Be There or Be Square, Daddy-O

The charming Lynn, of Diary of a Turtlehead, fame has been furiously working behind the scenes to organize the first ever Ottawa Bloggers BLOG OUT LOUD event.

It’s an opportunity for Ottawa bloggers to get together in a local coffee house and read some of their favourite blog posts to each other. We’ll all be wearing black form-fitting turtleneck sweaters, black skinny jeans and black berets. We’ll be smoking French cigarettes in long cigarette holders and I’m sure someone will be playing the bongos. We’ll be snapping our fingers a lot.


Okay, I totally made up those last 3 sentences. But I am supposed to read something from my blog. I was going to read my blogroll, but that wasn’t approved by management. I have some things in mind, but I’m not 100% sure.  Maybe you could help??

Here are a few that I sort of like, but I’m open to suggestions if for some reason there’s a post that stuck in your craw mind. Or maybe I could do something new and I’d welcome ideas for that, too.

 Immortality: The 12-Step Program

5 Mysteries of the Universe Explained

 How to be Cool Over 40

 Avoiding the Doolallies of Living Alone

How to be Cool While Dying of the Rhinovirus

Thanks and have a splendid weekend!


Blog Out Loud: Thursday, July 23, from 7-10 p.m., at the Raw Sugar Café on Somerset. Contact: or check out the BOL link above if you want to participate or just hang out.