After lunch with Woodsy the other day, I responded to something she’d said with, “Hmm, you do seem to attracted eccentric people.” She was surprised by this observation and I, in turn, was surprised that she was surprised. Because I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone who has such a collection of eccentrics in her life.

To be clear, I mean “eccentric” in a good way.  The people in her orbit are clever, creative, talented, interesting, quirky, intelligent, marching-to-their-own-drummer, fun type of people.

So then I got to wondering what type of people I attract to my orbit and I think, it would be people who are slightly unbalanced.  That’s not to say everyone I know is this way – not at all. (So don’t get offended everybody who knows me). I know all sorts of different types of people, but if there is one particular type more often represented than any other type, it would be the slightly unbalanced.

That’s not even to say that they’re out-and-out crazy (though I’ve know a few of those, too). No, I’m talking about people (none of whom read this blog…as far as I know) who are just a bit out of kilter to lesser or greater degrees. They appear perfectly okay on the surface, but when you spend a little time with them you realize that there’s something not quite right about them; some synapses that aren’t firing correctly; something a bit off.

So then I start wondering what is there about me that attracts these type of people. And what is it about Woodsy that attracts marvellous eccentrics instead?

I reckon people are partly attracted to people they see something of themselves in – the selves they are and/or the selves they would like to be. And, at the same time, they are attracted to that which complements them; that which may be missing in them or in their lives.

So, while someone eccentric would probably not be attracted to anyone too mainstream, rigid, conservative; they would be attracted to someone more down-to-earth, more grounded than they perhaps are.

And, someone slightly unbalanced would perhaps be looking (consciously or unconsciously) for someone to figuratively smack them upside the head with a little reality check once in a while — so to speak. Right?

Anyway, it’s interesting to think about the types of people who predominantly seem to be drawn to you and what that says about you. Do you attract needy people? Or damaged people? Users and abusers? Fun, happy people? Nurturing people? Bossy people? Shy people? Generous people? Loving people? No people?

And why?