I Am a Loser

I didn’t win the Best New Blog Award. That honour belongs to ProWomanProLife who will now be showered with gifts, barrows full of cash, a fatted calf and an arranged marriage to Guy Richie (kind of glad I dodged the bullet on that one).

Before you all abandon me to go spend your blog reading hours with a WINNER, I want to thank the eight or so people who voted for me and to let you know I’ll be right here still writing my LOSER blog if you want to stop by sometime. I’d be ever so grateful.

Whoa is me. Whoa is me.


29 responses to “I Am a Loser

  1. I’m sorry you didn’t win but I would hardly call you a loser. You have some fantastic readers (ahem!) and that in itself makes your blog a winner!

  2. Aww. All angsty. You remind me of us, last year.

    This year, we stayed (mentally) above the Beaver fray and ignored them (except for their tasty, tasty tails…) and even though most voters still didn’t get us, (and voted accordingly) we take it as a moral victory, because we didn’t sully our ar(au?)tistic vision by pandering to the masses, blah, blah, blah. . .

    It had nothing at all to do with being a chaotic collective of blog divas who couldn’t organise a strategy to save our lives. Except maybe a totally random one.

    Buy a beavertail. Chomp it hard while you plot next year’s assault on blogdom from your secret blog lair. It’ll feel great. In a broody, sugar-shocked kinda way. Promise.

  3. Shame on you XUP!

    I’m out of here!

    Naaahhh! We love you XUP, the first eight comments can say “I voted for you”, so you know who your real friends are! 😉

    Have a great day!

  4. Well where I come from if you don’t win you are a loser. Therefore I agree with you. But I hope the woe doesn’t make you whoa.
    On the other hand I also agree completely with Zoom.

  5. Debra – Yes, if they gave an award for quality of readers, I’d win for sure

    Coyote – I don’t know if I can go through all the sturm and drang of this competitive process again. I think I’m going to leave the quest for glory stuff to those who aren’t as tender and easily damaged as I am.

    Zoom – No one wants to see my 3rd rate beaver. Only first class beavers should be publicly displayed.

    Guillermo – I know. I’m so sorry. And thanks for your love even though I suspect it’s just pity love. But I’ll take it.

    Bandobras – I shall forge on, no worries. I’m shattered, of course, but will take my wounded soul and carry on. (re; beaver — see my response to Zoom)

    Loth – You are absolutely right of course. I don’t deserve you all. I am fortunate to have the most dazzling minds in the universe reading this blog.

  6. Oh don’t be such a whiner. 🙂 Third is looking pretty good to someone who ended up sitting at fifth.

    And can I quote back your comment to me on my fifth-place beaver: “Being in the top 5 in Canada in your category I think is an awesome accomplishment — considering there are zillions of blogs out there. Wear your beaver proudly woman! Wooot!!”

    I think you should take your own advice, you have the 3rd best new blog in Canada, and you were beaten by one blog with an agenda (and probably lots of true believers voting) and another blog full of sex and drinking and shenannegins and not thoughtful pieces we can all relate to.

    Post your beaver.

  7. OMG!! RECOUNT! RECOUNT! Hanging chads! Lost votes! Faulty ballot machines! BROKEN INTERNET!

    I refuse to believe this. ProWomanProLife is nice and all (I guess, I didn’t even look blah blah pfffft) but that site is no XUP! (Likewise to the lovely author…again, didn’t look blah blah I am very busy reading XUP.)

  8. Hey, this is one of the best blogs I have ever read! That supposed “winner” writes nothing! She just quotes things and gives her predictable, half-assed witty comments on them! How dare she not present completely unique ideas!

    Also, why have the winner of a blog award be covering only one political statement and point when we have XUP preaching to the choir about so many things in life and responding to every comment!

    And just wondering, but wouldn’t “woe is me” also work? Your version had 9 times as many results on google, so I assume yours is more correct, but woe makes sense!

  9. It’s not a third class beaver. It’s the third best new beaver in all of the Candadian blogalaxy. And for goodness sakes don’t go and get it bronzed. We’d all like to see it in all it’s natural beaveriness.

  10. Lost – No, go read the winner and the 2nd place winner, too. Nothing wrong with broadening your horizons. As long as you come back, of course

    Lebowski – I don’t blame you. I can barely stand to look at myself in the mirror

    Alison – Well, I reckon I would have crowed if I’d won, so it’s only fair that I get to whine when I lose. And I’ll thank you not to throw my excellent advice back in my face. I’d like to wallow for a while first.

    Lesley – You should have a look at the competition. That way you’ll be able to make an informed opinion instead of just an emotionally lusty one. But yes, I think there must be something terribly faulty with the counting system.

    Aziza – Woe is actually correct — I was just being stupid. And I really appreciate your fervent defence of my blog. I’m so glad you enjoy it so much. That actually almost means more than a first prize.

    Bandobras – Even the 3rd best new beaver gets old fast — much faster than the 1st best beaver

    Missy – Thanks. Me too! We’ll take it all the way to the Supreme Court if we have to!!!

    Nat – sniff…sniff…weep…weep..thank you so much…snifff…sniff…weep

  11. Glad you clarified that ‘whoa’ – I wouldn’t say ‘stop’ at all.

    Those other voters were mislead. Or maybe bribed. And you are above that.

    Aren’t you?

  12. You are the best new blog in my book, and I voted for you, even though I don’t live in Canada! And I don’t read the other two blogs, and I won’t ever now…they couldn’t be better than your’s! Now show us the beaver……

  13. Well, maybe try to focus on that “honour just to be nominated” business.

    I wasn’t even nominated for anything… not that I particularly deserved one… but still 🙂

  14. Violetsky – YES! Way above. Oh well, if there was any chicanery going on I don’t see how they can feel proud of their win anyway.

    Connie – How sweet! But you don’t know if I’m the best unless you read the rest of the blogs, too!! How come I’ve never seen your name here before? Do you have a blog? And, just for you I’ll try to figure out a way to post the beaver.

    Lesley – Don’t you feel self-righteous now? Educated AND impassioned. Look out.

    Em – We’ll nominate you next year. It’s very stressful though — all the anxiety and anticipation — the emotional highs and lows — the 3 beavers — the cutthroat competition — the expectations.

  15. Xup,
    I don’t have a blog, I found you thru Zoom. Thanks for the nice replies you give to commenters. I lurk all the time but hardly ever comment, but I wanted you to know I was rooting for you to win best new blog.

  16. Aziza – 🙂

    Connie – Well, welcome lurker. Please comment again — you say such lovely things!!!

    DP – The arse has spoken

  17. Meloukhia – There’s controversy over these awards? What kind of controversy? Wow. Really, it would have been fun to win, but other than posting the contest on this blog and voting for myself once at work and once at home, I didn’t do anything. What’s the controversy? I’m just thrilled that so many people read this blog and leave intelligent comments. And thanks!

  18. I was going to vote for you. Honest, I really was, but I’m in the US and I didn’t think I would be allowed to cross the border to vote for you without a passport.