Let’s Time Travel

Overheard in the Ladies


Lady A:  I am so fed up with everything!! I hate politics!! I hate my life!!I hate my computer!  I hate technology. I want to go live in the 1950s.  

Lady B: Ya, I’d like to live in the 50’s, too. Everything was so simple.

Lady C: I think I’d like to go to the future instead — just to see if I should keep recycling and stuff.

Unlike Lady C, I think many people yearn to live in the 1950s. Why? Because that seemed to be the cut-off time between modern civilization and the world going to hell in a handbasket.


 Life was lived on a smaller scale


Technology consisted of a black phone glued to the wall and computers only existed in science fiction


People were neighbourly and were more important than “stuff”


The air was fresh, the grass was green, the water was pure

Crime, poverty and political corruption, shenanigans and piccadillos were rare; the big, ugly problems of the world were kept quiet, so people wouldn’t worry


There was job security and affordable housing

And, children were innocent and allowed to be children and for much longer


Nobody knew families or relationships could be dysfunctional; there was no Oprah or Dr. Phil


 Smoking was good for you


And drinking frequently and in large quantities was encouraged

And, eating rich, delicious, carbohydrate/fat/sugar-laden food (and giant slabs of meat) was healthy and fun.


Food and mealtimes were relatively anxiety-free


TV consisted of a handful of channels, a few hours of airtime and quality programming that brought the family together


Not to get all Real Women or anything, but in the 1950s being a homemaker and mother was considered a real and important job which was valued and respected


And, finally, the clothes were awesome


Of course the 1950s weren’t all sock hops and soda fountains

Discrimination, racism, sexism and pretty much every other “ism” was not only rampant, but hadn’t even been invented yet

Being a single woman, for instance, could be a little scary


Also, health care left much to be desired


And, of course there were no blogs, which would have been intolerable. Because without blogs, how could this blog have been nominated as a finalist in the Canadian Blog Awards? It couldn’t have been, that’s how. And you wouldn’t now have the god-given right to VOTE HERE for the Best New Blog! So, go exercise your god-given right or Joe here will hunt you down and toss you in the hoose-gow for being a communist.joseph_mccarthy


14 responses to “Let’s Time Travel

  1. No blogs?! How ever did they survive? Also, no iPods, no Grey’s Anatomy, no Daniel Craig James bond movies on DVD, no IKEA and no fruit smoothies!

    Well, they did have toast. And the service at the Standard Tavern was probably quicker back then too. So it’s probably a toss up.

  2. Lady C cracks me up!

    I am too buzzed on coffee to come up with a coherent response right now, but if the 1950’s was anything like MadMen, count me out. I hate the way the men treat and talk about women on that show. I suppose so many rude and hateful things are just less outward today, but I am glad that I can be anything that I want and that I don’t have to use my husband (or father) to have my own bank account and credit card.

  3. That’s a perplexing question for me. On one hand, I am very domesticated and love nothing more than cooking and sewing, and I think the clothes were fab then. However, I’d find myself under fire quite quickly for my refusal to have children (if it were even possible to eliminate the possibility).

    I am a bit too fond of my autonomy to be a comfortable fit in the 50’s.

    Every day is a new adventure with you. I’m never sure what you’ll be talking about over here, but it’s always engaging. Thanks for making the blog-o-verse just that much more interesting, and rest assured that you got my vote on both rounds.

  4. nice post. voted. good luck.

    I prefer the 60’s.

    I was born ’62. I lived the early 60’s which were a lot like the 50’s. Everything you said was so true. The Christmas picture above looks like it came from our family album. I was raised a Free Range kid. We walked to school ourselves, had forts in the woods, and were left in cars alone while parents shopped comfortably. Life was cleaner, simplier, and stress free. And yes, smoking and booze was good for you back then. When did that change?

  5. Alison – I think they got together and talked instead of blogging! And they had James Dean, Fabian, Elvis, Marlon Brando, Rock Hudson, Paul Newman and Montgomery Clift Drive-in Theatres, The Old Guy Down the Road who Built furniture that lasted forever and Milk Shakes.

    Lebowski – I do those sometimes at work just for fun when I get bored.

    Missy – Ya, Lady C is a nut. And I’ve got news for you — men have never stopped talking about women that way — maybe not in public like that, but still. And women in the 50s weren’t necessarily that dependant on men. During the war women took the workforce by storm and many of them stayed. But ya, we have more choices and independence now.

    Susan – I know what you mean. There were plenty of women in the 50s who were quite independent – with or without jobs, husbands, kids. The ideal mother/wife/homemaker paradigm was certainly strongly encouraged, but there were always rebels. Like I said to Missy — women made great strides during the war when they had to hold things together on the homefront. However, there was an ugly undercurrent to the era where domestic abuse/rape was not recognized as a crime, where abortion was illegal, where homosexuality was still a crime in many places, where racism was rampant, where sexual repression was the norm, where anyone who was a bit different was hunted down as a communist…

    Reeky – The good thing about those who where adults in the 1950s though is that they’d raised their kids, had their careers and lived good lives before the onslaught of the 1980s!

  6. Don’t forget that in the fifties, pre-marital sex, or extra-marital sex had not been invented yet so no one, male or female could have sex unless they got married first. This is true because my mother told me.

  7. Meh, I’m not sure it was any better, all things considered. Sure some things were better, but a lots of stuff wasn’t. Personally I don’t think any era is better than the other, they’re just different.

  8. …drinking frequently and in large quantities was encouraged …eating rich, delicious, carbohydrate/fat/sugar-laden food (and giant slabs of meat) was healthy and fun.

    …resulted in some pretty slim waisted individuals!

  9. Bandobras – Was sex even invented then?

    Jazz – Well, I think the 80s were pretty bad — that hair? stirrup pants? And then there those 100 years of Victorian reign. Those kind of sucked (but in a non-sexual way). And so did the Black Plague years — the whole Middle Ages, in fact, were kind of scary. Also the Spanish Inquisition period and Burning Witches/Puritanism era…wouldn’t have wanted to live through that. And the Depression.. well, on Wind at My Back they made it look like a good time, but I suspect it was kind of bleak. Anyway, it would be interesting to go back and see what it was actually like. Or I could ask my mum.

    Robin – It looks very useful. You can make sultry women in green dresses go horizontal and do your bidding. Just Mail Coupon Today – Send No Money.

    Violetsky – It’s the poofy skirts, big lapels and pointy bras that make the waistline look so slim

  10. ok, first of all if you ever get nominated for anything else can i ask that you email me personally so i vote for you? i know, i know, i should’ve been over here a’ reading and all but i’ve fallen behind since i’ve been swallowing glass.

    i noticed it was the second round when i just voted, which means i missed the first round. so, i beg of you email me “dureckly” next time?

    i love ALL of these photos you picked out, i love the retro stuff so very much.

  11. Yeah I think Hollywood 50s and actual 50s were two different things. Think on this- you had to marry the first guy you wanted to have sex with.

    That one sentence makes me want to weep.But you’re right- the clothes were amazing. I might dress fifties today!