Be There or Be Square, Daddy-O

The charming Lynn, of Diary of a Turtlehead, fame has been furiously working behind the scenes to organize the first ever Ottawa Bloggers BLOG OUT LOUD event.

It’s an opportunity for Ottawa bloggers to get together in a local coffee house and read some of their favourite blog posts to each other. We’ll all be wearing black form-fitting turtleneck sweaters, black skinny jeans and black berets. We’ll be smoking French cigarettes in long cigarette holders and I’m sure someone will be playing the bongos. We’ll be snapping our fingers a lot.


Okay, I totally made up those last 3 sentences. But I am supposed to read something from my blog. I was going to read my blogroll, but that wasn’t approved by management. I have some things in mind, but I’m not 100% sure.  Maybe you could help??

Here are a few that I sort of like, but I’m open to suggestions if for some reason there’s a post that stuck in your craw mind. Or maybe I could do something new and I’d welcome ideas for that, too.

 Immortality: The 12-Step Program

5 Mysteries of the Universe Explained

 How to be Cool Over 40

 Avoiding the Doolallies of Living Alone

How to be Cool While Dying of the Rhinovirus

Thanks and have a splendid weekend!


Blog Out Loud: Thursday, July 23, from 7-10 p.m., at the Raw Sugar Café on Somerset. Contact: or check out the BOL link above if you want to participate or just hang out.


24 responses to “Be There or Be Square, Daddy-O

  1. I vote for the “Avoiding the Doolallies of Living Alone” post. And not (just) because it feels like you wrote it about me long before you ever knew me. (Alas, it’s really too late for me to avoid many of the pitfalls of living alone as explained in that post, but if you can prevent just one other person from falling prey to the allure of hoarding and eating 7-11 junk food for supper, you’ll have done a good deed.)

  2. there was also the one about the scary story your mom told when you were little – a german fairy tale or something? and then you did further research on the scary dude. that was a very good read.

  3. If you’re going with one of the five, do the living alone one. If not, a few months ago you did something about what you hate about different age groups. That was hilarious.

  4. And I see Zoom and Meanie are with me on that one. Oh yeah, as Meanie noted, there’s that one about Rasputin. Instant classic.

  5. I’m on XUP overdose as I’ve been reading through your posts. I’m ditto Jazz: Living alone or the different age groups. I liked Rasputin and, as you know, I also liked the spinster post, but I think the ones that will play best out loud would be the posts you did about things that bother you about certain age groups. Especially that first one.

  6. Being a word junkie I particularly like the suffix affliction one, but cool over 40 is good as well as the annoying things about age groups. One was the funniest but I couldn’t find them to tell you which one.

  7. Louise – Are you going to come this time? It will be ever so coooool, man.

    Zoom – I don’t think she’ll let me read them all. I’ll have to pick one.

    Meanie – Really? Rasputin? Funny I thought everyone pretty much ignored that one. Hmmm

    J. – Seems to be the front runner so far.

    Grouchy – The ones with lots of comments aren’t necessarily the ones that would be best for reading out loud. I’ll have to try them and see.

    Jen – And that one has the added advantage of being quoted once by a random stranger near a Subway store (I overheard it in passing).

    Amy – Welcome. Are you a local blogger? Will you be coming to the Blog Out Loud event?

    Jazz – Interesting thing about that age groups thing was that I got some heck along the way about some of those.

    Lola – Oh dear. I deliberately posted this on a Friday so you could pace yourself over the weekend

    Geewits – I think I liked the first one of the age groups best because at that point I never intended to do the rest of the age groups.

    Julia – I’m totally in with the finger snapping and if I can get hold of a pair of bongos I’ll accompany myself and anyone else who would like some bongo emphasis for their reading.

  8. Oh man, this was a tough pick. My favourite is “How to be cool over 40” followed by “How to be cool when you have a cold.” I seem to be in the minority, though!

    My overall favourite is still your one about Eddie, though. I’d pick that one.

    I’d also recommend reading them out loud — that’s how I picked mine, it was obvious when I was saying them which one was going to have the best flow. It sure feels weird to say it out loud, though. I need to practice a couple more times before the event so I don’t freak out!

    Thanks so much for mentioning the event in your blog, I really appreciate it :).

  9. I was thinking that the blog thing was in June and I wasn’t going to be able to go because I have a series of conference calls that week. But now I see that it’s in July so I might just go. I don’t have a black turtleneck — would black clothing of some kind be adequate? That I can do.

  10. Sounds like fun – would be great to meet some local bloggers, and know that we actually do get away from the ‘puter every once in awhile!

  11. Dammit, I fly back to Scotland the week before! Mind you, I was all keen on the idea until you mentioned skinny jeans (shudder). I too would like to propose “Avoiding the doolallies…..” since the “Toast Opus” didn’t make the cut…..

  12. Lynn – I’ll mention the event and stuff again a few times as we get closer to the day. You could send out PSAs to various bloggers to post on their blog once a week or something! Anyway, yes, I think I’ll take your advice and practice a couple the comments have suggested as well as “Eddie”. I’ll let you know in plenty of time.

    Violetsky – It’s called Bedtime Stories for the Stout-Hearted. And don’t worry. We’ll organize another event just for you if and when you ever come to Ottawa

    Louise – Anything you want to wear will be just fine, I’m sure. I was just kidding about the black turtleneck. It’ll be the middle of July, so I hope we won’t be needing sweaters by then. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

    Ian – Yay! Bring t-shirts! And you can read your blog all about when and how you decided to start the company and use the t-shirts as visual aids!

    Loth – Do you mean to say you would actually come to Ottawa to the event if you were still in Canada? Because if that’s what you’re saying, I’m pretty sure Alison and I can arrange an event for you if you want to come visit. Maybe a toast-tasting? We HAVE invited you several times before. And you won’t have to wear skinny jeans because it should be sweltering hot by then.

  13. I knew you were kidding about the turtlenecks (I knew I should have winky-enhanced the comment). 😉 But, still, it would have looked awfully funny to see a bunch of bloggers decked out in their grooviest beatnik chic.

  14. XUP – I’m hoping to be there. I’m in Gatineau which, as you know, is basically local. I have to check with Lynn to make sure the venue is baby-friendly or somehow entice my hubby to agree to our 5 month old staying home (which will freak him out).

  15. Throwing my late vote in here for ‘Avoiding the Doolallies of Living Alone’ simply because I love the word ‘doolally.’

    Will someone be filming these Ottawan masterpieces? And, then slapping them up on Youtube for all us non-Ottawans? Yes, please? I’m sure everyone wants to see XUP in action. Personally, I just want to hear you say ‘doolallies.’