The interviews so far…

 I thought some of you might be interested in the interviews we’ve been doing since Monday.  Coming up with 5 different questions for everyone and reading all the answers has been fun and also has sparked some ideas for future blog posts. Maybe it will do the same for you? There are still a few interviewees who haven’t posted their answers yet, but I’ll try to remember to link them when/if they do.

Dr. Monkey – who gets to be Oprah for a day and takes full advantage of himself.

The Maven – who has the answer for solving the current transit strike

Raino – who has a steamy one-night stand with Eddie Vedder

Quack Attack – who got the most serious questions and may have an answer for the current economic crisis

Missy – who tells us what she’d do if she were queen of the world for a day

Violetsky – who wants to do mojitos with Ellen

Cedarflame – who thinks only stupid people can be happy.

Loth – who gives us the low down on Scottish men

Meanie – who takes us from her hot rocker chick origins to her current super-mama reality

 Geewits who didn’t want to bother me for questions and did her own interview


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