Ideas to End the Transit Strike

Okay, it’s really nice that we’re all politely waiting for the city and the transit union to settle their little spat. And like good citizens we’re all helping each other out with our errands and appointments and with getting back and forth to work. And lots of people have written stern letters to their councilors, including me, and which, incidentally they don’t read because you just get an instant form letter in reply that doesn’t actually address any of your concerns.

And, instead of working day and night to resolve the issue, our city councilors and the mayor swan off to the Whistler Resort in BC for a little “conference”.

I’m amazed at how incredibly nice and accommodating the people of Ottawa are. Our lives are turned upside down and we just make a few adjustments and carry on. We sit in traffic for 2 hours instead of zipping to work in 15 minutes.

Nobody is doing anything to end this strike.  The province has no jurisdiction. The feds, who could do something, have washed their hands of the whole thing.

Are we going to wait patiently to break Quebec City’s 9-month transit strike record or are we going to take some action? (Who knew tiny little Quebec City even had a transit system?).

We need ideas, people.  We need to take some decisive action instead of sitting here submissively like a pack of whipped dogs.

Some of the better ideas I’ve heard so far are:

Deny everyone who is part of the negotiations the use of their car until they reach a settlement. Woodsy

People in Canada have obviously not seen the movie Speed. Ordinary citizens can commandeer a bus and drive it anywhere in the city really quickly. Just take a bus and say when the strike is over you will bring it back. Canadians are all trusting and stuff the bus yard is probably sitting loaded with buses with keys in them.  Cedarflame

An online petition circulated by Ecology Ottawa

Okay, so let’s put our thinking caps on and get this thing finished. I’m taking ideas from everyone and anyone – no matter how wacky.

Because I’m not very patient and I’m sick of this shit.


Addendum: For those of you who haven’t heard this story of the 60-year-old woman who has been walking 12 hours every day to and from her job, read this from todays’ Ottawa Citizen:  The Survivor. It’s completely insane and mind-boggling.