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  1. Was this released too early for consideration for the 2010 Oscars? I totally smell a best director nod for XUP Jr.

    It was hilarious!! What’s that saying about ‘sharper than a serpent’s tooth’? I think she scored some points on you, Mum.

    Leah was bored last Sunday, and inspired by your movies, I showed her how to make one (actually two). Maybe I should post them.

  2. Bravo! That was fantastic – I laughed! I cried!

    And I noticed that the only thing you both seem to agree on is that every conversation ends with you having a drink. 😉

  3. I think you 2 need to get a distribution deal set up and then you can do a double dip appearing on Oprah and Dr Phil.
    I see fame and fortune in the offing.
    It isn;t often one gets to see real true to life cinema like this.

  4. Priceless: “I have had a very difficult day sitting in my government office waiting for someone to return a telephone call.”


  5. Alison – Oh yes, please, post your kids’ videos. These things are spreading all over the blogosphere and they’re always fun. And yes, my daughter does seem to have a sarcastic streak in her somewhere. (Must be from her father’s side).

    Zoom – A real “tour de force”, right? I think the drink thing is the underlying theme that binds the series together as a whole. The drink symbolizes life and death, human anguish and pain; joy and celebration – a life seen through the hazy spectacle of tempered glass.

    Bandobras – Sorry, I’ve made a vow that no matter how famous I get or how easily Oprah could make me soar to fame and fortune with one word from her glossy, expensive lips, I will NEVER appear on her show. Even if she threatens to smite me. It’s a vow. You’ll see.

    Gordon – I don’t know where she gets the idea that I don’t do anything all day. She WAS at bring-your-kids-to-work day last year, so of course I didn’t get much done that day and now she has an idea that that’s the extent of my job.

  6. Jobthingy – Yup, she’s got me pegged

    Louise – That’s what Friday’s are for, I guess

    Dr. Monkey –THANK YOU!! Everyone else seems to think children mocking their parents is amusing.

    Jazz – It might be your firewall. I can’t see it at work either. Could you see the other ones?

    Laura – Maybe you can get the dogs to do one??

  7. BRAVO!
    Move over, Spielberg, XUP Jr. has arrived. Rub her feet and get her a drink, you washed-up has-been.

  8. Bob – Is Spielberg your barometer for all cinema?

    Alison – Give her time. Once she realizes the minefield of potential in the parental unit.

    Stella – Let’s try not to encourage her too enthusiastically.

    Geewits – Thanks Siskel & Geewits

    Bandobras – We’ll wave to you all from Cannes next year

  9. I notice that you’ve both changed your hairstyle and attire for this cinematic feat of excellence. And are the glasses for real or for show? I have to say that I miss your bikini top and leopard mini. but I guess XUP Junior doesn’t.

  10. Pinklea – Ya, she didn’t like the lego people so much. And I don’t know where the glasses or the geeky attire came from. I suspect it’s all for show — to make her look meek and humble and to make me look mean and strident.

    Charlene – Don’t tell me there are two specks of dust at your house, too? What’s the world coming to?

    Cedar – She’s a ham, isn’t she? As if I would ever hurt her while I’m still in my work clothes.

  11. Nat – Really, people have no idea how hard we have to work to keep this country functioning.

    Friar – I don’t know. I gave her a British accent to emphasize her hoity-toity attitude. I think she did it because everything sounds funnier with a British accent.

    Jo – It’s always good when we can wrench some entertainment value out of our kids, isn’t it?

  12. @XUP

    Would be funny to see two cartoons done side-by-side, one from your point of view, and one from your daughters !

    (Or will that just stir up the pot more?) 😉

  13. Friar – It will surprise you to learn that creating movies for my blog is not anywhere close to the top of my daughter’s list of priorities. She only did this one because it was a novelty and she was bored one evening and I bribed her. She hasn’t even been interested enough to read any of the comments. So I don’t think we’ll be seeing anymore videos from her. I’m not even sure if I want to do any more. Three is a good number for a series. Any more than that and we start to get into the Rocky VIII syndrome.

    Violetsky – Thank you for being so persistent! I don’t know why it doesn’t work for some people. I can’t see it from work either because of our firewall.

  14. Maven – Oh ya!! mine, too actually. Now that she has officially contributed to the blog, she’ll be expecting to come to the next breakfast!

  15. Violetsky – I know, eh? Kids these days. I think she just can’t imagine that I, or anyone I know, could have anything remotely interesting to say.

  16. I had no problem seeing the others, and I could see it now no problem. All I can say is: The fruit obviously doesn’t fall far from the tree does it?

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