Long Underwear

Our friends on the west coast seem to have been completely flummoxed by all the winter they’ve been getting recently and don’t know how to cope.

One solution, as Ottawa bloggers have pointed out, is long underwear. I thought it might be worthwhile exploring this winter fashion option.

 I’ve never owned long underwear (aka long-johns not to be confused with the donuts of the same name), but I did once know a guy who pretty much lived in his plain white thermal adult onsie. He wore it under everything for 8-10 months of the year, used it as work-out gear, slept in it, lounged around the house in it … I think he took it off to shower, but that’s about it. It was gruesome.

Anyway, I understand long underwear comes in a dazzling variety of colours, styles and fabrics these days – not just the regulation white cotton-poly, box-weave one or two piece garment.  

You can get long underwear in any colour or pattern. It comes in flannel, wool, polypropylene, silk, silkweight moisture wicking polyester,  Thermion, Thinsulate, Thermax, Coolmax, and even Holofibre, which is a totally freaky, futuristic-sounding textile that not only keeps you warm, but apparantly also boasts of being able to  increase oxygen levels, build strength and accelerate muscle recovery.

As you can see by the photos, the new, improved long-johns can be kind of sexy in their own, non-naked way.





The problem I have with long underwear is that I would feel trapped in my clothes. I like my clothes to be as uncomplicated as possible. I prefer shoes that slide off rather than shoes I have to untie. I prefer cardigans instead of sweaters for extra warmth.  And I prefer pants instead of the skirt/dress/stocking/foundation garment infrastructure.

So, the thought of wearing an entire outfit under my regular clothes is rather frightening. What happens when I go indoors? I’ll start to overheat and freak out. What if I have to pee? If I’m wearing long-johns, how long would it take to peel my way down to pee-friendliness?

Not to mention, I don’t know how I would even fit a whole other outfit under my regular clothes. My clothes are pretty snug and I couldn’t cope with added bulk no matter how body hugging it appears to be.

If it’s really cold out and you need some extra warmth, why not wear something OVER your regular pants? I have a snappy pair of cold/water/wind resistant running pants that I wear over pants when I have to be outside for a while. They’re very warm, thin and lightweight (not like bulky snowpants) and have articulate knees so you can actually move in them.

Best of all they pop off in a jiffy! 

(For when I  have to be indoors between outdoor time).