Waxing for Fun and Profit


My lovely and talented (though somewhat hirsute) co-worker, Uma is off on a tropical vacation in a couple of weeks. So, naturally the first thing on her agenda (after making sure all her work is finished before she goes…bwah-ha-ha) is to get a full leg and bikini wax.

She has her appointment all set for next week. It’s going to cost $45.

So, being an avid reader of Dan Savage, I start thinking that instead of her spending that $45, there must be a way for a tall, leggy blond to earn some vacation  money by  getting waxed. There’s a kink for everything, right? Why not this?

So, off I went to the World Wide Web. If there’s something to be found on the internet, I can usually find it. I have a toolbox full of search tools; know how to build Boolean nests and have the perseverance of a bull dog.

But I couldn’t find a thing on men who are so hot to give someone a full leg and bikini wax that they’re willing to pay for it.

I did, however, find about a gazillion sites for men who like to have hot wax poured over their genitals and leather-clad women who are ready and willing to indulge them.

Apparently, men are more interested in getting wax than giving wax.


True Fact: As I mentioned on Zoom’s leg shaving post yesterday, it was Gilette who first introduced the idea that women needed to be smooth and hairless in order to be considered attractive. In 1915, in what was called “a massive, sustained marketing assault” they promoted their new lady’s razor, the “Milady Décolletée”.  North American women have been ashamed of looking like grown-ups every since.