’re sick or angry or excited or feeling romantic or whatever. I’m not sure that’s visible as colours and hues, but who knows?

    Leah – Celestine prophecy is one of those books on my burn list. It’s put forward as a non-fiction piece, but in reality it’s all hoey – all made up out of whole cloth. I don’t like it when they do that.