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This blog has been nominated for Best New Blog in the Canadian Blog Awards. I’m not really that new, but I guess the XUP blog is technically new since last November. I believe untold riches will be bestowed on the winner and I could sure use some untold riches right about now, so please go vote:

My good friends Zoom and Robin  and Hella Stella  have also been nominated in the Best Local Blog and Best Photo/Art Blog and Best Personal Blog categories respectively as well as The Elgin Street Irregulars for Best Group Blog and Party of 3 for Best Family Blog.  Go for for us all!!

Voting ends the end of this week, so hurry. HURRY!!

Thank you

24 responses to “Vote for XUP

  1. I was glad to vote for you and the others because of the enjoyment you all bring into my otherwise drab existence.
    I am currently seeking ways to defraud the system and vote untold numbers of times for you. If successful I wouldn’t mind a small pittance form the untold wealth sure to come your way.

  2. Guillermo, OTC & Maggie — Thanks!!

    Bandobras – The only way to defraud the system is to run around to various other computers in libraries and internet cafes and friends homes and vote there. I’ll thank you in advance for your efforts ‘cuz I know you retired folks are always on the look-out for a project.

  3. Done!

    And if anyone feels like going to and voting for the environmentally friendly TireLog™ a friend of mine (the entrepreneur) would be thankful.

    That all for the “commercial”…

    Can we vote more than once? I didn’t read the directions.

  4. The ballots have been appropriately stuffed. 🙂

    I will pass the word on to the downtrodden, the damsels in distress and the huddled masses yearning to breathe free (ie drug dealers, hookers and general riffraff) whom I have the pleasure of defending on a regular basis. I hope the region’s villainy and others who constitute the couleur locale come out in droves to support you.

    Vote XUP! Vote Often!

  5. I voted for you and tomorrow I will vote for you the Jersey way and take names from Tombstones and have them vote. It’s the least I can do because I looked at some of those Blogs ahead of you…way lame….yours at least rocks.

  6. A&J – Thanks. We want to beat out Windsor this year for the most best bloggers.

    Mike – I’m honoured to be an exception.

    Becky – No, they only take one vote per IP

    Dave – Of course! I always share.

    Falstaff – I think that might be a conflict of interest. Also, only the drug dealers and hookers who actually read the blog should vote, to be fair.

    Helen – Merci

    Cedar – Gosh, you’d do that for me? Just make sure those dead guys all vote from different computers.

    Gabriel – Thank you! I didn’t see your nomination until I read about it on Robin’s blog, either. Congratulations right back atcha. You know we have a pact going where whoever wins has to take the others out for breakfast, right?

    Loth – Pah! With your mad qualifications, you should be a judge.

  7. That’s so cool!!! I am off to vote for you all! One question, did anyone inform you officially? I found out when checking sitemeter and seeing referrals from the CBA website.

    Off to vote now.

  8. And I thought voting for Barack Obama was exciting!!!

    I checked out the rules and it’s one vote per person. Which totally kills my plan of sitting at work all day and clicking over and over and over and over. Assuming they’re tracking IP addresses or something. Pffffft.

    BUT, I am passing along with instructions to others to vote! We must make sure the best blogs win!!!

    And congrats on the nomination. SO DESERVED. It should be filed under “No Brainer.”

  9. Alison – No they don’t let you know. I guess they figure if you don’t have a network wide enough to find out about these things and let you know, then you don’t deserve to win. I think it’s cool that so many Ottawa bloggers were nominated and I hope we all win and blow every other Canadian city of bloggers out of the water and will forevermore be known as the City of Excellent Bloggers!

    Lesley – Modesty prevents me from saying, Boo-Ha! But thank you for your support and I think they do track by IP address. So you’ll just have to run all over town and vote on every available computer.

  10. I hurried to catch up, Whew, not too late…voted. Done. Like dinner. Where’s my turkey? Oh yeah, I am too late for that.

    Actually, there wasn’t much to choose from: you or some lame, not very interesting blogs.

    BTW I voted for XUP was that good?

  11. Lost – Thanks, babe

    Cedar – Jersey, Schmersey.

    Violetsky – Yes, thanks. Really? You thought the others were lame? I thought some of them were actually quite scarily good.

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