Petition to Move Christmas to Summer

Well, I’m back from being away. I had intended to do some posts while I was away, but the auto-post thingy didn’t and then for some reason I couldn’t access my blog because it kept telling me that my password was incorrect even though it wasn’t.

Anyway, Christmas (and everything that goes along with it)  is over and if there’s one thing I learned this year is that we’re having this event entirely in the wrong season.

Okay, I know we all love the whole white Christmas, stockings hung by a roaring fire thing, but I think there could be some real advantages to having Christmas when it’s warm.

  • Shopping would be much easier if you don’t have to wander around the mall in big boots and a parka
  • Travelling would be a snap compared to the snow and ice nightmare it usually is.
  • Packing for the trip is simpler, too. A few shorts and t-shirts take up a lot less room than sweaters and jeans.
  • When visiting family you don’t all have to sit around the house eating for a week. You can go outside and do stuff. The kids won’t be climbing the walls. And the whole cabin fever factor will be taken out of the usual dysfunctional togetherness time.
  • Cooking, eating and drinking can be done on the back patio instead of falling all over each other in a hot kitchen and then squeezing around someone’s not-so-big dining room table.
  •  No competition with all the other religious and winter-related celebrations.
  •  Everything is more fun with sunshine and warm, including holiday stress.
  •  And, winter vacations can thusly be reserved for real holidays relaxing on a tropical beach.


Please sign below and I’ll send the petition to Michael Ignatieff because he looks like a “get things done/outside-of-the-box” kind of guy. But I’m open to other suggestions as to where to send the petition.


25 responses to “Petition to Move Christmas to Summer

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  2. I’m not so sure about summer because I don’t like hot weather much. I’d be in favour of holding Christmas at thanksgiving, Canadian of course, and if we did that, the stores could still put up their Christmas displays at the same time.

  3. I fully, completely support Christmas in July!
    Here in Vancouver, we have had about 30 centimetres of snow since Dec. 17, and it has been just chaos because we are so unused to it. I have been unable to get anywhere since Dec. 23 (although we did manage to get within 2 blocks of my mom’s house on the 25th, then we hiked over to her cul-de-sac). She postponed our Christmas dinner anyway, due to the road conditions. I will be attending my first Christmas social function just today, and I’ve already missed everything else I was invited to. I never thought I’d say this, but thank goodness it’s pouring rain out right now!
    White Christmas, shmite Christmas. We just can’t do it properly here. I’m heading somewhere warm next year!

  4. Dr. Monkey – I know there’s a myth among middle-aged men that women love to see fat old guys naked, but it’s just not true. Sorry.

    Missy – Anybody can sign. Especially people who live in Minnesota

    Violetsky – Consider it done

    Bandobras – Christmas in October? That’s just insane!

    Zoom – Believe me when I tell you it’s damn nice to be back.

    Pinklea – Ya the west coast has really had a crappy December. We saw the footage.

  5. I support this petition 100%. There’s just too much pressure at the end of the year, between New Years and taking stock of the past year and looking forward to the next and blah blah I think my head might explode. We don’t have the severe weather complications here in So Cal, but I think these additional reasons are good enough for me.

    Welcome back – I missed you and your blogging!! I am so excited for your return that I will overlook the nauseating inclusion of that photo of shirtless Santa. EWE.

  6. In Tasmania, we already thought of this years ago. The downsides? Cooking a turkey is bloody awful when it’s 30 degrees outside. (I suggest ditching the traditional fare in favour of a seafood barbecue).

    Also, you have to find time to wax your legs in amongst all the Christmas madness.

    Anyway, I can’t sign your petition, because Christmas in July here would be freezing.

  7. Hear here! I was saying the very same thing last week, when the weather was shi—, or should I say less conducive to safe travelling and more conducive to more stress.

    I did not have enough time off to get home to Iroquois Falls, which is a one-day trip both ways, regardless of mode of travel. That disappointed me, but I’d be lyin’ if I said I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be travelling.

  8. I agree with all reasons, except that you’re forgetting one little detail: how am I supposed to enjoy the bitter nights of January without my seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that I bought on Boxing Day for ridiculously cheap prices?

  9. Lesley – I knew I could count on your support and you’re right — there’s all that New Year’s stuff I hadn’t even mentioned.

    Stella – I don’t mind some BBQ and salads at Christmas. No none wants to eat stuffing and potatoes and turkey when it’s blistering hot. And your refusal to sign the petition is as good as a signature because you’ve totally proved my point that Christmas when it’s freezing sucks. Thanks

    Bob – I know! Half our family didn’t make it to Christmas this year because of the damn weather and a bunch of other plans with friends got cancelled as well. The whole middle-of-winter holiday thing bites.

    CP – That’s a thought, but then it would be really cold in summer and that would just be silly.

    DP – I really think they hype and hoopla would be so much easier to take when the weather’s nice.

    Davis – Well, Boxing Day would also be in the summer and you can still buy your deeply discounted videos and save them for winter to enjoy. How’s that? Will you sign now?

  10. Nah, I’m a traditionalist. I need Christmas to keep me going around the winter solstice when it starts getting dark at four freaking thirty in the afternoon. It would be just too depressing if there wasn’t Christmas and turkey and carols and cookies and wine to look forward to.

  11. What a brilliant idea!!Loved the snap.
    Hmm.. the guys who put xmas on where
    it is today in the calendar will be unhappy
    -may be in times before tropical holidays
    [read air tickets] the positioning would have made

  12. Alison – But we can still have a winter vacation and head off somewhere warm! Instead we have to spend our winter vacations sitting indoors watching our families eat.

    Lost – Ya. I think the guys who invented Christmas were living in a warm climate anyway. They never figured we’d be trudging through blizzards, getting all stressed out to put the whole Christmas thing together.

    Lisa – Wow. That’s crazy. At least we can be pretty sure it’s never going to be more than 40 at Christmas. Welcome Lisa!

  13. Um… can I have that petition… so I can Burn it?!

    I can tell you, I live the YEAR ROUND for the Christmas Season… and that includes the snow, the crowded stores, the cooking and aking extra long hours in a hot kitchen, the ice, the too many chairs around a dining room table, the snow, spending time with friends and family in almost prison like conditions (cause lets face it that’s what it takes sometimes… you know what I’m sayin’) , the snow, the overly sentimental cards, songs, specials and the snow.

    If it were in the Summer… the stinking, hot, sweaty, humid and oppressive Summer… I’d ship off to south pole.

  14. Ellie – Thanks

    Kitty – I know there are plenty of people just like you who thrive on the zaniness of the season, but so far the Christmas-in-summer people seem to be in the majority. It would be fun to try it once, just to see how it was, no?

  15. Rusty – Sorry, it was a very quick trip and there was a lot to jam into a few days. I think we’re destined never to meet again.

  16. Nope!

    I’ll boycott!

    Might even become Jewish… I kinda like that 8 days of gifts concept… Then again it’s supposed to be TWELVE days of Christmas and no one ever give presents out for 12 days no mo…