Vive L’Entrepreneurial Spirit!

A lot of people have lost their jobs recently. Some find other jobs. Some go back to school to retrain. Some pound the pavement looking for employment. Some take the opportunity to do something completely different and start their own businesses.

It’s not easy, but it’s almost always worth the gamble, no matter how it turns out. Fellow local blogger and frequent commenter on this blog, Mare ad Mare,   is about to wade through the joys and challenges of self-employment.

Having recently moved himself, his wife and his 3 girls back to Canada after 8 years in the US and Germany he suddenly found himself out of work. So, as he tells it:

I’ve always wanted to own and operate my own business, and recently I’ve been wanting to try something a little different than the IT world that I’ve worked in my whole life. I’ve also wanted to expand on my comfort zone…

And he came up with a clothing company marketing to and for Canadian girls. He’s started with 5 ultra Canadian t-shirts and will be expanding as the business becomes ready to expand. To begin with he’s selling on everyone’s favourite shop, etsy.  The brand is also called Mare ad Mare  (from sea to sea) which is part of Canada’s official motto

This is my favourite of the t-shirts and one I’m sure the effervescent Woodsy is going to put an order for in tout de suite.










It says, Donnez-moi un petiti baiser  (Gimme a little kiss) and features a fluttering butterfly. (And could the model be any more adorable?)

Mare ad Mare’s wife, Sara, is also an etsy crafter with her beautifully unique stationery at piggy-tails stationery shop.

I love the whole idea of cottage industries and working for yourself and making lemonade when life hands you lemons and all that other little-guy-living-his-dream stuff. Which is why I’ve devoted a whole post to this.

I’m not getting any kick-backs or freebies and they didn’t even ask me to mention them or anything. I’m just doing it because I know a lot of the people who read this blog have young girls who need t-shirts and whose little girls have little girl friends who also need t-shirts.  And there’s a family out there who has designed and created these totally cool t-shirts and is trying to start a little business and I wanted to give them a little bloggy love and show them a little support. And maybe, just maybe,  you’ll think about getting your next t-shirt from Mare ad Mare?