Best Job in the World


Has anyone you know applied for this “Best Job in the World” competition?

It’s a six-month contract position paying $100,000 US. The job is to live in a free oceanfront villa on Hamilton Island, Queensland Australia and post a weekly blog, with photos and videos to help promote the Great Barrier Reef area. Airfare to and from the island from the successful applicant’s home is included.

Response to the ad has been overwhelming. Application deadline is February 22nd.

Here’s a complete job description.

22 responses to “Best Job in the World

  1. So, have you been doing your research?

    Wondering what the one year’s relevant experience means?

    I like the criteria which includes “enthusiasm” and “entertainment value”.

  2. Sure it seems like a great idea but there are a few drawbacks.
    1/ No bus service at all, unlike every modern Canadian city
    2/ Australia has more deadly things in it than all the rest of the world. Snakes, monkeys, crocs, sting rays, spiders, Even the birds and the bees are deadly down there.
    3/ You’d be upside down the whole year and the blood would rush to your head. That’s why they end up talking so funny all the time.

  3. They would never want me to do that job. I would probably make fun of things and not be serious enough for them. But sounds like an awesome time! When you win, XUP, I’ll come visit. You can fly me in with all your cash! First class, please. I wouldn’t expect anything less. 😛

  4. wow.
    I’ve done the research.
    I’ve lived in S. florida 1/2 my life (subtropical location)
    I love skin diving, water skiing, surfing, and all other marine sporting type activities.
    I’ve blogged for over a year.
    I’m an Artist and Photographer so my blog would have lots of pictures.

    wonder if the Queen and kiddies would notice I left?

  5. Violetsky – Go for it, woman! You’re a relatively free agent. We’ll rally the whole blogosphere behind you. I even have a winning idea or two for the application video.

    Bandobras – 1) Not every city needs a bus service. People are perfectly capable of getting around without public transportation. The automotive industry would rally if we all bought more cars and, of course, fuel, is a limitless resource. So there. 2) It’s a resort island. I’m sure they’ve exterminated all signs of wildlife. 3) You might consider a geography refresher course.

    The Maven – Apply! Your kids won’t miss you for a measly 6 months – not when they’ve got the spectacular and awesome and completely lovable daddy around!

    Activeverbs – Send in your video. Let us know if you apply and we’ll start a blog campaign to get you short-listed.

    Reeky – I see no reason why you couldn’t bring them along. There’s no stipulation that you have to come alone, is there? You DO get a free villa.

  6. The application process they describe includes the short-listed people having to describe who they’d bring. So bring the spouse and the kiddies. The more, the merrier. Mind you, I believe you have to pay for their travel yourself. (Wonder if they’d nix the quarantine requirements and let me bring my cat?) The idea of being paid to spend six months in Australia having fun and blogging about it (hell, being paid to spend six months anywhere interesting and blogging about it) sounds fantastic, but I’d be too lazy to go through the entire application process. 😉

  7. Louise – All you have to do is come up with a creative video, no? And if you’re short-listed go snorkeling and sailing in Australia. I’ll look after your cat for you if they don’t let you bring him.

    Jazz – Apply!! It would be so much fun if someone I knew (however virtually) applied. What an awesome opportunity for some blogger. They weren’t expecting this big of a reaction for some reason and really, all the publicity they’ve been getting pretty much negates the need for this 6-month position anyway.

    Alison – Pull the kids out for 6 months. They’ll learn more there in that short time than they will all the rest of their time in school

    Mike – Bah! This isn’t the Isle of Beautiful People. It’s Australia for pete’s sake! Former penal colony. I’d go with that as my application video – play to your strengths.

  8. XUP, there are loads of interviews and then possibly physical or other competitions once they’ve narrowed down the finalists. But, hmm, you’ve got me thinking. I might just do it for the hell of it.

    Hey, Mike — me, too. I say we give it a go anyway and go down in a blaze of glory.

  9. I’ve been there!!!

    (Not on Hamilton Island itself..but I was on a boat-ride and we sailed right past it). Big Five-star resort there…

    But that whole area (the Whitsundays) is AMAZING. The water actually DOES look like that brillaint tuquoise water-blue.

    The snorkeling and scuba-diving is WORLD CLASS. If I were there, I’d blog and dive. Dive and blog. Blog and dive.

    That’s how I could easily spend a year. Or ten.

  10. Louise – Woo-hoo! You go girl. Let me know when you’ve sent in your video.

    Friar – Are you going to apply for the job? You have all the qualifications. We can all brainstorm some ideas for the video application. Whaddya say?

  11. Laying around on the beach monitoring the growth of corral for a year sounds great, but being stuck out there with one or two other people who, most likely, would not be remotely interesting enough to carry a year long conversation or sexy enough to carry on a year long fantasy, would be a waste of ten months.

    Best job out there, and I’ve tried most of them, is being a reporter.

  12. Gabriel – Well, it’s really only a 6-month contract and you can bring anyone you want along and you would be sort of a reporter — a tourist reporter, but still you’d be reporting stuff. And since it’s a resort there are bound to be a few sexy and/or interesting people out there. It’s the Great Barrier Reef. It must attract some cool people (as opposed to, say, Ft. Lauderdale or Cancun) You should apply.

  13. i did hear of that! i showed it to a friend of mine, jill and tried to talk her into doing it. in fact, i want to do it myself. jill wasn’t convinced there was some type of “catch” to it, b/c it seems too good to be true.

  14. …longer than a couple of months in one place, and with the same people — even if it was Niall Ferguson, Kristen Bell and Amy Poehler — and it wouldn’t just be the dingos eating the babies. But it doesn’t matter, I’m going to Toronto for a week so I’m pretty much booked for this year anyway.

  15. Laura – Go for it. It’s a fun story

    Leah – It’s all in the interests of tourism. I don’t think they expected this kind of overwhelming response, though. Who knew so many people wanted tons of money to live on a tropical island for 6 months doing nothing, eh? Go figure.

    Garbriel – OH! Toronto for a week. That definitely trumps exotic tropical island for 6 months that you get paid $100 K for. Have fun!