Holy Rollers to the Left of Me, Holy Rollers to the Right…

And while we’re all het up about the Pope, the gang at work was trying to figure out where to go for lunch on Friday. Someone suggested we try the new place on Preston, Green Earth.


We’d been watching the “coming soon” signs and had been looking forward to trying this new vegetarian eatery. Then it was recommended by Hannah last week. That pretty much clinched it, but I always like to do a little research myself, so off I went to Google.

Imagine my shock and awe when I found out this restaurant was part of multi-national corporation/cult owned by someone called The Supreme Master.

I know, you think I’m making this up, but I’m not. The restaurant has two television screens tuned into Supreme Master Television all day long. The Supreme Master’s art work lines the walls.


The Supreme Master is a hard-assed Asian hottie named Ching Hai, who is “God’s Direct Contact” and head practitioner of the Quan Yin Method


See how she radiates light?

Along with being a spiritual leader and restaurateur, she’s also an entrepreneur, media mogul, artist, fashionista, “celestial” jewellery designer and multi-millionaire.

Oh ya, so the Quan Yin Method, of which the Supreme Master is supreme master, involves a lot of weird metaphysical stuff, meditation and being a vegetarian. How Ottawa quietly ended up with one of these green earth restaurants when a simple atheist bus ad[1] sends us into convulsions, I’ll never know.

Anyway, much as I love a good vegetarian feed, (and the food is reputed to be pretty good),; and, much as I admire real go-getters like Ching, I’m not sure I want to support anyone who thinks they’re a supreme master of anything.

Am I being too picky?

Also, I’m pretty sure they don’t have a liquor license.

[1] After months of debate and public discussion, city council were finally forced by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to allow an ad to appear in city buses which read: There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”


42 responses to “Holy Rollers to the Left of Me, Holy Rollers to the Right…

  1. Ha! I noticed the strange stuff being shown on the televisions in that place, but couldn’t understand what they were saying, so I thought “meh”! That is crazy! I should point that out to the guy from the veggie group who organized our dinner there.

    Anyways, I don’t think you should avoid the place because of the “supreme master”. I guarantee you’ve dined in places owned by other very strange people with very strange ideas.

  2. Does little stevie know there is another supreme master in Ottawa.
    I can see nothing but trouble coming from this.
    Either that or supreme coupling and then the breeding of an entire race of supreme beings to lead us to the light.

  3. Wierded out here. The photo looks just like another restaurant on Preston that I used to visit. Sans ethereal messages. Too bad. I guess it’s back to the Hungry Planet for me.

  4. She looks very…..supreme in that outfit. Well maybe she just needs Diana Ross and another back-up singer. And seriously, you’d think the Supreme Master could colour better candles than that. Rachel could colour better candles than that.

    Oh, and driving by a Catholic church this a.m. I saw this sign: “There is a God, now feel comforted and enjoy your life.”

  5. Okay, well she clearly isn’t the Supreme Master of ART PROJECTS.

    I don’t think you’re being too picky at all. You’d basically be giving your money to an organization your don’t believe in. (CULT-ISH organization.) Plus? Shoving her Supreme TV Programming down your throat when you’re trying to enjoy your meal? That’s just annoying. And no liquor license? That’s just the final nail in the coffin!

  6. I should also mention that we went when the place was jam packed, noisy and I was tired. So I have valid excuses for missing the weird cult stuff that was right under my nose! LOL

  7. Hannah – You were being secretly indoctrinated with Supreme Masterliness while you enjoyed your innocuous looking tofu!! You’re probably right about not avoiding it, but stuff like this makes me squirm and there ARE plenty of other fine veggie options in the city. I think the cultish stuff is insidious rather than blatant – like the Sri Chimnoy places. (they give me the willies, too)

    Bandobras – I’m sure they’re in cahoots, One of those master/master relationships – lots of funny hats, chains, whips. Remember, you heard it here first.

    SkyGirl – Seriously. Go look it up. It’s not that outlandish because there are those Sri Chimnoy restaurants all over the place (2 in Ottawa: the Perfection Satisfaction Promise on Laurier and Peace Garden in the market) They’re pretty in-you-face about their guru and his art and books and stuff – no TVs though.

    Jobthingy – Ya, that’s 3 holy roller restaurants in the city so far (see note to Skygirl). Whaddup with that?

    Mary G – Maybe it’s the same place only renovated. This Green Earth thing is pretty new. We also have Green Door which is awesome and The Table (and the 2 Sri Chimnoy restaurants I mentioned to SkyGirl) I guess maybe they think veggies are ripe for cult plucking or something?

    Alison – Ya, I’m thinking she doesn’t churn out this “art” all on her own. I’m sure she has some helper monkeys in her employ as well. I heard that the godly were fighting back with anti-atheist ads of their own.

    Bob – No kidding. What’s a Friday lunch without a glass or two of inebriating supremacy, eh?

    Julia – Ya, that’s what I thought. Although I heard the service is slow enough that your order of guava juice could potentially ferment by the time it reaches your table.

    Lesley – I understand Her Supreme Masterfulness has a couple of these restaurants in your neck of the woods as well. I believe they’re called Green Earth Cafes down there. And ya, re: no liquor license, see comments to Bob and Julia.

  8. Oy vey, the stuff you come up with! I’m sorry, I could never support someone claiming to be the Supreme Master. Plus, I’d be afraid they put something in the food to brainwash you to come back and listen to that weird stuff on the TV lol.

  9. well, I’m the Supreme Master in my home. my dining room has images of me and my worshippers everywhere (there is even a work of art by Edie of me with what appears to be a halo around my head). i don’t want any competition so we will be avoiding that restaurant and contunuing to dine chez Supreme Meanie.

  10. I’m afraid that face would put me off my appetite.

    That website is so full of blissful shite. And if you dig deep enough, you can find some Draper Valley Pinot Noir Premium Grape Juice ($9.00) And did you see the price of her jewellery?

    My eyes have been opened. I’m going to lie down and close them again.

  11. Charlene – Hey, I just report the stuff people need to hear. I can’t be held responsible. And ya, I agree about not wanting to support supreme master types.

    Meanie – You’re a laugh riot today. We should all be Supreme Masters of our own domains and then whats-her-scary-face will have fall back on her “art” to make a living – har har har

    Mo – Oh! Let me know when you’re going and I’ll go to ours and we can telecommunicate via the Supreme Master TV webcam.

    Violetsky – Thanks for checking out all the links. I often wonder if people do that. They add so much more depth to the posts sometimes. Other times they just link to weird photos. Is that $9 for a cask of grape juice or just a glass? And hey, it’s not just any jewelry – it’s celestial jewelry designed and created by a SUPREME MASTER.

    Elliot – Shhh. Don’t blaspheme her holy ornateness. She’ll send you off to Supreme Master Reprogramming Camp

  12. I knew who it was owned by the moment I walked in, but I decided not to care. These groups are a dime a dozen, and a lot of businesses etc. are owned by them. There’s a flower shop in the world exchange plaza owned by the recently deceased Sri Chinmoy, Gavinda’s restaurant in Sandy Hill is owned by Hari Krishnas, etc.

    It’s somewhat disheartening that these groups abuse the religious faith of their followers to get business related breaks, charitable status, the royal treatment, and free labour (the night me and Hannah were there, the wait staff were all ‘volunteers’).

    Some of these religious groups – cults, if you will – do some good work. However, many are also set up so their leaders can live like kings and queens on the backs of their followers. In most cases, they’ll be set up as charitable organizations – the leader won’t even draw a salary, but will nonetheless benefit from the groups control of property, free travel, luxury accommodations, etc.

    W5 did a great documentary on Benny Hinn, who lives such a life, a while back if you can find it.

    Part of me hates that when I spend money in a restaurant it could go to something like that – but then, part of me also remembers that any time I eat out it’s money going to someone, somewhere, and that I believe people should be allowed to make their own choices – including the choice to work for free in a restaurant because it’s spiritually fulfilling.

  13. No liquor license – then what’s the point. Or maybe you can send the evil colleague there and have her indoctrinated.

    Oh, and the supreme being? What an artist!!! Seriously, um… wow. I am underwhelmed.

    I think we should start a cult – with liquor.

  14. Oh boy! Volunteer staff — it just gets better and better. But ya, as long as everyone is really there on their own free will and not exploited because they are vulnerable and are looking for somewhere to belong which is who these groups tend to prey on. Personally, I think I’m going to stay far away from the place. The delicousness is tempting, but I can spend my dining out dollars in other places just as delicious and support local farmers and suppliers and employees who get paid. And ya, I saw the Benny Hinn thing actually.

  15. Any cult-themed restaurant that doesn’t serve Flying Spaghetti is not worth visiting.

    Darrell – Perfection, Satisfaction, Promise on Laurier E next to the Royal Oak is also a culty one.

    Anyway, XUP, while reading your post, I kept reading “Spaghetti Monster” for every instance of “Supreme Master”.

    – RG>

  16. You pretty much answered this yourself…

    “Also, I’m pretty sure they don’t have a liquor license.”

    Still it might be sorta fun to go sneak in a piece or two of beef and slip it into the stirfry then cause a holy ruckus and sue the joint….

  17. Grouchy – Ya, I mentioned the Sri Chimnoy restaurants up there somewhere in my comments. Spaghetti, eh? Dontcha think the best spaghetti always comes out of your own kitchen? I’ve never yet had restaurant spaghetti that was worth a toss.

    Kitty – I know. What was I even thinking? Friday lunch without a glass of wine or beer? Please. I might as well just eat a peanut butter sandwich at my desk.
    (re: the beef..if you’re ever in Ottawa I’ll go with you if you do that)

    Maven – You mean he “collected” it from you for the glory of god.

  18. So, if the sign said “probably” wouldn’t that be agnostic, rather than atheist? 😉

    Oh, and speaking of gods and/or other supreme beings, I love RealGrouchy’s cultish reference to the Flying Spaghetti Monster! LOL

  19. I think my curiosity would get me to make a visit but I would hate to contribute in anyway to such a wacky cult. I bet most of her followers aren’t wealthy.

  20. Honestly, what will they come up with next?!

    Can we start some Bloggers Cult? I am sure there must be money in there… how about some pyramid system?

    I am sure we can find better artists, and then have restaurants display random blog posts of the inner circle.

  21. CP – RealGrouchy’s not being very grouchy these days. I’ve obviously missed the reference. (something else to look up). I wondered that about the atheist ad, too!

    Friar – Such high praise coming from a real artist such as yourself is quite something. My artistic eye is apparently lacking the finesse to truly appreciate Supreme Master Bation Art.

    Linda – Another commenter noted that the staff at the restaurant are all volunteers!! So, yes – the rest of her followers are just there out of love. I’m pretty curious about a lot of stuff and I may have a look inside next time I’m in the neighbourhood, but I wouldn’t eat there.

    Gila – Oh! Excellent idea. We’ll start a chain of Bloggers Breakfast Restaurants!!

  22. Oh my goodness — I thought you were pulling our legs when I started reading! LOL … all hail The Google – the real Supreme Master … ;~)

  23. Well she can’t be that supreme of a master if there is no liquor license. (I often wondered about that flower place in World Exchange.)

  24. Olivia, Good one. Google is the Supreme Master.

    I have to agree Xup. I would not want to encourage an organization that might be brainwashing susceptable people and taking advantage of them. This is perhaps why I do not join any organized religion.

    Husband, however, would like to know how you get to be Supreme Master, is there a job fair for the position?

  25. at least she’s got a peaceful corporate line.

    “The more we meditate […] the more lighthearted and energetic we will be to help others. […] All questions will solve themselves when we meditate more and go within. […] If we are stable inside, everything outside is easy.”

    (from her Aphorisms on a blue opal ring page.)

    Mary G – the Hungry Planet closed in August.

  26. Trashee – ditto

    Olivia – It really is getting more and more difficult to be a conman

    Nat – Google it!!

    Savanvleck – I think you just have to decide to be supreme and masterful and then go get yourself a charitable tax write-off number and bob’s your uncle.

    Pearl – Yes, plenty of peaceful sounding hooey. (Poor Mary!)

  27. oh my God, XUP! I’ve seen those wild “supreme master” ads on the OC buses… This is truly insane.
    Is it just me or are there more and more cults around these days?

  28. hmmm, coming from a country which has more walking gods than tap water, the lady in question seems like one of those who made it in spiritual business

  29. Noha – I’ve never seen those ads! Maybe I haven’t been paying attention. I’m going to start looking for them. So OC Transpo has no problem advertising Supreme Masters, but a huge problem with atheist/agnostic ads?

    Lost – Where DO you come from exactly? It used to be so difficult to become a god – getting nailed to a tree or sitting under a tree for years or fasting for a thousand years or wandering a desert for a decade or two. Now the only gimmick you need is a catchy name

  30. Cedar – I think she wears the eyepatch in private. I still find her multi-millionaire status and excessive balls extremely interesting