An Evening With The XUPs

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38 responses to “An Evening With The XUPs

  1. TTP – I’m so happy. It was fun to do.

    Bandobras – Seriously!! First she doesn’t make supper and now this.

    Geewits – You can make your own. It’s a laugh riot.

    Jobthingy – Glad I was able to make you giggle. XUP Jr. almost peed herself laughing at that one, too.

  2. I like when XUP/Lady of the Night says “I gave you life.” and then makes an air quotes gesture. It hints at adoption, which will only add drama to future episodes. I give it two solid thumbs up.

  3. J – Just a snippet of our lives.

    Dr. Monkey – Yes, so far you’ve only had a chance to see my shoes. I AM pretty fabulous, aren’t I?

    Helen – You’re quite welcome.

    Maven – Oh no! Are we talking sequel? Hmmmm… there are a few things I’d like to try for my second attempt at bad blog flicks

    Gordon – How do you like my daughter’s snooty English accent?

  4. CP – Ya, me too

    Gordon- Merci

    Charlene – It’s pretty hot, isn’t it? How do you like my hair?

    Zoom – Thanks!

    Tom – Of what are you always jealous, Tom?

  5. Your uncanny ability of altering my hopeless life with your creative talents.

    You know what I can do with this stuff?

  6. I am awed into near-speechlessness. The British accents, the bikin top + tie work outfit, the starving-to-death dance, the drama of the corkscrew and the ungrateful child…..


    (And I don’t remember a zebra-skin rug in your living room.)

    Perhaps a sequel could involve Bazel?

  7. Tom – You can’t go wrong trying to change the world. Let me know how it turns out.

    Jazz – Oh yes.

    Ian – I only wear stuff like that for work. I’d never wear a tie on weekends.

    Alison – I don’t know if they have a cat character. I didn’t notice one, but then I was still trying to feel my way around the thing.

  8. That is priceless! That is also my life with DD, right down to the “leave me alone while I drink heavily” (well, except for the leopard-skin mini and bikini top combination. I would never wear those together.).

  9. crazy day, crazier week. needed giggles.
    walking punchline didn’t post funny stuff today… then I come to your blog. Thanks.

    I too love XUP jr’s death dance. I wasn’t expecting that and laughed out loud disturbing my coworkers.

    I think I need a corkscrew now.

  10. That’s a shoo-in for a 2009 Oscar, unless those Academy snobs snub it. Should we start the write-in campaign now?

  11. Pretty funny.

    (Though the computerized voices kinda remind me of Stephen Hawkling talking!) 😉

  12. Pinklea – Next to dogs and cats, teenagers provide the best fodder for comedy.

    Cedar – WHAT? You read other blogs you shameless hussy? I’m glad you enjoyed it. You should do one!

    Reeky – Ya, the death dance cracks XUP Jr. up too. (who is this “walking punchline”?)

    Heidilou – Great!

    Bob – I’d be grateful if you were to spearhead that campaign. Angelina Jolie isn’t in it though – do you think it still stands a chance?

    Friar – All us evil genii talk like that.

    Nat – Glad to be able to provide a chuckle. Most of it I think is the program. The dialogue is pretty inane, but spoken by these weird characters in their odd outfits and their odd voices and mechanical movements – I think that’s what really makes it funny. My daughter used to have a software thing called Hollywood High when she was younger where they could make movies like this (actually the program was more sophisticated than this). Her and her friends would spend hours making movies and laughing their asses off – best $14 I ever spent.

    Stella – Thank you. I’m thinking of wearing this to the next blogger breakfast

  13. Hannah – Next episode??

    Jo – Thanks for persisting. I’m glad you enjoyed it and yes, I always get my corkscrew.

  14. fantastic! i love it. i especially love your outfit xup 😉

    be sure to follow up so we know whether or not the daughter lives or dies.