The XUPs Go Shopping

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24 responses to “The XUPs Go Shopping

  1. Zoom – An excellent idea! I will get her to work on it the very next time I see her.

    Grouchy – I was home, so a certain amount of consumption did occur.

    CP – Isn’t that really what we all wish for our children, if we’re being totally honest?

    Geewits – I’m looking forward to yours whenever you decide to do one.I’m sure it will be a laugh riot.

    Linsey – Gratzie!

    This is bound to be the most compelling series ever. I have two thumbs up, eagerly awaiting the sequel.
    The actress portraying XUP Jr. is truly gifted, as evident in the exchange about becoming ill.
    Compared to this latest production, anything done by Spielberg is third-rate trash.

  3. Robin – I’m glad. They’re fun to do.

    Pinklea – Someone should take the initiative to write these things down in a manual format to save all the parents who come after us a lot of head-shaking and hair-tearing.

    Laura – Thanks, but really it’s the stupid characters and their robotic voices that actually make it funny. If this was a real movie with actual actors, you would have walked out.

    Bob – Your enthusiasm, while dumbfounding, is much appreciated. If someone offers you a new job as a movie critic, maybe you shouldn’t take it. Oh, you have the patter down pretty good… it’s just the judgment I question.

  4. Medicinal wine!? Is there any other kind?

    XUP junior could take fashion lessons from her mother. That is one cool leopard mini-skirt, not to mention the bra and tie!

  5. Heidilou – Thanks

    Jo – I know. I’m thinking of becoming a middle-aged fashion maven.

    Lost – I think she’ll be able to pull something together for next weekend. Stay tuned.

    Loth – Indeed. Poor you. No reason for drinking.

  6. Since when is judgment a requirement to be a movie critic? Have you ever agreed with a movie critic? Have you ever really read the garbage that the likes of that snivelling little creepy bag of pompous verbosity Geoff Pevere wrote? Did Siskel and Ebert not creep you out?

  7. Bob – Good point. I’m not sure if I’ve ever agreed with a movie critic; I don’t pay much attention to them. I certainly don’t harbour the same level of animosity toward them as you do though. Some traumatic movie critic incident in your childhood??

    Jazz – You’re insatiable.

    Olivia – Me either!!

  8. you know that you have damned yourself to doing this weekly for us right?

    and i agree that xup jr should do one.

    (Speedy came in and asked why i was watching those legos again)