Kick Butt, Michaelle!


Governor General of Canada, Michaelle Jean. She’s smart. She’s a fox. She’s really busy right now.

I usually avoid political discussions mainly because they’re boring and also because I don’t really know what the hell’s going on most of the time.

However, the current political situation is so damn interesting, I can’t help myself. I still don’t really know what the hell’s going on, but I do know that all those people who are rolling their eyes and grumbling about our politicians playing silly buggers are missing the big picture.

Yes, we just had an election and the electoral system decided that Stephen Harper was going to be Prime Minister for a bit longer. But I don’t think it’s true that this means we should all shut up and let him do whatever he wants until the next election.

Because, first of all (and this is something Stephen Harper seems to have forgotten as well) being Prime Minister is not like being President or Reigning Monarch. Prime Minister only means you’re the “team leader” – the leader of all the other ministers, not the ruler of the country. The ministers as a group are the rulers of the country.

So the first thing he does as minority team leader is to try and financially hobble the opposition by taking away their electoral subsidy. Then, against all rational economic advice, he decides his answer to the current economic crisis is to shirk all commitments on stimulus spending where and when it is most desperately needed.

His so-called fiscal plan was really just a bizarre Conservative PR exercise; not a sound economic plan for stabilizing the economy. The opposition really had no choice but to take drastic measures. There is no negotiating or reasoning with this PM.

Forming a coalition government is seen as sour grapes by some people, but it’s a big gamble for both the Liberals and the NDP. This could seriously backfire on them. I’d like to believe that they wouldn’t have taken this step unless they thought it was best for the country.

Harper has lost the confidence of Parliament (including some of his own caucus members). On Monday the opposition will exercise their legal right to ask the Governor General to kick his ass to the curb and appoint a coalition of opposition members (or anyone else she chooses) to be “team leader”. Harper will get in first and ask the Governor General to dissolve Parliament until he can dig himself out of this hole. Of course, legally/constitutionally he has to have a better reason than just trying to save his neck, or she’ll be polishing up her ass-kicking boots.

[Then again, Harper might be too  busy  to do much digging as he tries to defend himself on criminal charges  for secretly taping an NDP closed-door strategy meeting and then distributing the tapes to the media.]

In any case, I think a coalition government could be a good thing. It’s not the crazy “banana republic” coup that the political right is making it out to be.  A coalition of parties would work much better with the current American Democratic government; would more fairly represent popular opinion; and would not be insane megalomaniacs.

Switzerland has operated under a coalition of four parties since 1959. They seem to be doing pretty well.


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