Sad “Wendell the Wallaby” Update


Wendell the wayward wallaby was found dead today in a field just 15 kilometres from the farm he disappeared from two weeks ago. No detail as to cause of death, but  I guess he’s in a hoppier place now.


17 responses to “Sad “Wendell the Wallaby” Update

  1. A&J – I know…

    Guillermo – Yes, I heard that too. And then suddenly they find him dead – and so close to home. It makes me wonder about all those sightings of Wendell miles and miles away.

    Tania – Let’s hope he really enjoyed his 2 weeks of freedom; then maybe it was all worth it.

    Violetsky – I was really rooting for the “hopping a Quantas flight” theory

    Robin – And you never even got a photo of him

    Raino – Personally, I don’t think wallabys belong in Ottawa or anywhere in Canada . If he’d escaped from a zoo in Tasmania he’d be a happy boy now.

  2. Bandobras – If the Littlest Hobo had been around, Wendell wouldn’t be dead. He’d be riding the rails on his way to wallabyland with a little polka-dotted handkerchief on a stick slung over his shoulder.

    Ellie – I know. So far no one has picked up on Wendell being in a “hoppier” place. A wallaby is a member of kangaroo family — only they’re smaller. (llike 3 feet tall – see photo). They’re not native to Canada, but live in Tasmania/Australia, but I guess some people decided to breed them in Ottawa so other people could gawk at them for a fee.

  3. Sad indeed. Poor little Wendell.
    And regardless of what you might think of captivity, I feel sorry for Carla Saunders and her husband. They think of their critters as members of the family, much as we do with pets.

  4. What the HELL??? Okay, um, this was not at ALL the outcome I was hoping for this story. Plus? I got all excited to finally log on to XUP and catch up on any exciting blogging action I may have missed in the last couple days and instead of utter, toe-curling happiness (my usual reaction) I GET A KARATE CHOP TO MY GUT.


    (Hoppier place. Heeheesnort.)

  5. Nat – I know why couldn’t the news be a postcard from down under instead, eh

    Kimberly – me too

    Bob – I’m sure they are. I reckon people who keep that many animals must have a great deal of affection for them

    Jobthingy – sniff, sniff

    Lesley – Yes, I’m afraid you’re too late. His survival was dependant upon you riding in on your white mustang (or whatever you drive) and rescuing from evil. Ah well, one rescue per customer, eh?

    Geewits – I hope he really enjoyed his 2 weeks of roaming around free