Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Uma and I were commenting on all the bald men in the cafeteria yesterday at lunch. She said that if a guy started going bald, he should just shave it all off. Lots of the guys in our building seem to have done that. Uma thinks it looks hot.


Me, I kind of like hair.


I guess I wouldn’t divorce my husband if he went bald or anything…if I had a husband and that were only thing he’d lost…and he still had all his money, for instance…

But with 85% of men experiencing significant hair loss by the time they turn 50, it’s very rare to see an older guy with a full head of hair. I’m always amazed when I do see an old guy with lots of hair. They’re usually Greek.


It’s testosterone that makes men lose their hair more than women. If a man was castrated before puberty, he’d never go bald.


 Allessandro Moreschi, “The Last Castrato”

(note the full head of luxurious hair)

It’s odd that no one has come up with a less drastic cure for baldness, though. You’d think this would be something that research scientists would be all over. It would be a huge money maker. I did a lot of research on this once thinking if I could come up with a cure for baldness I’d be set for life.

There’s still time, because so far all they’ve come up with is:

  • Rogaine and Minoxidil type products. Nice try, but I don’t think anyone has ever grown back their hair using them;
  • Hair transplants that cost about a million dollars per hair;
  • Hair weaves, which are just silly; and,
  • Toupees (my personal favourite).


If none of these appeal, guys can always:

  • Dye what’s left of their hair a dark vibrant colour in hopes that it will overpower and render invisible the bald area;
  • Grow what’s left of their hair long and tie it in a ponytail so they look hip and cool and no one will notice they’re 60;
  • Always wear hats;
  • Employ strategic combing techniques; or
  • Cut what’s left of their hair short and let nature take its course.


Of course women lose their hair, too. I worry a lot about the possibility of losing my hair. Which is another reason I have to get on that cure for baldness thing.

Anyway, the real purpose of this post is to warm us up a little since it’s about minus 30 C (or about minus 20 in old timey degrees).


Here’s one for the other 25% of my readers: (nice hair, eh?)