Petition to Move Christmas to Summer

Well, I’m back from being away. I had intended to do some posts while I was away, but the auto-post thingy didn’t and then for some reason I couldn’t access my blog because it kept telling me that my password was incorrect even though it wasn’t.

Anyway, Christmas (and everything that goes along with it)  is over and if there’s one thing I learned this year is that we’re having this event entirely in the wrong season.

Okay, I know we all love the whole white Christmas, stockings hung by a roaring fire thing, but I think there could be some real advantages to having Christmas when it’s warm.

  • Shopping would be much easier if you don’t have to wander around the mall in big boots and a parka
  • Travelling would be a snap compared to the snow and ice nightmare it usually is.
  • Packing for the trip is simpler, too. A few shorts and t-shirts take up a lot less room than sweaters and jeans.
  • When visiting family you don’t all have to sit around the house eating for a week. You can go outside and do stuff. The kids won’t be climbing the walls. And the whole cabin fever factor will be taken out of the usual dysfunctional togetherness time.
  • Cooking, eating and drinking can be done on the back patio instead of falling all over each other in a hot kitchen and then squeezing around someone’s not-so-big dining room table.
  •  No competition with all the other religious and winter-related celebrations.
  •  Everything is more fun with sunshine and warm, including holiday stress.
  •  And, winter vacations can thusly be reserved for real holidays relaxing on a tropical beach.


Please sign below and I’ll send the petition to Michael Ignatieff because he looks like a “get things done/outside-of-the-box” kind of guy. But I’m open to other suggestions as to where to send the petition.