20 responses to “I’m Speechless

  1. I saw the photo and news snippet of this in my newspaper this morning and thought, “That man is just so weird. What on earth was he thinking?!” But the video is actually quite charming! He sang and played pretty well and I smiled throughout the whole thing! (And whomever does his PR should have their salary doubled just for this performance!)

  2. When I saw that video this morning I almost spit my tea across the room … I don’t want to start thinking he has a personality … that might make him a real person to me.

  3. As someone else commented somewhere, it’s amazing how far robotics technology has come.

    I laughed when he sang the line “I get high (with a little help from my friends).”

    – RG>

  4. Violetsky – It’s beyond funny. It’s surreal

    J – I know! What the hell??

    Pinklea – And you know it has to be something PRish considering last year he wouldn’t even attend or let his wife attend this event because he was opposed to these sorts of gala events for the arts.

    Chair – I think he even outscored Obama this week; because and/or despite the fact that Obama appeared on Letterman.

    Mary Lynn – Maddening isn’t it?

    Julia – Bah, one song doesn’t erase everything else that’s come out of his mouth over the years.

    Quack – I don’t think we’re the only ones freaked out and afraid today.

    Grouchy – If his hair had been a little mussed this would totally have rocked, instead of just being a mind-bogglingly fun surprise/

    Susan – Completely. Like I said before – surreal.

  5. But his hair still looks as if he just fetched it out of the freezer.

    Got to give him credit though… smart move by Laureen… plus, Jacko and Iggy can’t do ANYTHING close to this cuz it will look like they were copying Harpo (which they would be).

    The nauseating taste of a ReformCon majority is rising up in the back of my throat.

  6. Mary – I can picture it very well because I see it in the mirror!

    Gabriel – Link away! I just stole it off YouTube, so it’s public domain.

    Jazz – I know, eh? Whatever next?

    Trashee – I had the same thought, if only he’d rocked out his hair a bit… It was a fun bit, but I don’t think it’s going to actually sway people to vote for him, is it? Are people really stupid enough to change their vote based on a Beatles tune?

  7. @XUP. Yes, people are indeed stupid enough. Some marginal voters (esp. female) who were concerned about his lack of emotion and empathy will be swayed by this. He does not need that many to change their opinions… just a few in a few key ridings.

  8. Oh…my…gawd! This is not the kind of clip you want to stumble onto without some kind of…I dunno…preparation. And yet, I am not sure what I could have done to brace myself for this performance. It was like I was driving by a horrific accident. I couldn’t tear my eyes away.

  9. Trashee- Actually, an informal poll asked a bunch of people if this would make them vote for Harper and 30% said yes. We deserve everything we get.

    Daniel & Raino – Where have you people been? This has only been all over every media thingy since early Sunday morning.

  10. i had to look him up, he’s got a great voice. i see he’s conservative but he’s got a gay vibe to him. sometimes folks that lean all the way to one side like that quite possibly could be hiding that.