Have You Seen Peppy?

Most awesome photo blogger, Robin, has a newish cat Peppy, who has wandered away from central command (click here for details and photo). If you’re in the Centertown area of Ottawa, please keep your eyes peeled.



10 responses to “Have You Seen Peppy?

  1. I am witrh Jazz, except, well, in Minnesota. I would be willing to drive up to the border to meet him.

  2. I’ve heard of cat naps but who knew there were so many catnappers.
    If Peppy comes down here for strawberries or something I’ll bring him back.

  3. Jazz – I know! Isn’t he the cutest thing ever? And, I understand he’s very peppy.

    Missy – Aw, Robin and his other cat, Clint Eastwood, would really miss Peppy.

    Bandobras – Strawberries! I went to the market to get some yesterday and they were SIX bucks for a PINT!!! Don’t you dare feed any of those to a cat.

    Dr. Monkey – Thanks Dr. M. I understand there’s been a huge migration of Ottawa cats to Tennesee.

    J. Thanks

  4. OH CRAP. These kinds of things just kill me. I would be out of my mind if this happened with my cat. Go home, Peppy!! Oh wow. What a lovely cat, too. Points for you for providing this excellent service!!

  5. Lesley – I’m starting a new “lost animals” blog sideline. So far my record is pretty dismal. One Wallaby: died before he could be recovered. One Nova Scotia toller dog stayed missing for almost a month before someone totally unrelated to the blog found him. One adorable cat: still missing.