Sexy Canadian Men

Sun Media-Leger Marketing recently concluded their Great Canadian Male Sex Survey.[1] Some of the results were surprising; some not so much:

  •  78 % of men felt that sex was important in a relationship.
  •  Most men claimed their average sex session lasted less than 30 minutes.
  •  75% of men surveyed said it was nobody’s fault if their partner didn’t have an orgasm. (6% said, “who cares”).
  •  15% of men said they never masturbate. (28% answered “don’t know” to this question??).
  •  48% of men think size doesn’t matter with another 32% thinking it only matters a little.
  •  42% said their partner does not fake her orgasms. Ever.
  •  Most men claimed it wouldn’t affect their attraction to their partner if she gained weight. 24% didn’t care how much weight she gained. 27% said 25 pounds or so would be okay. Only 5% said any weight gain would bother them.

I find the last one particularly interesting.   

[1] Note the survey was done exclusively among heterosexual males.


And for those of you expecting to see sexy Canadian men because of the title…


28 responses to “Sexy Canadian Men

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  2. 28% don’t know if they masturbate????? Alrighty then…

    As for the “she doesn’t fake” thing. HA! I remember once, Mr. Jazz said he’d know it if I faked. I said, OK, one day, I’ll fake and we’ll see if you can detect it.

    A few months later I did and he didn’t. Men either overestimate their capacity to detect faking or underestimate women’s capacity to act.

    But come to think of it, that means 58% of men know their partner fakes… ouch.

  3. Jazz – Men seemed to answer “don’t know” to a lot of the questions which is kind of scary. Like the faking orgasm question – 11% just said they didn’t know how to respond; 16% just had no idea whether or not she fakes; 18% thought she might fake but they weren’t sure; 6% said they could always tell and called her on it; 7% said they could tell, but didn’t care. Thing is, I think there’s sometimes a fine line between faking and the real thing. Sometimes you can fake yourself into the real thing in which case sometimes you’re not even sure. Or maybe that’s just me?

    Ellie – What? You’re not liking the naked Alex Trebek?? Do you remember when he did a game show in the mid-70s called High Rollers with Ruta Lee as the “dice girl”? He never, ever mentions that. I think he’s ashamed of it. It was such a hokey show.

  4. It is obvious there is a large margin of error in this poll. I think it can be established with considerable certainty that at least 15% of the respondents were lying.

  5. Hugh Jackman? Hot, hot, man. Not Canadian, though.

    Did they have the same questions posed to women? I think I could pretty much call how it would look…

  6. While many of these answers are indeed shocking, I am with Ellie: They are nowhere near as shocking as ALEX TREBEK WITH NO SHIRT ON. Party foul. (Heavy on the “foul.”)

    Hugh Jackman??? *Drooooooools*

  7. Lebowski – The whole thing was nothing but lies, obviously

    Bandobras – See my comment above

    Susan – Sorry for co-opting Hugh. I’ve removed him.

    Missy – Yes! Election day. See how efficiently and quietly we go about voting for our national leaders? Take notes.

    Lesley – What’s wrong with naked Alex? He seems pretty fit. Not bad looking. He’s got kids, so you must have suspected he gets naked some time.

  8. Oh Paul Gross all the way…there would so be no faking there!

    Interesting the faking orgasm thing. I certainly used to do it sometimes just to get the deed over with, so to speak. Then one day I snapped and said “No freakin way. If it ain’ working for me, it ain’t working for me.” Which is fine, because then I’d just turn all my attention on my partner. Why do people think it has to happen every single time? You can have one heck of a lot of fun without actually having an orgasm. My two cents worth.

  9. I was waiting for the Paul Gross pic too. So glad you didn’t disappoint!

    Re: those who answered “I don’t know” to the masturbation question — perhaps the poll sample that returned that particular answer was uncertain what ‘masturbate’ meant, and if a more, um, colloquial word or words had been substituted, they would have stopped scratching their heads, brightened noticeably, and said “yup, I do.”

  10. Oh goodness… I don’t think I really believe any of those statistics!

    I too think that Alex without shirt is kind of scary! …and where’s Ryan Reynolds?!?

  11. UP – We’re a very goal-oriented society. Process, process, process

    Alison – You may be right. I was thinking it was guys who weren’t clear on the concept or maybe did it in their sleep and weren’t sure where that wet spot came from

    Lebowski – I’m sure you could come up with a whole dictionary of colloquialisms…but please don’t

    Helen – It was a very scientific study. We are obliged to believe it. I thought about putting Ryan Reynolds in, but he didn’t appeal to me and he’s so young, so I’ll leave him all for you.

    Nat – WHAT’s the problem with poor Alex naked??? Does everyone hate Alex Trebek? I don’t get it. I know he’s a poncy full of himself kind of guy, but that’s what makes the naked shot so good.

  12. I’d say that they surveyed a bunch of inconsiderate liars.

    I realize, of course, that some would say to that, “Well, duhh! They’re men!”

    On the last one, I’d have to say that I’ve been lucky enough not to have to find out. Karen was skinny in 1973 and she is only about 15 lbs heavier and she’s 5 foot 8 inches.

    (I can see that you’ll be showing up on some interesting search results with this post. 😉 )

  13. You know, all of this reminds me of a funny story one of my best friends told me. Her son was about 3 or 4 at the time (he’s 9 now). The three of them (she, her hubby and her son) had gone on a fishing vacation.

    Her hubby and her son were at the end of the dock. All of a sudden, her son comes running toward her and announces to her (and the other people within earshot), “Guess what dad said I am!?”

    “What, hunny?”

    “Dad said I was a MASTER BAITER!!”

    And he was so proud.

    My friend nearly died of embarrassment and her hubby couldn’t contain his laughter. 😉

  14. we certainly push out a few hot men dont we.

    my ex was like that last one. i had gained about 10-15lbs in the ‘getting comfortable’ stage of our relationship and he freaked. soon there after he cheated on me. and we wonder how i got over him so quickly

  15. OK, I just came from another blog where I discovered for the first time she was Canadian. Ditto here.

    Yeah, North American men lose on the last question. They’d no doubt have problems with weight gain. I, however, have gained 18 lbs. since Jake and I hooked up and he says it doesn’t bother him a bit. Maybe he’s Canadian and I’m going to discover that today, too?

  16. Bob – Okay, I’ll take your word for it..heh, heh and I wasn’t sure if you’d be okay with me tacking you up here like a piece of meat.

    Tania – Sorry I didn’t mean to give anyone nightmares.

    Mike – are you saying you wouldn’t have been attracted to her anymore if she’d gained more than 15 lbs? How much would you have been okay with?

    Zoom – Vowel or towel?

    CP – It’s nice when Dads teach their kids how to fish, isn’t it?

    Heather – Have you ever had a guy fake his?

    Jobthingy – What’s the point of marriage if you can’t let yourself go a little, eh?

    X – Okay the secret is out. Everyone is Canadian. You would have found out sooner or later anyway…and, are you sitting down? You’re Canadian too. Canada has taken over the world. Mwah-ha-ha

    Cedar – Apparantly not. I can’t believe the horrified reactions I’ve been getting to naked Alex. And I wonder why everyone just assumes he just shirtless? I prefer to think of him as completely naked. He looks like he just stepped out of a gay porn magazine. I thought that was an interesting new look for him.

    DP – You don’t like Leonard Cohen or Donald Sutherland (father of Keifer)? And, okay no one seems to like Alex. I never thought he was that bad. He just seems like an attractive older man to me. But what do I know? Apparantly nothing.