A Day of Romances

Morning Romance

Walking to work. On the path ahead is a small fawn. It doesn’t move as I approach; only looks at me curiously. I’m close enough to reach out my hand, inches from its muzzle. It sniffs my hands curiously. After a wonderfully mezmerizing few moments, I tear myself away and walk on.  As I walk,  I turn around to wave good-bye.  I’m startled to see the fawn right behind me.

I stop. It stops.

“Go back into the woods,” I whisper softly. It just stands there looking at me with those fawn eyes.

I turn and walk briskly onwards. And there’s the fawn, trotting next to me, looking up at me. Those eyes. Those irresistible eyes. I stop and think….nah…Bazel will never let me bring it home.

Then, while I’m thinking, the fawn tucks his face under my arm and nuzzles my jacket.  I grit my teeth.  I know I have to be tough.

I yell and wave my arms frantically. The fawn gallops away into the woods. I sigh.

Noon Romance

I’m running the trail at lunchtime and pass a Canada Post truck parked awkwardly in a secluded area. Strange noises are coming from within. “It couldn’t be,” I tell myself with a shake of the head. I keep going.

Half an hour later, on the way back, the truck is still there. I see a man and a woman, both in disheveled Postal uniforms emerging from the back of the truck. They are carrying mail sacks. They are flushed and happy looking. I smile at them. (But make a mental note to handle my mail with gloves for the next few days)

Evening Romance

Waiting at the bus stop. A forty-something public servant-type man is standing next to me murmuring into a cell phone. His voice is is filled with love and reassurance.

“Hey, you got the herpes, so what? Don’t worry, so do I.”

I step a little farther away from him.

30 responses to “A Day of Romances

  1. I like the ‘morning romance’ story. Beautiful! I don’t think I would have been able to resist bringing a fawn home and could just picture the look on my husband’s face when I tell him I want to expand our menagerie so that it now includes wildlife. LOL

  2. well morning romance is quite sweet. im sure Bazel would have forgiven you eventually.

    noon romance.. LOL! that is a riot. good on them.

    evening romance.. *shudders* you mean you didnt try to pick him up? why not? BWAHAHA

  3. Hannah – It was tough to go from that to a stuffy office cubicle, believe me, but it would have been very selfish to bring him home. Also, I’m thinking his mamma was around somewhere and would have killed me dead.

    Dave – It was a weird warm, sunny day in the middle of many cold not-so-sunny days. I’m blaming the weather.

    Jobthingy – I didn’t pick him up because he was obviously taken – d’uh! Otherwise… umm. No.

    Meanie – It was very jarring, that word, in the middle of such a sweet conversation.

    Dr. Monkey – I’ll let you send in the nomination. Thanks.

    Julia – Thank you. It was amazing. I’ve seen fully grown deer in that area before, but in a distance. This little one is not long for this world if he carries on like that.

    Susan – I had to get to work and sooner or later its mother would have coming looking for him and I wouldn’t have been able to outrun her.

    Betsy Mae – I’m pretty sure I was more or less awake. Some days are just a little stranger than others.

    Lebowski – I knew with an unshakeable certainty that you were going to say something like that. You are so predictable! Ha ha.

  4. Yeah, I was just joking. I wouldn’t bring him home either. Wildlife shouldn’t be kept as “pets” by humans. You’re probably right too, the mother was probably nearby. 🙂

  5. The mother was probably hard at work at 2 jobs trying to provide for her and her family.
    No thanks to the wham bam stag who ran out and refuses any attempts to pay child support.
    Or the fawn was working with a gang of juvenile delinquent deer trying to lure you off the path where they would have terrorized you and stolen your lunch.
    “Nature” isn’t as friendly as Disney would like you to believe.

  6. Wow, this is wonderful!!! Canada is just as strange as the U.S. I feel…so….friggen great right now. Yes, I will never actually open up Mail again of any kind, but it’s usually just bills anyway.

  7. Violetsky – Also, I suspect the creature was much too young. I don’t want to be a cougar!

    Hannah – I know you were. I never actually thought you’d bring home a deer as a pet.

    Bandobras – Yes, it wasn’t all warm, fuzzy love. I don’t mind telling you there was a healthy dose of fear mixed in there the whole time.

    Cedar – Sometimes we’re a lot stranger. You guys are just more predictably strange maybe. I’m glad you feel great.

    Veg – Thanks. I’m glad you found me now and that I, in turn, have found you!

  8. When you were telling of the fawn I truly thought you were going to say it was a dream. Then we got to the Canada Post employees and I knew we were smack dab in reality 😉

  9. love love this post, the morning romance is my favorite. i recently spoke to a deer on our driveway. usually they run away but this one stayed while i spoke. i love the nature.

  10. Maven – I’ve never in my life had a dream like that and I sure wouldn’t blog about it if I did. Ha ha.

    Lebowski – He was pretty skinny. I don’t think there would have been a lot of good eatin’ there. Maybe a mid-afternoon of the fawn snack.

    Leah – I don’t think deer should be this friendly to humans, should they? Nature’s getting all messed up.

    Chris – You think THIS is an interesting life??? Oy. I think when you walk a lot you see more strange and interesting stuff than people do who always drive though.

  11. coming back to comment the title of your new post cracked me up!

    you have a point about the deer being friendly but i think i assumed the deer isn’t friendly like that with everyone (just people like us that can speak “deer”)…. 😉

  12. Evening romance… remind me to make sure you stay at a good distance from me if we ever meet lol

    Goodness me, when will the stigma about this will ever stop? We’re not purulent that anyone who hugs us or touches us will get it…

  13. Leah – We’re deer whisperers – is there any money in that?

    UA – Of course we all know we’re not going to get anything by hugs and touches — as long as we’re not naked at the time.

    Woodsy – Thank you ma’am. It was rather “Woodsy” wasn’t it?

  14. Ya think? Notice when someone dare say they have “it” many people instinctively distance themselves? Or when they hear they go ewwwwww….. At least the guy told her he has it so it’s easier to ditch the bastard because he might never had said anything and they had unprotected sex (I hope she does). I wasn’t so lucky, my guy told me “he would still love me no matter what” when I got it from him which made me believe that *I* had it but not know about it. Hindsight 20/20, he probably had it but you don’t get infected unless the person has a sore and you have unprotected sex with them. Now for many people, I’m “damaged goods” and it’s all my fault… lol

  15. today (oct. 21) is my dad’s and stepmother’s twentyth anniversary. I hope the herpes conversation is way beyond their reach.

  16. UA- I’m really sorry that you’ve met people with such a shitty attitude. I know it’s tough though. I have friends who have herpes and they never know at what point in the relationship to bring that up. They want the other person to get to know them first because if you’re really fond of someone, you’ll try to understand and not let something like that affect the relationship. BUT if you wait too long, the other person might get really angry, too. It’s not easy. And, I didn’t really move away from the guy on the phone. I only recounted it because it was such a weird conversation to overhear in public.

    LoLa – Well happy anniversary dad and stepmom!

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