Vive L’Entrepreneurial Spirit!

A lot of people have lost their jobs recently. Some find other jobs. Some go back to school to retrain. Some pound the pavement looking for employment. Some take the opportunity to do something completely different and start their own businesses.

It’s not easy, but it’s almost always worth the gamble, no matter how it turns out. Fellow local blogger and frequent commenter on this blog, Mare ad Mare,   is about to wade through the joys and challenges of self-employment.

Having recently moved himself, his wife and his 3 girls back to Canada after 8 years in the US and Germany he suddenly found himself out of work. So, as he tells it:

I’ve always wanted to own and operate my own business, and recently I’ve been wanting to try something a little different than the IT world that I’ve worked in my whole life. I’ve also wanted to expand on my comfort zone…

And he came up with a clothing company marketing to and for Canadian girls. He’s started with 5 ultra Canadian t-shirts and will be expanding as the business becomes ready to expand. To begin with he’s selling on everyone’s favourite shop, etsy.  The brand is also called Mare ad Mare  (from sea to sea) which is part of Canada’s official motto

This is my favourite of the t-shirts and one I’m sure the effervescent Woodsy is going to put an order for in tout de suite.










It says, Donnez-moi un petiti baiser  (Gimme a little kiss) and features a fluttering butterfly. (And could the model be any more adorable?)

Mare ad Mare’s wife, Sara, is also an etsy crafter with her beautifully unique stationery at piggy-tails stationery shop.

I love the whole idea of cottage industries and working for yourself and making lemonade when life hands you lemons and all that other little-guy-living-his-dream stuff. Which is why I’ve devoted a whole post to this.

I’m not getting any kick-backs or freebies and they didn’t even ask me to mention them or anything. I’m just doing it because I know a lot of the people who read this blog have young girls who need t-shirts and whose little girls have little girl friends who also need t-shirts.  And there’s a family out there who has designed and created these totally cool t-shirts and is trying to start a little business and I wanted to give them a little bloggy love and show them a little support. And maybe, just maybe,  you’ll think about getting your next t-shirt from Mare ad Mare?

23 responses to “Vive L’Entrepreneurial Spirit!

  1. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, and it is not an easy thing to do to quit the security of knowing you’ll have a paycheck to cover all your expenses and make ends meet (especially when your family depends on you). Nevertheless, being your own boss comes with great rewards, and despite all the hard work and long hours that are sometimes necessary to make it all work, in the end it is worth it. Great for them! And congrats for supporting such a nice initiative.

  2. Sorry, no young girls here but I applaud Mare ad Mare and wish he and his wife well in their endeavour. I also applaud you for caring enough to post about them and blog promoting them.

  3. I absolutely will — we are their perfect target market. I’ve made them into a favourite seller on Etsy so I won’t forget!

  4. Wow.. thanks so much for the wonderful shout out!

    And I completely agree… the model sure doesn’t get much cuter..:)

  5. The shirts look great! I do not have any girls, but I will pass the word along. I’m a huge supporter of small business. Let’s all stick it to the man! (I’ve been waiting and waiting for a reason to use that line. I feel better now.)

  6. He needs to make appoints to see senior apparel buyers at the big stores like Macy’s and then take food. I used to work at a corporate retail office and buyers are all suckers for a good snack spread.

  7. Guillermo- Excellent! Thank you. Keep passing the bloggy love along.

    Jazz- They ARE pretty cool, eh? Good for sending away as momentos of Canada, too — especially the winter one.

    DavidHimself – You’re so right. The most challenging things in life can also turn out to be the most rewarding in the end. I’m sure he’s not expecting to get rich overnight or even to support his entire family until the business really gets going.

    LGS – You must know some girls? Wouldn’t they love such a beautiful souvenir of Canada?

    Lynn – You ARE the perfect market. Tell your friends. And they’ll be branching out soon into other items as well and before you know may even be available in stores.

    Elliott – Yup. And she told 2 friends; and they told 2 friends; and so on and so on.

    Sara – You’re very welcome. I hope the business really takes off until Roots comes along and demands sole distributership! (for loads of cash, of course)

    Maven – Ya! Stickin’ it to the man! Keep the man stickin’ in mind next time you’re looking for a little something for a friend’s girl or a niece or whenever you decide that you’d like to have a little girl and grow out your youngest son’s hair and dress him like a girl.

    Alison – Your little darlings will be the talk of Carp.

    Geewits – Are you listening Mare ad Mare?? That would be cool. You never know with whom these items are going to strike a chord that will make all the difference, right? (PS to Mare – bring Beaver Tails)

  8. I bought a couple of Tees for Hana today. I especially love the one with the marshmallows, but I also got the Fall design, too. Thanks for mentioning them!

  9. Still picking my jaw up off of the floor at the great write-up. Can’t thank you enough! And thanks to all for the great comments! I will continue to update my blog with stories of our Canadian girls and their adventures, and some info about how I’m doing with the biz – hopefully more than a few of them 😉

  10. Oh sure now you’re a shill for corporate Canada. I expect soon you’ll be running for mayor and letting the buses sit all winter cause that’ll save money, while you travel by limo

  11. Mary Lynn – Great! I’m sure they’ll love them.

    Olivia – Kewl indeed.

    Ian – Like I said, I love it when people opt out of the rat-race and spend their days in a more personal and family-centered way doing something they love.

    Charlene – Me too!

    Elliot – Thanks

    Bandobras – “Corporate”???? Not even close. Just a guy and his small family making t-shirts for now. Go buy some for all those little girls you’re always stalking

  12. Great idea!! I wish them the best of luck!!

    I know, through all this I think that we are one of the few people who would love to get laid off…with a package of course. That would totally get our arses back to Canada!!!

  13. Just to clarify – there was no ‘opting-out’ or ‘severance packages’ to speak of… dumped on the side, no golden parachutes, no vacation pay and I can’t even collect EI/UI…

    I’m doing this for a few reasons:
    1. maybe start getting some cash flow again
    2. learn a few things
    3. spend time with my kids, and maybe they learn a few things
    4. have some fun

    Just a small family project.

    Thanks all for the comments, and thanks again XUP for the post!