Sexy Canadian Men

Sun Media-Leger Marketing recently concluded their Great Canadian Male Sex Survey.[1] Some of the results were surprising; some not so much:

  •  78 % of men felt that sex was important in a relationship.
  •  Most men claimed their average sex session lasted less than 30 minutes.
  •  75% of men surveyed said it was nobody’s fault if their partner didn’t have an orgasm. (6% said, “who cares”).
  •  15% of men said they never masturbate. (28% answered “don’t know” to this question??).
  •  48% of men think size doesn’t matter with another 32% thinking it only matters a little.
  •  42% said their partner does not fake her orgasms. Ever.
  •  Most men claimed it wouldn’t affect their attraction to their partner if she gained weight. 24% didn’t care how much weight she gained. 27% said 25 pounds or so would be okay. Only 5% said any weight gain would bother them.

I find the last one particularly interesting.   

[1] Note the survey was done exclusively among heterosexual males.


And for those of you expecting to see sexy Canadian men because of the title…