Let’s Time Travel

Overheard in the Ladies


Lady A:  I am so fed up with everything!! I hate politics!! I hate my life!!I hate my computer!  I hate technology. I want to go live in the 1950s.  

Lady B: Ya, I’d like to live in the 50’s, too. Everything was so simple.

Lady C: I think I’d like to go to the future instead — just to see if I should keep recycling and stuff.

Unlike Lady C, I think many people yearn to live in the 1950s. Why? Because that seemed to be the cut-off time between modern civilization and the world going to hell in a handbasket.


 Life was lived on a smaller scale


Technology consisted of a black phone glued to the wall and computers only existed in science fiction


People were neighbourly and were more important than “stuff”


The air was fresh, the grass was green, the water was pure

Crime, poverty and political corruption, shenanigans and piccadillos were rare; the big, ugly problems of the world were kept quiet, so people wouldn’t worry


There was job security and affordable housing

And, children were innocent and allowed to be children and for much longer


Nobody knew families or relationships could be dysfunctional; there was no Oprah or Dr. Phil


 Smoking was good for you


And drinking frequently and in large quantities was encouraged

And, eating rich, delicious, carbohydrate/fat/sugar-laden food (and giant slabs of meat) was healthy and fun.


Food and mealtimes were relatively anxiety-free


TV consisted of a handful of channels, a few hours of airtime and quality programming that brought the family together


Not to get all Real Women or anything, but in the 1950s being a homemaker and mother was considered a real and important job which was valued and respected


And, finally, the clothes were awesome


Of course the 1950s weren’t all sock hops and soda fountains

Discrimination, racism, sexism and pretty much every other “ism” was not only rampant, but hadn’t even been invented yet

Being a single woman, for instance, could be a little scary


Also, health care left much to be desired


And, of course there were no blogs, which would have been intolerable. Because without blogs, how could this blog have been nominated as a finalist in the Canadian Blog Awards? It couldn’t have been, that’s how. And you wouldn’t now have the god-given right to VOTE HERE for the Best New Blog! So, go exercise your god-given right or Joe here will hunt you down and toss you in the hoose-gow for being a communist.joseph_mccarthy