Sex, Lies & Friendship

So, a friend of mine was in town for a conference and we met up at his hotel for breakfast on Saturday. As we get to our table I see, Tom[1], the husband of a very old friend of mine, at a table across the room with an attractive, considerably younger woman (not his wife).

I think nothing of it at first glance thinking they’re at a conference, too, and get up to go say hello. Then I notice they’re sitting right next to each other instead of across from each other. “Hmmm,” I think, making my way over to their table.

Maybe they’re waiting for other people or other people had been there and left already. But they’re in the middle of their meal and there are no other place settings. Then he picks her hand up in his and starts licking the inside of her palm in a distinctly non-work colleague kind of way.

“Hi Tom,” I say, with a look on my face that says, “please hurry up and tell me this isn’t what it looks like.” Tom is all jovial…. Fancy meeting you here…. How’s it going…What’s new?

“Hi,” I say pointedly to his breakfast partner. “I’m XUP, a good friend of Tom and his wife.”  She, at least, has the grace to look a bit sheepish and flashes a worried-looking glance at Tom. “Oh ya,” says Tom and flings his arm around the woman and says, “this is Megan” and then adds, “you know…” and winks at me!!!

“I don’t believe you,” I say lamely (but with disgust) and go back to choke down some breakfast with my friend. I look over now and again and see them rubbing noses and exchanging spit. Their breakfasts don’t get eaten because their hands always seem to be under the table somewhere.

All weekend I’ve been wondering what the hell do I do with this information?

POINT:  If I were Tom’s wife I sure as hell would want to know, if for no other reason than to protect myself against possible diseases.  He was so damn cocky, this can’t be a one-time thing, right? And, I would be very pissed at my friend(s) if she/they knew and didn’t tell me. Especially, if that friend was me, who’s known both of them since before they even knew each other. Me, who was Best Chick at their wedding.

COUNTERPOINT:  I’m not Tom’s wife. She may not feel the same way. They got married very young and he was quite wild at the beginning of their marriage and she forgave him a lot. We all thought he’d settled down. In fact, not too long ago at their 25th wedding anniversary party, several people commented on what a good husband and father Tom had eventually turned out to be. In fact, Tom’s wife was one of the people who made that comment. Also, Tom seemed pretty confident that I wasn’t going to say anything or maybe even if I did, his wife wouldn’t believe me. Knowing her, he could very well be right.

[1] Not his real name, of course, and neither Tom nor his wife read my blog or are even aware that I have a blog as far as I know. They don’t live in Ottawa.