Stupid Makes the World Go Around

“Money Makes the World Go Around”, sang the skinny little guy in Cabaret.

“Love Makes the World Go Around” sang other skinny little people in Carnival, Me and My Girl, and No Strings. Perry Como, Paul Anka, Madonna and Ashlee Simpson all sang about love making the world go around, too. 

Fern Halper thinks “Data Makes the World Go ‘Round”

Other opinions on things that make the world go around include: Music, Greed, Denial, Status, Kinky Sex, Credit, PhysicsPassion, Art, and even Cheese.  Cheese is pretty good, but it doesn’t make the world go around.

All of these are cute ideas, but don’t really make the world go around. It wasn’t until I read Rick McGinnis the other day that I realized what it is that really does make the world go around.


Stupid makes the world go around. Rick was just talking about the TV world, but it was instantly clear to me that Stupid actually makes the whole, entire, wide world go around. Consider this:

  • The legal system would completely collapse if it weren’t for Stupid: Stupid criminals, Stupid law suits, Stupid accidents, Stupid marriages, Stupid divorces, Stupid bar brawls.
  • A huge percentage of the health care system would have nothing to do if it weren’t for Stupid: Stupid accidents again, and Stupid lifestyles that involve smoking, hyper-stress, drinking too much and eating too much.
  • Big Business couldn’t exist if Stupid didn’t rush out and buy or buy into every Stupid bigger and better Stupid thing Big Business churned out.
  • Government, is of course a self-perpetuating circle of Stupid. Without Stupid there would be no government and no need for government. Government is populated, driven, funded, controlled, administered, managed, lead and spearheaded by Stupid. It is also the single largest producer of Stupid worldwide.
  • Media (the fourth estate of Stupid), thrives on Stupid. Stupid is its bread and butter. Stupid sells papers.  Media is Stupid for the people and by the people.
  • In the entertainment industry, Universal Stupid is a mandatory requirement. Without Stupid, ratings fall, music doesn’t sell, movie theatres sit empty (see Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Still number one at the box office).

Ergo, Stupid may be inconvenient right now, causing you a lot of extra work, time and money. Stupid may be making you frustrated, causing your blood pressure to spike, wreaking havoc in your life, maybe even killing your loved ones. BUT,  Stupid is essential to the grander scheme of things.

How many of you would be out of a job if it wasn’t for Stupid? 

Stupid is a vital life force. It’s bigger than the individual “you and me”. Remember, there is no “I” in Stupid.[1]   




[1] The only known way to cope with the effects of Stupid in the short-term is to: Stop, Drop and Loll


17 responses to “Stupid Makes the World Go Around

  1. Stupid can be very amusing – if you are not directly involved in the web of stupidity.

    okay, I give up: the * beside the four tags are for ????

  2. And I always thought it was because stars and planets form as a result of the gravitational collapse of accreting material. Any net translational motion of that initial material is accelerated as its radius of rotation decreases. This is due to the same conservation of angular momentum principle that makes skaters and divers spin more rapidly when they bring their arms closer to their bodies.

    Once an initial spin was established for the Earth, the same conservation principle says that its angular momentum will continue unless it can be transferred to another object. With no significant frictional forces to allow that to happen, the Earth can continue to spin indefinitely without any further prodding.

    But it’s really Stupid that’s doing it, eh? To think of the time I wasted in physics class…


  3. A very good friend of mine theorizes that 95% of the population is stupid. Actually she recently raised that to 98%.

    Which would mean, considering that Canada’s population was estimated at around 33,390,000 in 2007, that 667,800 Canadians are not stupid.

    That’s sounds about right.

  4. Violetsky – Those four * are due to technical stupidity.

    Alison – Pfft, you eggheads….

    Bandobras – Be careful you don’t fall off

    Ellie – Also excellent advice

    Jazz – Wow! All that math. But it does sound like a pretty good stat. What clever friends you have.

  5. Based on this theory, my whole career is based on stupid. I worked in media and now I do movie advertising.

    Sounds about right!

  6. Violetsky – It’s never you. Always remember that.

    Mo – I think most of all of our careers are based on stupid.

    Bob – That’s an original XUP. Please credit accordingly

  7. I personally find stupid very funny, and maybe that makes me stupid, but that follows in that I find myself very amusing.

    You forgot about religion. Religion was founded to keep it at stupid, which was considered better than chaos. At least to the people who came up with religion, but maybe they were stupid.

  8. I’ve watched really intelligent people just break down and become stupid, its all a question of whom they associate with I think.
    They lose the ability for creative thought and their concentra……hey look! A bluebird!

  9. David – How very droll!!

    Geewits -Religion! Of course. That’s a biggie and holy stupid.

    Jobthingy – I find it kind of freeing to realize the world isn’t evil — just stupid.

    Lebowski – We all walk a very fine stupid line.