Funiculi! Funicula!

I posted Funiculi! Funicula! as my Facebook status the other day because I woke up with the song in my head. Then Linsey posted a video of Andrea Bocelli singing it, which was wonderful. What made it even more wonderful was that that video linked to this one.   I can’t get enough of it.  I defy anyone not to be uplifted by this little clip. (Turn down the volume if you’re at work, it’s quite loud.)

Altogether now:

Jammo! Jammo!  Jammo, jammo jà!

Jammo! Jammo!  Jammo, jammo jà!

Funiculì, Funiculà!

(Loosely translated as, Let’s go, Let’s go. Let’s go on, go on. Let’s go, Let’s go. Let’s go on, go on – the funiculi, funicula…)

I just love how enthusiastic the audience is over what is essentially opera. I love the kids singing their hearts out. I love the bald, gravelly-voiced guy. I love Pavarotti.  And I love the wacky juxtaposition of the crazy-haired chick & gravelly-voiced guy (Danes singing Italian) and Pavarotti.

The song was ritten by an Italian journalist and set to music by Italian composer Luigi Denza in 1880. It was composed to commemorate the opening of the first funicular railway on Mount Vesuvius. Unfortunately, the funiculi/funicula  was wiped out by the eruption of 1944.

What’s a funicular railway, you ask?


The forerunner of the modern-day ski-lift!


On a completely unrelated topic, our bloggy friend, the Deep Friar’s sister has lost her dog. He could be anywhere in Kanata/Ottawa. So if you see this lovely Nova Scotia Duck Toller let the Friar know or call the numbers on this kijiji link. The dog’s name is Tipper.




21 responses to “Funiculi! Funicula!

  1. I loved that performance!! There is nothing like kids belting out songs, and with Pavarotti no less. Thanks XUP!

  2. Thanks so much for posting this…! I really appreciate it.

    Hopefully someone from your Ottawa crowd will spot her or she’ll turn up somewhere.

    Even though she’s my sister’s dog, our whole family is devastated.

    It’s amazing how these pets of ours place such an important role in our lives.

    Let’s hope for the best.

  3. That was wonderful XUP. I like that song too … it’s so catchy. And you’re right – what a trip seeing the crowd so enthusiastic.

    Friar — so sorry about your sister’s lost love. I’m keeping my eye out!

  4. Alison – See? I’ve been playing it over and over at home and it’s driving my kid nuts. Another bonus!

    Anonymous – You’re welcome.

    Friar – I hope so, too. Poor baby. (not you – the dog)

    Olivia – I know, eh? That audience jumping around and waving – you’d never see an opera crowd in this part of the world doing that.

    Jazz – Silly Tipper.

  5. My sympathy to Tipper’s parents for his sudden disappearance, I’ll keep an eye out! (Maybe Selena will find him, she’s got a good nose on her)

  6. Finiculi, Finicula! That’s what the hell he’s saying. Thank you for clearing that up. One of life’s little mysteries finally solved. Thank you. It almost makes up for the sadness of the lost dog. Actually, it really doesn’t. That’s really sad.

  7. Oops. Spelled it wrong. Well, it’s italian so I won’t beat myself up. At least I think it’s Italian. It’s not Canadian, is it?

  8. Bandobras – That’s the beauty of the thing — it’s ALL good!!

    Lola- She’s been missing since Friday. I’m thinking someone found her and fell madly in love with her and decided to keep her. But now that the word is spreading, they’ll have to give her back.

    Hannah – Good girl, Selena — go find Tipper…go on..where’s Tipper, Selena?

    Mayopie – Eventually everthing’s Canadian. And, ya the family is devastated. Those damn critters sure do worm their way into the very fibre of your being, don’t they? (PS: the dog’s Canadian, too)

  9. Actually it is also referring to going up & down the mountain in that apparatus, too, we have been told by a native speaker. He said it also means, “up the mountain! down the mountain!”

    I picture a bunch of cartoon people cheerfully & forcefully racing up & down the mountain in their little apparatus whenever I hear this song.

    I hope the doggie is found. Our Holly is a duck toller, too. Boy do they grow on you. I’m so glad ours is not a wanderer. Once she got out of the fence in back & walked around the house & sat on the front porch to wait for us. We had a wanderer once & she eventually broke our hearts.

  10. i am completely down with opera, and this is very cool.

    i hope the dog makes it back home, that’s a bad feeling when the animals are running loose.

  11. What an upper!!!! This is wonderful. It really cheered me up today. Really uplifting.
    I have awarded you a prize you can pick up in my blog if you feel like it. You can keep it, and award it to 10 other blogs – or you can ignore it. I know the net is full of these thingies – but it’s the first one I get and I have awarded it to blogs I honestly enjoy.

  12. Jobthingy – I know!! And what makes it even hotter is that she’s Danish and she’s singing in Italian.

    Wendy – Thanks. I haven’t heard any news at all about the dog. It’s not like it’s a tiny thing that might have gotten eaten by coyotes or anything. Where could she be?

    Kimberly – It’s the best thing ever on YouTube in my opinion.

    Leah – It’s very mysterious. And ya, opera can be awesome.

    Alison – Excellent. That’s what we need – many eyes.

    Patsy – Thanks woman! It really is an amazing video, isn’t it?

  13. Man. I want to feel THAT good. Everyone in that arena felt amazing…you can just see it. From the performers to the audience. I can’t remember the last time I felt that way. That WAS pretty excellent. I watched it a couple times and got the chills.

    Poor doggy. That’s awful! I hope she finds him soon. Way to juxtaposition the uplifting with the heartbreaking. I was up! Then I was down. Sigh.

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