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A recent poll in the UK determined that coffee and chocolate are people’s  first and second most common addictions. Alcohol, drugs and tobacco didn’t even make the top 10 list.

An awful lot of people (at least according to this survey) are apparently willing to give up an awful lot before they’d be willing to give up either coffee or chocolate.

This is interesting to me because I never drink coffee. I wish I did because it seems like so much fun and so cool and social and everything. And it smells really good and there are so many hip and happening places to go if you drink coffee. But I just can’t stand the taste of it. I make me ill.

And chocolate? I could live without it — no problem.  I rarely eat it and when I do, it has to be really good chocolate in some sort of interesting format other than just a slab of chocolate. And I really, really have to be in the mood for chocolate or it doesn’t taste right, no matter how good it is. And hot chocolate? Gahh and hurl.

And, at the risk of making you all go “ewwwww”,  I will further confess to enjoying a nice cup or two of green tea in the morning. But that’s not really important to the coffee/chocolate topic …

… Or is it? Is there a relationship between coffee and chocolate and being addicted to and/or being passionate about both?

My informal observations tell me that people who love coffee also love chocolate and that people who are not coffee afficionados are also not overly fond of chocolate.

I know! You’re thinking this could be the scientific breakthrough of the century, right? There’s no telling where such a hypothesis could lead…. cures for stuff….end to global warming…. anything  really…. I’m as excited as you are, believe me.

To continue, coffee and chocolate both contain similar stimulants, coffee in the form of caffeine[1] and strong alkaloids, and chocolate in the forms of theobromine[2], phenethylamine[3] and other chemicals. The chemicals in both coffee and chocolate have the same effects and addictive qualities as amphetamines.

Also, both coffee and chocolate are grown in mysterious, south-of-the-equator countries. And, both coffee and chocolate seem to grow disguised as something completely different from what they really are:









Who or what are these two smooth dark strangers afraid of? What’s with the jaunty red jackets? You’d never catch tea pretending to be anything other than what it really is:


 Here I am – TEA! Totally out of cognito! Pour water on me and I’m done.

Anyway, let’s get to the important part of this post and conduct a definitive survey.  We’ll settle this age-old question once and for all:  Are most coffee lovers also chocolate lovers and vice versa? Or are an equal amount of tea lovers also chocolate lovers?

Thank you for your participation.



[1] Caffeine’s function in the coffee plant is as a natural pesticide to kill insects that prey on the coffee plant.

[2] Theobromine can cause sleeplessness, tremors, restlessness, anxiety, as well as contribute to increased production of urine. Additional side effects include loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting

[3] A classification of chemical compounds, most of which are psychoactive drugs. Beta-Phenethylamine is neurotransmitter in the brain, and it is believed to be the body’s natural version of amphetamine.


49 responses to “Coffee & Chocolate

  1. Wow. I could have written the first four paragraphs. I checked tea because I absolutely want a glass of iced tea after dinner. I do not drink hot tea as I do not like hot drinks which partially explains why I do not drink coffee. Okay I drink an ice cold bottled Starbucks mocha almost every day around 6:00 p.m. Does that count as coffee?

  2. I don’t fit into your thinking on coffee and chocolate lovers. I don’t drink coffee and I love chocolate. I think I could drink coffee every day if I added cream and sugar because I love Baileys and Kalua and cream. I’ve just decided not to try it as I don’t need the calories. I’m one of those who would hate to live without chocolate-in any form.

  3. I am signing that one; I am highly addicted to a) chocolate and b) coffee. And tobacco, but that one I am at least successfully battling at times, which I find difficult to imagine for chocolate and/ or coffee.

    The only time I happily lived without either was when I was doing Atkins, which kind of takes away the craving for sweet stuff. Happy thin times….

  4. Whats this? A Bavarian who doesn’t like chocolate? What??
    *kidding* LOL. Seriously though, I love coffee and chocolate and tea. Coffee gets boring and gross day and day out, so I like to mix it up with Earl Grey every now and then. Because I’m wild and crazy like that! 😉

  5. I like coffee, I like chocolate. However, I am obsessed with tea… green in particular, but in the end, I’m not that picky. Could not live without tea… and a mug or two of green tea for breakfast. No “eeew” from me on that point!

  6. I respect your right to drink green tea but surely as an educated consumer you can see that it is really just a ruse on the part of the tea companies.
    It is the equivalent of rock soup, nothing but hot water.
    I suppose there is a tiny amount of actual tea in there just to get you in the door as it were, but it is being replaced as the in thing by white tea and that definitely has nothing in the bag.
    Just pour yourself a cup of hat water and avoid the pretension.
    My mother knew that if the spoon won’t stand up in it it isn’t tea.

  7. ok. i am with you on the chocolate thing (but i do like hot chocolate on a cold night.. carnation YUM). i crave it with my monthly hellish visitor and even then a bite and i am satisfied.

    coffee… i have a machine here. 9 times out of 10 i dont actually have coffee. i am too lazy to make it. i will drink coffee when i am out. i love a good fourbucks latte or a large triple triple on the way to work.

    but if it wasnt available tomorrow? i wouldnt care.

    every morning i drink a very large cup of tetley with lots of milk. i love my tea

  8. I note that your poll, sadly, does not include an “all of the above” checkbox. How remiss.

    I’ll take whatever’s happening, depending on the time of day. Really, my cross-addictions aren’t unusual. Except that I’m a dog.

  9. Geewits – If there’s coffee in that Starbucks thing then I think it counts as coffee.

    Linda – Ah, you’re going to skew the results. Although technically it sounds like you do love coffee. Obviously you can live without it though…. tricky

    Gila – Atkins! Bah! Anything that doesn’t teach you how to modify your lifestyle so you can maintain it long-term is kind of useless, I think. Keep fighting that cigarette addiction though – those German cigarettes are brutal.

    Hannah – I’m not actually Bavarian (bite your tongue). That’s the first time I’ve ever heard a coffee drinker not need coffee every day. Interesting.

    Susan – Oh excellent. We’ll enjoy our green tea together over breakfast. Although green tea is a tricky thing to order in restaurants. It’s either totally tasteless or infused with other weird stuff. It’s only really good at home or in Chinese/Japanese restaurants. I don’t like that Tim Horton’s green tea, for instance.

    Bandobras – You may be right. It’s kind of like chicken wings. For years the green and white tea stuff was just the crap they used to sweep up from the tea packing floor and throw out. Then someone got the bright idea to market it as something amazing and now they’re laughing all the way to what used to be the bank.

    Jobthingy – Tetley. Got it.

    Coyote – Taking whatever’s happening is not the same thing as really, really hating to live without. Your casual chocolate and beverage attitude does not suggest that you would hate to live without all of the above. It suggests, rather, that you could actually be just as happy drinking out of the toilet bowl

  10. I love chocolate (all kinds: dark, light, milk — some people don’t like dark chocolate, etc.), and I love hot chocolate.

    I don’t drink tea either. Darker teas are okay, but I really don’t like green tea. Ice Tea is okay if it’s an Arnold Palmer (1/2 lemonade, 1/2 tea, heavy on the lemonade…)

    But I detest coffee.

    Like you, I love the way coffee smells, but its taste is so bitter (even with all the floof added) that I gag.

    Oddly enough, when I was pregnant, coffee smelled EXACTLY like skunks! It was the most bizarre thing ever.

  11. I hate coffee. Like you I think it smells divine, but it tastes awful.

    However, I’d have problems doing without my black tea in the morning.

    And I really love chocolate. Chili chocolate is divine.

  12. I absolutely hate coffee — the smell, the taste. Actual coffee, mocha flavouring…Blech! Chocolate, on the other hand, I adore. I could live without it if I absolutely had to (e.g. if the only chocolate around was Hershey’s, I’d probably pass) but why deprive yourself if you don’t have to? I like tea — we drank it daily when I was still living at home — but I don’t generally drink hot drinks of any kind these days. The theobromine info is interesting — some interesting side effects there. Too bad my mother doesn’t like chocolate — she could use the diuretic action.

  13. —Oddly enough, when I was pregnant, coffee smelled EXACTLY like skunks! It was the most bizarre thing ever.—

    I don’t think that’s bizarre. Coffee frequently does smell like skunks. I don’t know how everyone else doesn’t notice it.

  14. god i love coffee. right now. i once or twice a year i go through a period where i’m repulsed by coffee and switch to green tea for a week or two, then the craving for coffee comes back. i’m always scared i might be pregnant when that happens – when i was pregnant, i couldn’t stand the stuff.

    chocolate – has to be good. mars bars etc taste like plastic to me. love the stuff from the UK my dad used to bring back for me.

  15. First off, that picture at the start of your post makes me feel very, very happy. Yum!

    Second off, while I do love both coffee and chocolate, it’s just the thought of living without coffee that sends me into a panic. There are other sweet desserts I could have to replace chocolate (caramel, peanut butter-y things, blah blah) there is just NO substitute for coffee…which I pretty much must drink every day.

    Down the hatch!

  16. CP – I only like dark chocolate. Skunks, eh? I used to live near a place that roasted their own coffee and at least once a week they’d burn something in there and stunk up the whole neighbourhood. That got to be a seriously revolting smell.

    Jazz – I’ve seen chili chocolate, but I’ve never tried it. Is it spicy and sweet?

    Ellie – I suspect my scientific hypothesis is going to be totally messed up.

    Louise – I think coffee and tea are diuretics, too – anything with caffiene, really. Coffee in the morning smells good to me – other times of the day not so much. I’ve never made the skunk connection though. And I’ve really really tried to like drinking it – plain, with milk, with sugar, with both, flavoured coffee, Turkish coffee, latte – you name it. One or two sips and I feel ill. And it lasts all day. That flavour keeps reappearing.

    Meanie – Totally agree on the chocolate. Good European dark chocolate. And I only like it if it’s got something soft and/or crispy in it as well – not just plain.

    Lesley – When I was looking around for pictures of coffee, I noticed that just a plain cup of coffee looked kind of yucky – all dark and murky — it had to be dressed up with whipped cream or foam or something to look appealing. A nice cup of tea, on the other hand looks beautiful all on its own – transparant reds or greens.

  17. For me it’s coffee. I’m not a big chocolate fan.

    I need a coffee in the morning, or else.. I can’t use the bathroom.. :S

  18. TETLEY? Bollocks! Red Rose or nothing!
    I grew up in a tea-drinking house, when there was always a fresh pot made or about to be made. I still drink tea, at least two cups a day. Until I was diagnosed as diabetic two years ago, I had a Pepsi a day, but replaced it with an afternoon cup of tea, and now can’t drink any pop. It’s just too sweet.

    As an adult, I came to enjoy coffee, but only two cups a day. However, even at that rate, I am addicted. I proved that on the day of the big blackout in Aug. 03. I went without electricity for 26 hours. I had a massive headache, and blamed it on the heat, humidity and lack of even a fan. But once power started coming back on in my neighbourhood, I found an open coffee shop. Within 15 minutes of drinking a coffee, the headache was gone.

    Here’s a Cliff Clavin little-known fact: Ounce for ounce, tea leaves have more caffeine that coffee beans. But we get less from tea, because we drink it much more diluted than coffee.

  19. A&J – So, do you only drink coffee in the morning? What happens if you drink several cups throughout the day?

    Coyote – That’s what you said about the Scotch and oatmeal and I’m still waiting.

    Bob – We never had tea at home. Isn’t that odd? It’s almost like I’ve lived my entire life in direct opposition to everything I was accustomed to growing up. You’ve got a serious coffee monkey on your back Bob. Doesn’t that scare you?

  20. louise: It was only when I was pregnant that I smelled the skunks in coffee…and you smell it a lot. I wonder why that is? (Maybe XUP knows…she’s an expert!)

    XUP: And, when asked if I could give up chocolate? I LOVE chocolate, but yes. Absolutely. It depends on the reasons.

    For example, I was the model pregnant woman. I gave up every ounce of sushi (even the cooked stuff because it’s prepared with the same knife) and caffeine. (Two of my favorite things.) And, I was so much the perfectionist that I gave up those things even when there was the possibility that I was pregnant. (Alcohol and smoking go without saying…I gave up the booze and didn’t smoke anyway.) Ha!

    So, the “could you give it up” questions always make me chuckle, because I know I could…I just don’t want to most of the time. 🙂

  21. There are so many WORSE bad habits I have that need taking care of first. I’ll deal with THEM first.

    Chocolate and coffee are the least of my worries! 🙂

  22. I used to drink several cups of coffee a day. Only during the week when I was at work. On weekends, none.
    I’ve cut back a lot, but still enjoy that 2 cups a day.
    Coffee always seems to taste better when it comes from a cafe. And we have a Belgian chocolate place here that is divine. Sinfully divine. I love it.

  23. I love coffee. Ask my five and three year old what it takes to get me out of bed in the morning and they will tell you that the coffee has to be made…I have a great husband obviously. And it’s roll up the rim which means I’m buying a whole lotta Timmys.

    Chocolate is something I enjoy but could live without if I had to. I don’t like hot chocolate. I love tea, especially green tea..yum.

  24. I like tea, I like coffee … but I LOVE chocolate. Just knowing I have some in my cupboard makes me feel better — I don’t even have to eat it! ;~)

  25. I used to love only tea – didn’t even drink coffee till I was about 26 or 27. Now I drink both, but the coffee has to be about half milk (preferably skim) and two heaping teaspoons of sugar because I don’t really like the taste of coffee alone. But chocolate – aaaaah, chocolate …

  26. XUP–do you sleep? You’re so prolific! I’ve never been a coffee fan. I like chocolate alot, but I don’t have to have it.

    I don’t drink tea very often either BUT I would not want to live without it. veddy interesting, professor xup.

  27. Ain’t no monkey that scares me. If there was one, he was shot in Connecticut last week, after ripping that woman’s face off.

    Puh-LEEZ. One or two cups of coffee a day is hardly a monkey on my back. And, like Friar, I have a lot worse habits to tackle before considering coffee and/or chocolate. Although, I hardly ever have chocolate bars in the house, cuz I know I would eat ’em.

  28. CP – Expert? On what? Skunk and coffee? Sorry, I got nuthin’ here.

    Friar – It’s a scientific study, Friar, not a rehab post. I was just asking. Now I’m trying to figure out how that “worse bad habits” sentence could best be constructed….there are so many bad habits I have that are worse than my coffee and chocolate addictions…??…. I have so many worse habits than coffee and chocolate addictions… ? Whatever.

    Violetsky – Ah, I wondered about that – why people would leave the house 20 minutes early and stand in a line snaking around the block for a cup of coffee in a paper cup which they then have to drink on the run or in the car, when they could make their own coffee at home and drink it in a nice relaxing atmosphere.

    Porters – Thanks for visiting That’s interesting that you love both coffee and tea. It’s usually love one and have the other once in a while or hate the other.

    Olivia – Do you like tea and coffee equally? And I feel that way about bread –I always feel good when I know I have some good bread in the house. (Still no bus? When is your route scheduled? They are getting some back on the road faster than they thought they would. Call your councilor and whine. Fingers crossed)

    Pinklea – Do you like your chocolate with sugar and milk, too, or are you a lover of the dark bitter stuff?

    Raino – You’re not the first person to ask me that. It never occurred to me that someone could have so many addictions all at once. I shall be more vigilant on my next poll.

    LoLa – I sleep a lot. I usually compose the blogs while I’m walking to and from work and then quickly type them out either when I first get to work or when I get home at night..

    Meloukhia – It’s a good thing you didn’t leave this comment at the beginning of the thread or you would probably have gotten lots of heck from coffee fanatics. Coffee does smell nice sometimes, but I do agree that it’s highly suspect and not at all civilized like tea. Oolong – it’s fun to type, too.

    Bob – Was that your monkey, Bob? My condolences.

  29. Now, when I say “cafe”, I mean going into a lovely little place with tables and chairs (or booths) with lights over each table and maybe a patio, where it smells of fresh baking and coffee. I never do the drive thru thing. Ever. No patience.

  30. I’m a coffee and chocolate lover. BUT both have to be dark and fairly bitter. Espresso, no cream or sugar. 85% cocoa dark chocolate. I think I need that daily dose of bitterness to counter balance how sickly sweet I am. Yes, that must be it!

  31. Violetsky – Of course you meant “cafe”. That sounds so lovely I want to whisk off to Paris with you right now!

    UP – That makes perfect sense to me. If you really love coffee and chocolate you will want it in it’s purest form, no? Not diluted with a lot of other crap. And yes…. counterbalancing your sickly sweetnes… yes…hmmmm

    Raino – Well, la-dee-da. So, I guess you don’t drink tea in restaurants or anything?

  32. BTW ALL- As you can see by clicking the results in the poll, my hypothesis was correct – the majority of people are addicted to both coffee and chocolate (29%).

  33. Coffee wins out – just barely – over tea, and only b/c of coffee ice cream. 😉

    Our bus is one of the last ones coming online — one of the April 8th group. But that’s moved up to sometime in March apparently … UGH. We are still having to carpool. :~(

  34. I rarely eat it and when I do, it has to be really good chocolate in some sort of interesting format other than just a slab of chocolate. I like your blog. Thanks for sharing,

  35. Olivia – Ugh! Carpooling. Yes it gets us there and the people driving are wonderful to go out of their way and everything, but it certainly is far from the ideal way to get around. Are your buses running on weekends? You’ll be able to make it next Saturday, yes??

    Anonymous – Thank you

  36. I think i never liked chocolate [at least not that much] till women’s magazines taught me that women are supposed 2 crave for them.
    Now, they are like oh so important

  37. Lost – Very, very good point. We have been brainwashed since the beginning of time to believe that women are addicted to chocolate, aren’t we? It’s a good thing I almost never do as I’m told.

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  39. i love both coffee and chocolate but i can live without chocolate if i had too b/c coffee is my master. and, chocolate literally gives me a pimple a day after eating it, and migraines too.

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