Thank you! On to Round 2…

Thanks to your votes, XUP has made into into the Canadian Blog Award finals. Now we have one week to pick the winner. So, please go back here and vote one last time (one vote per IP address).

You don’t have to be Canadian to vote!!! Just ask my American Campaign manager, Cedarflame.

Robin at Watawa Life has also made it into the finals in his category as did Alison, Gabriel and, of course Zoom in all five hundred of her categories.


17 responses to “Thank you! On to Round 2…

  1. Hey, congrats to both of us, and Zoom and Robin! I already voted for us from my home computer, will do again tomorrow from my work computer. I am v. v. surprised to make it past some of the other big blogging names in my category. I heart my readers.

  2. Debra – Bless you! I hope you’ll come to the celebration or condolence party next weekend

    Skylark – Thanks dude. High praise indeed! I quite enjoy rocking.

    Alison – We’re all pretty spectacular, aren’t we? Remember, whoever wins has to take the rest of us out for breakfast. And I hope this will give you incentive to blog more frequentlt because it’s awful when days and days go by without hearing from you.

    Brad – He re-merges! See how much fun it is to engage in Canadian activities. We’re so inclusive and avante guard and je ne c’est qua and la plume de ma Tante

  3. Bob – Well, it’s starting to look like that job might be up for grabs soon, so who knows?

    Zoom – Well it was a valiant attempt, but I’m not sure you can consider it a “series”, seeing as how I was only mentioned in passing in a few of the posts and in the tags in other posts and not at all in a couple of the posts. Are you responsible for the nomination, by the way??

  4. XUP, as I stated in the original Blogging About XUP post, I was committing to daily mentions of you for the rest of the month. Not detailed blog posts, mind you, but daily mentions. I think I did remarkably well, missing only three days. Not only that, but my vigilant readers were on the ball, and made a point of mentioning you in the comments on two of those three days. Therefore, I only really missed one day.

    And by the way, what’s all this about you stealing my best Scramble buddy away from me? I LOVE Aggie and now she says she won’t play with me anymore because she’d rather play with you.

  5. Zoom – It’s lonely at the top, isn’t it? I suck so miserably at Scramble and WordTwist, EVERYBODY wants to play with me. I’m the ugly friend that makes everyone feel hot.

  6. Zoom – Right back atacha

    Uncoutheathan – No! No! We are an equal opportunity blogging community. Every vote counts no matter where it’s from. And thank you very much!

  7. p.s. i emailed some weeks ago, did you get that email? you didn’t respond, so i wasn’t sure if you hated me or it got into your spam email or something like that.