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In other society news….  Miss Violet Sky  (eldest daughter of the Southern Ontario Skys), undertook a journey to the nation’s capital this weekend past. She was received at the home of XUP where a small wine and cheese affair was arranged in her honour. Other society notables in attendance included the lovely Miss Alison.

Miss Violet was so much more down-to-earth and humorous than one would have expected from her writings and pastel-balloon blog masthead. Neither did she emerge from her carriage in the anticipated diaphanous gown! Not at all! Miss Violet was quite practically attired in clothing that might more commonly be seen on the average citizen.

Welcomes were warm and raucous all around; Miss Violet presented her host with gifts of fruit and baked goods; and the visit got underway.

The next 24 hours saw Miss Violet jet-setting through the best of what the city has to offer.  The Landsdowne’s welcomed her to their outdoor marketplace where staff curried her favour with samplings of their best wares. Miss Violet charmed them all with her winning smile and brief, yet personalized tidbits of conversation.

Miss Violet was then whisked to Parliament to be presented with some of Ottawa’s finest gothic architecture, followed by a tour of Lieutenant-Colonel John By’s marketplace where, after a whirlwind expedition through shoppes, she partook of a large refreshing beverage on a terrace overlooking the square.

A late luncheon was enjoyed by Miss Violet and her entourage at Saigon Boy, in one of the town’s more colourful quartiers. There followed a visit to the famed photographer, Mr. Robin, who was exceedingly gracious in entertaining Miss Violet on his verandah.

As the long day wore on, Miss Violet’s energy, optimism and good cheer never flagged one iota – the sign of a true lady.  Nevertheless, the evening’s itinerary was of a more relaxed, subdued nature and Miss Violet was given the opportunity to retire to her chambers at a reasonable hour.

Miss Violet’s stay in our fair city was, unfortunately of short duration as she was obliged to return to her duties in her own village the very next day. One hopes Miss Violet took some delight in her foray into the heretofore unknown world of never-before-met Ottawa bloggers as they took a considerable amount of pleasure in her company.

Tittle-tattle has it that Miss Violet herself will be presenting a more thorough accounting of her visit, complete with numerous delightful photographs. One certainly looks forward to this.


Meeting new people – especially bloggers one has been following for some time – has so far, for me, always been a very positive experience. I highly recommend coming out from behind your keyboards every so often and giving it a try. You will not like everyone you meet, but if you keep initial visits short and don’t enter into the encounter with a great many expectations, your meetings will, more often than not, be reasonably pleasant.

Bon chance!


16 responses to “From the Society Pages

  1. Hey, Jazz, sleep is over-rated.

    A delightful time was had.
    And so glad we cleared up that little misunderstanding with the lineage – I come from the Skys yes, but not the “vee-o-LET-ski” Skys – they are a rogue branch we don’t discuss.
    And a diaphanous gown was puchased (for those drier southern days).

  2. So Xup, I think that makes us only two degrees of seperated. I beleive VioletSky has met Jazz, who I have met, and now she has met you. Or is that 3 degrees?

    It sounds like you guys had a good time and I hope Miss Violet raised a glass for me.

  3. Just to get in on this party, I have plans to meet the delectable HannahS of Brightest Blue fame and her handsome Hubby tomorrow for brunch here in Vancouver. I say plans, because we emailed each other only very cursory physical descriptions and I’m not even sure she had time to read mine before they left for the airport. So I guess I’ll have to wear pink head-to-toe so she knows who I am!

  4. Jazz – Ya, whatever…Next time, eh?

    Violetsky – Did you real buy one of those diaphanous gowns? They were really lovely. (And yes, the Southern Ontario Skys are so much more charming and sunny than the scowling, schitzo Eastern Ontario Skys.)

    Mary – I didn’t even know you were in the neighbourhood?? Did I? Do I have your email?

    Geewits – Yay! 3 degrees of separation! Where did you meet Jazz? Your name DID come up over the weekend because you’re one of the few people Violetsky and I have in common, blog-wise. I believe it was over that giant pitcher of beer on the terrace of the Irish pub.

    Pinklea – I know!! She mentioned it at the Blog Out Loud. I told her to give you a big hug from me, too. I think she’s also meeting Quack Attack while she’s out there. Do you know her? I’m sure she’ll find you, no problem. Bloggers have a strange way of being able to recognize each other.

  5. When was the last time you saw the Parliament buildings, before Violet’s visit?

    Me, it was 1977. When we lived in Montreal and we visited Ottawa for a day.

    We haven’t been since. Even though our family moved to Ottawa in 1979.

    Funny, how it often takes an out-of-town visitor to make you appreciate your own city.

  6. Friar – I’ve only lived in Ottawa 2 years, so it’s not actually “my” city yet, but I see the Parliament buildings all the time because they’re right downtown and I go by them quite often. I haven’t been inside since we first moved here though. It’s quite a production to do the tour these days with long line-ups and metal detectors (like going through the airport). Very tight security inside; they keep you well herded with your group — if you straggle or try to stray, someone prods you along. It’s not as fun as it used to be. When was the last time you were in downtown Ottawa?

  7. XUP

    I drove THROUGH downtown Ottawa just this past weekend….to go to a BBQ on the Quebec side.

    But to actually spend time downtown…(???). Hmmm. Seriously, I can’t remember. It’s been at least a couple of years.

  8. i love how you wrote this, all fancy like. you are an original and it’s what i love about your blob.

    one of these here days i’m gonna have some fancy cheese and crackers with you!

  9. Friar – WHAT? You were in Ottawa and didn’t even stop by to say hello? Sheesh!

    Geewits – Cool. I don’t even think I knew you back in October of 2007. Looks like you guys had lots of fun. Meeting bloggers can be good sometimes, right?

    Leah – Yup, I’m fancy. I’m so fancy I never serve crackers with cheese — only an assortment of fine breads carefully chosen to pair with the various cheeses.

  10. Lesley – Ooohhhh! Are you coming to Ottawa at last?? Who are you going to visit?? Can you tell? Is it a secret? If it’s Mayopie I’m going to be pea green with envy