I Get and Give an Award

Dr. Monkey, prolific blog god of the inimitable Monkey Muck, blog has bestowed upon me the much -coveted Superior Scribbler Award.


 Quite an honour coming from the Supreme Scribbler himself. Here’s the cool stuff he said about my blog

I wouldn’t be me if I did throw some blog love to a babe from north of the border and this time XUP (eX Urban Pedestrian) gets all my blog love. She writes a great blog that’s funny, smart, and quite the slice of her life. In fact, blogs like hers are why Al Gore invented this series of tubes we call the internet.

Of course I now get to pass this award on to five other bloggers who I believe are Superior Scribblers. There are so many superior scribblers in the blogosphere that I read every day. How do I choose just 5?

I couldn’t. I tried. I really did, but it was all I could manage to whittle it down to 7. So, I’m passing this award on to SEVEN bloggers with superior scribbling skills onto whom I couldn’t not pass this award. (With sentence like this, you’ll understand why I won).

Alison from Party of 3 – who can always bring the hilarious to every day stories and surprises me constantly with the quirky twists her blog posts take. She’s a writer. That may be an obvious description, but I mean that in the full sense of the word.

Risley from Cedarflame – who doesn’t post nearly enough because her life is really one big unexpected adventure with a cast of some truly bizarre characters. She really should be writing for TV.

Leah from Daily Piglet – Who always writes from the heart in such a pure, wide open way about her life and experiences. What she talks about can’t be easy sometimes, but it’s always a joy to read.

Dee from On the Curb – Who is much too self-depreciating, but does it in such a damn funny way that I never know whether to laugh or give her a good shake. Both at the same time would be fun. I just know that if she had more than 6 seconds a day to herself, we’d be knee-deep in Dee’s bestsellers by now.

Lesley from Um…What?? – Not only is Lesley a superior scribbler because her posts are so wildly, insanely fun and engaging, but she’s also a superior scribbler in the literal sense – really she scribbles all over her blog. You can’t just go there, read a post and move on. No. No. There are all sorts of quips and asides and incidentals hidden in various corners and crevices of each post. Reading her blog really requires a day-trip. Bring a lunch.

The  Uncouth Heathen – This is a blogger that often makes me say, “Shit, I wish I’d written that.” She’s whacky. She’s well-informed. She’s touching. She’s intelligent. She’s just all over terrific. You never know what you’re going to get over there, but you always know it’s going to be well worth your time.

The Maven from Stay-at-Home-Mayhem – She blogs way too much. I can’t keep up. And I really, really want to because The Maven always has a yarn to spin which totally unravels my mind.

If  you haven’t visited these blogs before, please do so. They will enrich your blog-reading lives a whole bunch. But don’t leave me for them because then I would be devastated.


31 responses to “I Get and Give an Award

  1. I’m so honoured! Thank you! I’m proudly displaying this later today on my blog. How thoughtful.

    Can I use this opportunity to say that I really want people to send me questions for my new advice column? Who would you rather take advice from anyway: Me, or some person who gets paid to come up with realistic solutions?

    The answer is pretty clear. So send me an email, why don’t you?

  2. Shucks, thanks a bunch.

    When you said you were leaving me a little somethin’ somethin’ here this morning, I was sure you were outing your relationship with Banderas. Oh, but this is so much better.

    Thank you and I will get right on accepting this in a timely manner for a change. Timely like at least before year’s end.

  3. Wow, XUP! Thank you so very much.

    All kidding aside, to be described as a writer is the by far nicest thing you could have said. And you said it. About me. Coming from you, it’s high praise indeed.

    I’m going to be smiling all day now.

  4. Raino – who are the 2 you haven’t visited yet? Whoever they are you’re in for a treat.

    Maven – NO! You can’t use my blog to shill for your crazy-assed advice column. Well, okay just this once. Award acceptance speeches are notorious anyway.

    OTC – As an award winner you now have a lot to live up to. The pressure’s on baby.

    Alison – I do realize.

    LoLa – They’ re all excellent. Have fun.

  5. I cannot agree MORE with Dr. Monkey’s description of your blog. Dead on!! Plus? He’s also right about the part where he said you’re a babe. Hell. Yeah!

    Thank you so much for this award – which would be most excellent regardless but is like a gagillion times more so coming from you. And I have to say: I LOVE your description of my blog so much that I’m going to include it as a quote from you at the top of my right sidebar.

    Thanks for being one of my most loyal and interactive readers. Sometimes I have no idea what someone of your caliber is doing over there, but…yay!

  6. Lesley – You make me weep. And stop undermining yourself.

    Bob – I’m sure if you blogged more than once every two months I’d give you an award, too.

  7. Thank you so very, very much! I appear to be in great company. I could say all the same things about you! As my personal award receipt guarantee, I will donate five dollars to a charity on your behalf. 12222222222222222222 (That’s a thank you from Gus) So, today’s donation will go to a walker in the breast cancer 3 day, a cause i love to support. 🙂

  8. xup, i have to just go ahead and tell you that i actually write ALL of linsey’s posts. don’t bother bringing it up to her, she’ll deny it 🙂

    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, i think you are an excellent writer so it means a lot to be thought of by you with this award.

    you are aces!

  9. Congratulations, XUP! Dr. Monkey was spot on with his description of you and your blog!

    And congrats to Lesley! Another friend and wonderful scribbler.

    Love you both! xoxo

  10. Violesky – That’s the problem – so many great blogs to read. I need to quit my job to keep up with them all

    Linsey – Hey, cool! Thank YOU.

    Leah – I suspect you secretly write everybody’s blog

    Schmutzie – So much bloggy love!! I can almost not stand it — almost. Thank you so much!!

    Debra – Thanks. I wasn’t really sure if it was good to keep encouraging Lesley’s madness, but in the end I couldn’t help myself

    Raino – Ontarians EXCEPT federal government employees who have to go to work because we get Remembrance Day off instead.

  11. Thank you, Miss Debra!! And thanks to you and XUP for enabling the madness. And congrats, XUP, on Five-Star Friday!! It’s big love all around….and quite appropriate considering it’s Valentine’s Day. XOXO

  12. Lesley – Can you almost not even stand it? Me either!! So much love bursting out all over the place. So much enabling and gushing.

  13. Well deserved kudos! I love to check wassup with XUP! It almost always leaves me with a silly grin by the time I reach the end of whatever you happened to meander on about that day!

  14. Trashee – Glad to hear it! And thanks

    Raino – No, we’re federal so our days off are governed by a federal union. We’re alloted so many days off across the board so one region can’t just get an extra day off without the entire country being thrown into turmoil. We’d have to give up one of our other holidays which we can’t do without everyone in the country giving up the same holiday OR we’d have to negotiate for an extra holiday for everyone in the country and they’d get to choose which day they want off. It’s all about numbers, not specific dates.

  15. AND if we Feds were given off another day, there would be undoubtedly masses of unrest in the West as once again we Eastern bureaucrats once again scoop from the public trough!
    Or something like that.
    I’m taking the day off anyway. BUT (for those anti public-troughers) I am using one of my hard-earned leave days in order to spend a crazy day with my 22 month old and 5 year old. Yikes, gotta go – they’re hitting each other…

  16. Trashee – Ya, they’d have to give an extra day to every federal public service employee in the country. And that would be tragic!! Provincial employees get a whole lot more vacation days than we do.

  17. Alrighty. Award accepted and passed along. Since you were all super generous doling out 7 awards, I only dished out 3 thus averaging us out to the necessary 5 each. Ahem. (or maybe i just got lazy…shhhh) Thanks, again!

    While I’m at it, shall I jump on the early birthday tidings of good cheer? Happy Birthday in 2 days, sexy mama.

  18. Jazz – I know! I know! I really have to think about giving up my day job to devote myself more fully to this bloggy thing

    OTC – How fiendishly clever! And thanks for assuming I’m sexy.

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