Endogenous Opioid Polypeptides


Feelin’ logy and sluggish? Down in the dumps? Feelin’ blue? Afflicted? Burdened? Suffering from specific or non-specific pain? Overeating? Bloated and bulging?

Well, Huzzah! Huzzah! Dr. Pituitary’s Marvelous Miracle Cure will put you right.

Yessireee! One shot of Endorphins will decrease pain, enhance the immune system, release sex hormones, modulate your appetite, give you a feeling of overall well-being and euphoria and keep you young!

Endorphins – they act very much like opiates in the nervous system and are just as addictive!

Where can I get me some of them there Endorphins, you ask?

Exercise is a great producer of Endorphins. You can run, walk, do aerobics, lift weights, dance, play sports or jump off a cliff. You can also get really excited about something, have an orgasm, have a therapeutic massage, meditate or get some acupuncture. Yes, all of these things can trigger the production of wonderful, wonderful endorphins and make you feel like a million bucks.

So there’s no excuse for feelin’ poorly.

I know, I know. When you’re feelin’ poorly the last thing you want to do is exert yourself, but sometimes it’s the best thing for you. Why, just the other day I came home feeling like I was sickening for something. I was not happy. I was a little pissed off. I was tired. All I wanted to do was flake out on the sofa with a big bowl of something.

And I came this [ ] close to doing just that. But then I dragged my sorry ass out the door and to a Zumba class. An hour later I was a new person – revived, energetic, glad to be alive.

I just wanted to share that with ya’ll in case you’d forgotten how nice a surge of Endorphins can feel.


21 responses to “Endogenous Opioid Polypeptides

  1. It’s a shame they can’t put those endorphins in a pill. Or better yet, brew some in my beer. Cuz I ain’t doing no Zumba.

  2. Yeah I used to exercise quite a bit but I figure by now they should have invented a drug to make me feel better.
    This DIY stuff almost always ends up in a bad way.
    The last time I exercised I hurt for like a week afterward.

  3. I haven’t forgotten how a nice surge of endorphins can feel but I think I never knew what Zumba was. Next time I feel a surge of endorphins I will work up the energy to google it.

  4. I was going to take Zumba but my companion in torture..I mean..”cardio class”..had to bow out at the last minute.

    But I do like me some endorphins so maybe I’ll just take the class by myself.

  5. Please tell me that maybe doing housework would release some endorphins? Because, really, I need some kind of reward and inspiration to tackle it.

  6. I drag my sorry ass to the gym every morning at 0545 with the knowledge that I will eventually be thankful for it. Never when I first crawl out of bed, mind you. That’s just ugly. But I love feeling all sparkly and fresh after a good work-out.

    I love Zumba, too. It’s fun and silly and awesome.

  7. I just decided not to go to deep water aerobics and what do I do instead? Read this post! I’m going to get my buns up and take the dogs for a walk. Nice short and engaging post!

  8. When I have an orgasm, I want to sleep like I’ve consumed 14 turkeys and a gallon of warm milk. I don’t think my endorphins are working.

  9. Sorry XUP, I tried to read your full post, but am just too damn lazy to turn the little wheel on my mouse to scroll down…

    Oh, and Zumba? WTF?

  10. Me loves Zumba! I had no idea that there were classes!? Where? How much? When? I have the DVD’s but don’t really want to do it in my tiny space in front of the tv in the basement and it’s carpeted. I’d much rather go out and share the fun with people. Please tell!

  11. Instead of excercising, mabye I can jab a fork under my fingernails.

    I’m sure THAT’LL produce some endorphins.

  12. Tom – Well, I’m sure beer will produce a similarly euphoric state for you.
    Bandobras – There are lots of drugs to make you feel better. Just go to your doc and tell him you want to feel better. I’m sure he’ll be happy to prescribe things for you. Or, failing that, alchohol and/or certain street drugs are also beneficial.

    Geewits – Zumba’s great – just make sure you get a class with people your own age and level because there’s nothing more depressing than going to a fitness class of any kind with a bunch of over-caffeinated young hard-bodies in spandex.
    Leah – A natural high! It really is amazing what a little exercise after a tough day can do for you.
    Charlene – Zumba is the latest latin dance fitness craze. You do lots of latin dance moves, combined with a few of the standard aerobic moves to some hot sizzling latin music.

    Hannah – I’m sure you won’t be by yourself once you get there, right? So go – it’s so much more fun than the usual flailing around the aerobic studio.

    Ellie – I like to alternate. Zumba one day, wine the next. That way I have all my bases covered.
    Alison – As long as you do it vigorously enough. Vacuuming must produce endorphins, but then again it also causes me a lot of stress, so maybe they cancel each other out. Maybe if you do housework with some latin music playing loudly in the background and adjust your pace and movements accordingly? (PS: Cleanliness is its own reward)
    Jazz – See my response to Charlene. It’s a fun dancey, latin way to get some aerobic activity.
    Susan – I know that early morning feeling. On the days I run, I force myself up early when staying in bed and sleeping an extra hour seems like the best thing in the world. But by the time I get back and showered, going for that run seemed like the best idea in the world.
    LoLa – Ya, I’ve been posting a lot of long crap lately. I think I’ll do a few short ones to make up for it. Now go to your aerobics class. GO!

    Mayopie – You should probably stop having orgasms right away. Without endorphins there’s no telling what could happen to your body (and your testicles) when you reach states of heightened excitement and/or physical activity. I’m astonished that you’ve survived this long.

    Trashee – Har har! Re: Zumba – see my response to Charlene.
    Stephanie – There are classes all over the place. Where do you live? Poor you doing Zumba all alone with the TV. It’s like 1,000 times better with a whole class and/or with a hot instructor.

    Friar – That might work. I’m sure sitting in a boat on a quiet lake fishing counts as meditation or something equally mind-focusing releases endorphins. I know you must feel a sense of euphoria at times like that? So, gosh darn-it – put away those forks

  13. I’m in Bells Corners. I guess maybe something with some community centre *might* have something like it but I doubt it…

  14. @XUP

    Good point…you can’t match the endorphin rush when there’s a huge pike on the end of your line, making a run for it…

    I’ll put away the cutlery, and focus on my angling.

  15. Stephanie – Our community centre has a Zumba class. It’s not very good, but it has to be better than a DVD. I’m sure if you google it you can find a class near you. It’s pretty popular.

    Friar – Go fish.